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The Humble Cars Your Favorite Celebs are REALLY Driving

It seems like everyday you read a story about “XX just bought a XX as their new car for XX dollars!” and you gotta wonder to yourself, “is this ever practical?” I mean these cars can’t be their daily drivers. They are human after all, and in the end cars are really just utilities. So we did some dig to see what cars your favorite celebs were REALLY driving. Let’s take a look!

Brittany Spears

As of Dec 2017, the 2000’s pop royalties net worth rung in at $217 Million, but apparently she doesn’t see the need for lavish cars. Her daily driver is reportedly a Mini Cooper.

Pope Francis

While Pope Francis has the obvious Mercedes Pope-mobile, the catholic commander-in-chief actually likes to get around the Vatican City in his 1984 Renault 4 Hatchback.

Cameron Diaz

With 78 nominations, and 29 wins from over 50+ acting credits, this award winning actress could probably afford any car that she would like. But Mrs. Diaz is, thankfully an earth conscious member of what I like to call “the Cult of Prius.” Have one as early as 2007, Cameron has been driving a Toyota Prius ever since and has never gone back.

Christian Bale

Batman himself has more recently been seen going more “grass-roots” with his living, pictured above driving a “no-frills” Toyota Tacoma.

Colin Farrell

One of our favorites, actor Colin Farrell has had a pretty good streak recently in the theaters with the wildly successful Harry Potter spinoff “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and the more recent indie hit “Killing of a Sacred Deer”. While he is currently filming a live-action remake of the Disney classic Dumbo, Colin drives around in his beloved 5th generation Ford Bronco.

Conan O’Brien

Funny man Conan O’Brien has made a long successful career for himself as a perpetually present late-night host in american TV for the last 20-something years. You would think with a networth of $85 Million, Conan would be driving the coolest ride, but apparently he only owns 2 cars. One “fancier” car that he apparently never uses, and a 1992 Ford Taurus Sho that he uses as his daily driver.

Daniel Radcliffe

Forever known to a generation as “the boy who lived,” the Harry Potter star has since accrued a $105 Million net worth, but instead of living lavishly and blowing it on fancy things, Daniel has been busy working on his craft and living humbly. His daily driver is also the first car he bought after filming on the Harry Potter franchise wrapped up: a Fiat Grand Punto.


David Spade

Funny man from the Adam Sandler camp, David Spade has been taking it a little slow as of late, but you can’t deny he has had some hits during his time in the limelight. Even after all of his work, David’s daily driver is a Buick Grand National.

Clint Eastwood

Legendary cowboy-turned-director Clint Eastwood is renowned for his old-timey existence and ideals, and that doesn’t stop with his cars. His daily driver is a restored GMC Typhoon that he has driven for decades. There must be a pretty good story behind the car if he has driven it for all these years.

Jennifer Lawrence

With a reported $110 Million net worth as of 2017, the Hunger Games actress likes to do her daily bidding in a humble Volkswagen EOS.

Jeremy Piven

This Entourage star likes to drive around in his restored 1st generation Ford Bronco. With a legendary car like this, we don’t blame him!

John Goodman

Legendary actor John Goodman, known for movies such as “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” and “Kingpin”, likes to drive humbly and functionally in a Ford F-150.

Kate Moss

English Supermodel and Businesswoman Kate Moss likes to drive around in the unique but modest MG Midget Mk III.

Larry David

Comedian Larry David, best known for the hit HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” was an early adopter of the Toyota Prius, purchasing one of the first models of the car in 1998. It wasn’t until recently that he donated his old Prius and purchased a newer model in 2010.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Acting legend and (finally) oscar winner Leonardo Dicaprio is a member of the “cult of prius” as well, buying one in the late 2000s and never going back.

Lily Allen

English singer-songwriter Lily Allen decided to drive something a little more modest than her music counterparts, sporting a 2010 Ford Focus RS.

Mel Gibson

While actor Mel Gibson is known to own multiple sports cars, he seems to always gravitate to one of his first cars : a Toyota Cressida. He has been recently spotted driving around town in this “classic” (depending on who you’re asking.)

Ryan Gosling


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