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The Love Boat Cast: Where Are They Now?

The spirit of “The Love Boat” sails again. Capt. Stubing, Doc, Gopher, Julie and Vicki will be back on board as the cast of the 1980s show reunite Nov. 5 at Port Everglades for the christening of the new Princess ship, the Regal Princess. Here’s a then-and-now look at the cast and some regular guest stars. The Love Boat’ sailed into households for 10 seasons. The cruise liner made history – and waves – by jam-packing celebrities and film legends into every episode. The ship’s crew, lead by Capt. Stubing, set sail every week with a whole boatload of lovesick passengers. Catch back up with guest stars from Andy Warhol to Hulk Hogan by jumping on board the Pacific Princess, the cruise liner with the most star-studded passenger list of all time.

Gavin MacLeod (Capt. Merrill Stubing)

Gavin MacLeod was ‘Your Captain’! Captain Stubing’s ship of love set sail for nine years on prime-time TV and also for three made-for-TV movies. Before MacLeod was dubbed the ‘Captain,’ he was best known as Happy Haines on ‘McHale’s Navy’ and Murray Slaughter on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show.’ Since ‘The Love Boat,’ MacLeod has had bit roles on shows like ‘Oz,’ ‘That 70’s Show’ and most recently ‘The Suite Life on Deck.’ MacLeod still revels in his ‘Captain’ fame as he’s been Princess Cruises’ spokesman ever since. MacLeod celebrated his 80th birthday back in March cruising the high seas, of course.

Lauren Tewes (Cruise Director Julie McCoy)

As cheerful and perky as a cruise director can be, Julie McCoy kept passengers smiling on ‘The Love Boat’ until 1985. Unfortunately, Tewes was released from the show because she was publicly battling drug addiction. She reprised her Julie McCoy role twice after leaving the show and she also appeared in ‘The Fugitive’ as Linda Westershulte. Tewes has since moved her life out of the spotlight.

Pat Klous (Cruise Director Judy McCoy)

… But the show must go on! When Tewes was kicked off the show, Pat Klous was cast as Julie’s little sister, Judy, and she filled in as cruise director. Formerly a model, this role was one of the biggest acting gigs of Klous’ career. She appeared on an episode of ‘Murder, She Wrote’ after she was finished cruising, but that’s where her career as an actress ended.

Fred Grandy (Yeoman-Purser Burl ‘Gopher’ Smith)

Gopher was everywhere, helping everyone! If you lost your luggage or needed directions, he was your man. Though it’s hard to think of Fred Grandy as anyone but Gopher, he’s now a former actor. He’s served as a U.S. representative from Iowa. After leaving politics, he co-hosted the conservative radio show ‘The Grandy & Andy Morning Show’ in D.C.

Bernie Kopell (Doctor Adam Bricker)

Aboard a lovesick ship like the Pacific Princess, it was no wonder that passengers would always pay a visit to ‘Doc.’ As the ship’s doctor, Bernie Kopell kept cruisers in tip top shape throughout the series. Kopell had a booming career before ‘The Love Boat’ from his roles on ‘When Things Were Rotten’ and ‘Get Smart.’ He has recently guest starred on episodes of ‘Monk’ and ‘My Name is Earl.’

Ted Lange (Bartender Isaac Washington)

As the ship’s bartender, Ted Lange dished out alcoholic beverages with a side of love advice. Lange has continued to act on shows like ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Scrubs.’ He recently was on an episode of ‘Are We There Yet?’ and he also directed an episode for the same series. Lange has also become a director and screenwriter.

Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing)

My, how Vicki Stubing has grown! Jill Whelan boarded ‘The Love Boat’ as Captain Stubing’s adorable daughter. During the ’80s, Whelan was also known as the national spokeswoman for First Lady Nancy Reagan’s anti-drug campaign. Just Say No! Whelan’s last headline-grabbing event was her wedding to Michael Chaykowsky in 2004 aboard a cruise ship.

Ted McGinley (Ace Covington Evans)

For the last two seasons, Ace boarded ‘The Love Boat’ as the ship’s photographer and he captured cruisers’ memories for the rest of the series. Right before ‘The Love Boat,’ McGinley played Roger Phillips, a nephew of the Cunninghams on ‘Happy Days.’
Ted McGinley then went on to nab long-running roles at the tail end of numerous big TV shows, including ‘Dynasty,’ ‘Married… with Children,’ ‘Sports Night’ and ‘Hope and Faith.’ In 2008, the former model joined the cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ season 7, but was the second star to be eliminated from the competition.

Teri Hatcher (Amy)

Back in the ’80s, Teri Hatcher was less ‘Desperate Housewife’ and more ‘Mermaid’ showgirl. Amy was quite the entertainer on the ship and it was quite the first role to kick-start Hatcher’s acting career.
Since 2004, she’s been playing the role of Susan Mayer on ‘Desperate Housewives,’ earning her both a Golden Globe and a SAG Award. Hatcher’s also known as Lois Lane from the cheesy ’90s series ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.’

Morgan Fairchild (Jenny Boyer)

As Morgan Fairchild was achieving prominence in the acting world, her first soap ‘Flamingo Road’ was canceled, so she guest starred on a variety of shows like ‘The Love Boat.’ Fairchild played Jenny Boyer in a two-part episode aboard the cruise liner. Since the ’80s, she’s been on ‘Friends,’ ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and recently, ‘Chuck.’

Tom Hanks (Rick Martin)

In the very beginning of Tom Hanks’ acting career he had this bit role in ‘The Love Boat.’ Let’s just say his career has hit a few high notes since, with ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ ‘You’ve Got Mail, ‘Cast Away,’ and the ‘Toy Story’ series.

Ursula Andress (Carole Stanton)

After emerging from the water in her famed white bikini in ‘Dr. No,’ Andress was an instant sex symbol. The Golden Globe-winning Bond girl appeared in two episodes of ‘The Love Boat’ as the debutante Carole Stanton. Andress’ last film was ‘The Bird Preachers’ (2005).

Britt Ekland (Alice Robbins / Karen Ellison)

Britt Ekland gained her fame in the ’70s as Mary Goodnight, a Bond girl, in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun.’ The next decade, she spent using her seductive image on shows like ‘Fantasy Island’ and 2 episodes of ‘The Love Boat.’ Since her highly publicized days, Ekland has bowed out of acting, but has been on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ and ‘Loose Women.’ But Ekland wasn’t the only Bond girl to make an appearance on the boat …

Andy Warhol (Himself)

Warhol’s signature paintings and prints – as well as his many guest starring roles – made him a famous face in every type of media. On his episode of ‘The Love Boat,’ he co-starred with Marion Ross. While Warhol’s distinctive art lives on, the eclectic artist passed away in 1987.

Tori Spelling (Penny Gibson)

It pays to have a father in show biz! Aaron Spelling directed episodes of ‘The Love Boat’ and even his daughter, Tori, had a bit role on the series as a child. A few years later, Tori would make her big break on ‘Beverly Hills, 90210.’ Off-screen, Spelling’s personal life seems to have trumped her TV career. Spelling is now a reality star and an author, and she even has her own line of jewelry on HSN.

Lorenzo Lamas (Antonio Belmonte / Gregori Papanopolis / Brett Clark)

Lorenzo Lamas is no stranger to the TV screen and has made his career on it. Lamas’ time on ‘The Love Boat’ consisted of three characters and five episodes. Lamas is better known as Hector Ramirez from ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’ These days he appears on ‘Leave it to Lamas,’ a reality series starring his family.

Heather Locklear (Patti Samuels)

A TV queen, Heather Locklear even fit an episode of ‘The Love Boat’ into her schedule. She and producer Aaron Spelling worked closely from ‘Dynasty’ to ‘The Love Boat’ to ‘Melrose Place.’
Locklear reprised her role as Amanda Woodward in the remake of ‘Melrose Place,’ but the show only lasted one season. In 2008 she had a few run-ins with the law, an arrest on suspicion of DUI, and she checked into rehab for psychological issues. But it seems she’s bouncing back, she just appeared in the TV movie, ‘He Loves Me.’

Joan Rivers (Allison Newman)

Joan Rivers lent her brash comedy to an episode of ‘The Love Boat’ back in 1983. As of 2011, she and daughter Melissa Rivers are currently hosting their new show ‘Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?’ Rivers also continues to host ‘Fashion Police’ and appears on shows like ‘The Talk’ and ‘The Doctors.’

Alan Thicke (Alan Price)

Just as Alan Thicke was becoming synonymous with his Dr. Jason Seaver role on ‘Growing Pains,’ he made multiple appearances on ‘The Love Boat.’
After cruising the ‘Love Boat’ and dealing with the misadventures of his children on ‘Growing Pains,’ Thicke has continued to be a strong force on television. He played Dennis Dupree on ‘Hope & Gloria’ and Rich Ginger on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’ A musical man, he now appears on ‘I’m in the Band’ as Simon Craig. His son is Robin Thicke, the platinum album-selling musician.

Charo (April Lopez)

Always the entertainer, that’s exactly the character that Charo consistently played on ‘The Love Boat.’ Known for her flamboyant ways and her signature noises, the Spanish-American actress started her career headlining Vegas shows in the ’70s. Her latest appearances were on ‘The Suite Life on Deck’ and ‘RuPaul’s Drag U.’

Jamie Lee Curtis (Linda)

We all know Jamie Lee Curtis is an original scream queen, so it’s no wonder that the episode of ‘The Love Boat’ she appeared on also featured a ghost who wandered the ship trying to fix up his widow.
In 1978 she debuted as heroine Laurie Strode in ‘Halloween.’ Curtis resurrected her ‘Halloween’ character as recently as 2002 for one of a handful of ‘Halloween’ remakes. These days she continues to act and is a blogger for the Huffington Post.

Janet Leigh (Gail / Joan Phillips)

Keeping it in the family, Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh, even boarded the boat. Best known for the infamous ‘Psycho’ shower scene, Leigh was a horror queen in the heyday of her career. Curtis’ mother passed away in October 2004.

Barbi Benton (Kiki Atwood / Barbi Benton)

Throughout ten seasons of ‘The Love Boat,’ gorgeous model/singer Barbi Benton cruised the Pacific Princess 6 times. While her acting career ended with these guest roles, Barbi recently appeared on an episode of ‘The Girls Next Door,’ when her ex-beau Hugh Hefner and his current girlfriends visited her in Aspen.

Tony Danza (Bud O’Hara)

The year before Tony Danza was ‘The Boss,’ he had a bit role on ‘The Love Boat.’ Danza’s acting career has highlights from ‘Taxi’ to ‘The Tony Danza Show’ to ‘Angels in the Outfield.’ These days Danza is tackling high school English as a teacher on a new reality series, ‘Teach.’

Audra Lindley (Mrs. Worth)

Just as Audra Lindley’s career was taking off with ‘Three’s Company,’ the actress also became somewhat of a regular on ‘The Love Boat.’ she appeared in eight episodes over the years. Lindley passed away from leukemia in 1997, but was acting right up until her death. She played Phoebe’s grandmother Frances on ‘Friends’ and her last role was as Virginia Sheridan on ‘Cybill.’

Betty White (Betsey Boucher)

Rue McClanahan (Abigail Jordan)

Rue McClanahan guest starred as Abigail Jordan in an episode of ‘The Love Boat: The Next Wave,’ in 1998. But McClanahan also popped up on the series for 5 years in various other roles.

Vanessa Williams (Herself)

A young and fresh-faced Vanessa Williams made her first television appearance in 1984 on ‘The Love Boat.’ The ever talented Williams has since had a blossoming career as an actress, a recording artist, producer, dancer and model. Williams recently has played Wilhelmina Slater on ‘Ugly Betty’ and is currently Renee Perry on ‘Desperate Housewives.’

Hulk Hogan (Himself)

Playing a version of himself, the wrestling giant cruised the high seas with his sister, who he forbade from associating with his wrestling enemy, ‘Lover Boy’ Bob.

Florence Henderson (Annabelle Folker / Anita / Audrey Bayes)

Florence Henderson, best known as Carol Brady, became somewhat of a regular guest star on ‘The Love Boat,’ appearing in 10 episodes as multiple characters. Despite roles like this one, Florence Henderson would never quite escape the shadow of Carol Brady. But, with a mixture of sexuality and humor, she managed to make a long-running career for herself. Her nearly 40-year career continues to go strong, with appearances on TV and films. In 2010, she competed on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ with partner Corky Ballas.

Conrad Bain (Charles Susters / Les Campbell)

Phillip Drummond, we mean Conrad Bain, popped up on three episodes of ‘The Love Boat.’ Bain had a lengthy acting career in film, TV and on Broadway before ‘Diff’rent Strokes,’ but Phillip remains his best-known role today. He reprised the character on a 1996 episode of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ He is retired and living in Los Angeles.

Donny Osmond (Danny Fields / Jim)

In one of his few acting credits, Donny Osmond appeared on three episodes of ‘The Love Boat.’ Known better just as himself, Osmond gained fame with his younger sister, touring as ‘Donny & Marie.’ In ’09, Osmond won ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ The next year, he announced the startup of his own syndicated radio program, ‘The Donny Osmond Show’ which is still airing.
And we know where there’s Donny, there’s Marie …

Marie Osmond (Maria Rosselli)

Marie Osmond hopped on board when the crew headed to Italy. She guest-starred in a two-part episode as Maria Rosselli. Besides being part of the ‘Donny & Marie’ duo, Osmond made headlines in May when she remarried her first husband, Stephen Craig.

Charlotte Rae (Ellen van Bowe)

In between playing the hilarious housekeeper Edna Garrett on ‘Diff’rent Strokes,’ Rae brought her comedy to four episodes of ‘The Love Boat.’ Right after, Rae and her Edna character got their own spinoff, ‘The Facts of Life.’
Rae is still acting in a variety of TV and big screen roles, including ‘101 Dalmatians: The Series’ and the 2008 Adam Sandler movie ‘You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.’ Her latest appearance is on an episode of the new series, ‘Pretty Little Liars.’

Mickey Rooney (Santa Claus)

When the Pacific Princess was celebrating Christmas, it was only fitting to have a celebrity Santa on board – enter Mickey Rooney. The jolly old fellow still acts, most recently appearing in ‘Night Club’ and co-starring in ‘Night at the Museum’ alongside Dick Van Dyke and Ben Stiller.

Juliet Mills (Multiple characters)

Juliet Mills’ character list on ‘The Love Boat’ could go on and on, as the actress appeared in a recurring guest role on 8 episodes. Though she began her career as a child actor in ‘Five Finger Exercise’ and ‘Nanny and the Professor,’ Mills continues to act. Lately she was on the saucy soap, ‘Passions’ and she appeared in a ‘Hot in Cleveland’ episode in 2010.

Marion Ross (Emily Stubing)

First on the show as Emily Hayward, Marion Ross (better known as Mrs. C from ‘Happy Days’) married Capt. Stubing on the last episode of ‘The Love Boat.’
Since the end of ‘Happy Days’ in 1984, Marion Ross has worked regularly in television and movies. She provided her voice to several animated shows, such as ‘Spongebob Squarepants,’ and made appearances in shows such as ‘MacGyver,’ ‘The Drew Carey Show’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ But Ross isn’t the only ‘Happy Days’ alum to also appear on ‘The Love Boat’ …

Tom Bosley (Harry Meacham)

Tom Bosley, better known as the ’50s conservative father, Howard Cunningham, appeared on ‘The Love Boat’ and in two of the subsequent TV movies. Bolsey passed away on Oct. 19, 2010 at the age of 83. Until then, he was still active in the biz. He provided the voice for Harry Boyle in the animated series ‘Wait Till Your Father Gets Home,’ the title character in the 1980s cartoon ‘The World of David the Gnome,’ and the shop owner Mr. Winkle in the children’s Christmas special ‘The Tangerine Bear.’

Sonny Bono (Multiple characters)

An infamous part of the Sonny & Cher duo, Sonny Bono did it all. He was a musician-turned actor-turned Palm Springs mayor-turned congressman. Bono appeared on five episodes of ‘The Love Boat’ through the late ’70s and early ’80s. He was also guest starring on ‘Fantasy Island’ at that time. In 1998, Bono tragically passed away after injuring himself in a skiing accident on Jan. 5, 1998.

The Village People

The Village People rocked out on the deck of the Pacific Princess back in 1980. Though they haven’t put out a new album since 1985, the group is still touring.

Pacific Princess aka The Love Boat


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