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The Hottest Trend In Tokyo! The Living Doll Named Lulu Hashimoto

In Japan, there has always being a strong love for wearing costumes and trying to look like dolls. So, many women will paint the inside of their eyes white or wear some special contact lenses to make their eyes look more than those that dolls have. Others will dress up like a doll and others will use some other tiny tricks. However, this specific doll-like Japanese woman will blow your mind away! Make sure not to miss #16,#14 and #13! 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lulu Hashimoto, or as many call her, “the living doll”! She is nothing like you have ever seen before as she looks so much like a doll that you won’t believe she is a living person if you meet her! Click next to find out how she achieves that unreal look! 

Well, it takes a lot of effort and equipment to achieve that look. There is much more than just make-up needed to create a living doll illusion and it’s a form of art and fashion. You won’t believe the material that is used to achieve that! Click next to find out! 

To create that look, the model has to wear a full-body suit that has a wig attached to it, stockings that are designed to look like doll-legs due to the patterns that they have and a mask that recreates the flawless face dolls have. That’s the recipe for the making of the perfect “living doll”.

Any woman can adopt this look. It hasn’t to be an artist or a fashion designer. It can be just an ordinary woman that wants to dress up a bit different and spice up her daily routine by expressing herself through fashion. 

Hitomi Komaki, the 23-years-old fashion designer is the woman that created “living doll”. She explained that she loves very much dolls and that she finds very fascinating the fact that they have flawless characteristics and bodies. 

“I have always really liked dolls and for me, the epitome of cuteness is dolls,” Hitomi Komaki, admitted when she was asked how she came up with the idea of creating a “living” doll.

Japan is well known for the eccentric trends that come up from time to time and especially those that are about dolls and the attempt to look like them. So, they received it well and now this trend is called “kigurumi”.

However, Komaki was the first to create such a realistic “living doll” that was able to move around and walk like a real person. Her idea was very innovative.

“Many people call my project a fetish, but for me, it’s not a fetish, but fashion,” said Komaki. She finds fascinating the transformation from an ordinary human to a “living doll” and she claims that it is a high fashion project. 

She believes that this is also a way of expressing yourself through fashion as it’s like dressing up for an occasion. “It’s like wearing nice clothes or putting on false eyelashes to become cuter,” she said.

However, the bodysuit of Lulu is designed only one size and those who can wear it are fit models, fashion designers, and dancers. Moreover, the identity of the person that wears Lulu’s bodysuit remains privet.

Moreover, Kimaki has a friend named Koh Ueno, who is also a fashion designer and he has designed many realistic stockings that Lulu was wearing.

He believes that every woman should pay more attention to what she is wearing and that it would be great if women started trying new styles and pieces of clothing. “I want to see women wear these stockings and transform,” told Ueno.

Having the same style for years and not experimenting is boring according to Ueno and wasting of a life that can be a lot more fun, by simply spicing up a bit your style of clothing. “I want them to experience the extraordinary- to become otherworldly, artificial or like a doll,” he also said. 

 Moreover, Lulu, the “living doll” isn’t just the latest trend in Tokyo. She has also become famous all around the world and she has a lot of followers on Twitter and Instagram. 

 Lulu’s accounts on social media were created by Komaki as she wanted to make people aware of what she had created and to be provided with some feedback. 

Everyone loved Lulu and they were amazed by the detailed costume made by the creative designer. No one could believe how real-looking it was. 

The costume was so detailed that made everyone stare at Lulu wherever she went. People wanted to take pictures with her and talk to her.

Komaki, really hopes that after seeing Lulu, many women will start trying new things and different styles, using more playful materials and colors.

She believes, that women all around the world need to step out of their comfort zone and start expressing more of themselves through fashion. They shouldn’t hide who they are, instead, they should embrace it.


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