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The Most Annoying Photos of Rich Kids on Snapchat

Private Jets. Cases of Dom. Designer Duds. Yachts and mansions. Rich kids really are different than you and me, and they LOVE to brag about it on social media. We’ve all seen their exploits on Instagram. Their latest outlet? Snapchat. This collection of annoying rich kid photos will make you red in the face and green with jealousy. (As green as the contents of their wallets? Probably not.) See the 1% drive luxury cars we can only dream of, watch them vacation in places we’ll likely never see. We hope most of these images are tongue-in-cheek commentary on the current state of things, but if they’re not, the Rich Kids Of Snapchat could use a little lesson in humility. Are the Rich Kids Of Snapchat obvious trolls or the real deal? Scroll through the list and judge for yourself.

Life Is Hard Sometimes

Oh boo-hoo, why don’t you ask your butler to drive you instead? Let’s be honest, you probably don’t even have your license yet. Stop stealing your dad’s keys for your snapshot feed buddy…

The Dollar Menu Is Wasted on This Guy

Okay don’t lie, we all know that you can have all the money in the world, and you’ll still end up at McDonald’s after a night of drinking.

We’d Rather Spend That $55 In ANY Other Way

This isn’t even this kid’s fault. What company in their right mind would sell bottled water like that? This is corporate pandering at it’s finest.

Damn. It’s Gonna Be a Hell of a Summer!

Well, have a fun summer with all that dough whilst the rest of us hang out down here on the bottom of society… Oh the good ole days when we used to have summers off and our parents’ credit card to play with.

Absolutely Sick With Cash

You might deserve to be sick with this one. How dare you blow your nose with those beautiful pieces of paper!

Take the Red One

You don’t exactly get to say “first world problems” when you can’t choose which Ferrari to drive today…

Slumming It Hard

You’d be lucky to grow up where you get to drive a new Toyota around, let alone wear the watch you’re wearing, and have access to your parents’ black card…

This Person Actually May Not Know What Humble Means

What’s wrong with being humble? Absolutely nothing…maybe you should give it a try sometime.

A Rich Kid Phoning It In

This isn’t even your fault. This is your parents’ fault. First of all, they shouldn’t have given you an iPhone in elementary school, and second of all, if their kid was so irresponsible that they either lost or broke that many phones in a year,  they should’ve learned that you didn’t deserve another one…

Yea But When You Stub Your Toe On It

Have you ever felt how heavy those things are? It really takes some muscle to lift, so despite the total lack of humility here, this would work just fine…

Not Sold At Office Depot

Oh sure, stuff for school, huh? Maybe private school with ivory growing up the sides of the class buildings. Did anyone else notice three phones? Yeah, that’s completely necessary.

Dogs Can Be Discerning Too

If we had all the money in the world, we can honestly say that spoiling our pups is probably the best way to spend every last time. So we’re going to just agree with this one.

Seems Like You’d Run Into That Problem A Lot

Oh, how sad it is that your money doesn’t fit into that wallet. Maybe try using a money clip instead of snapping to all your friends that you’re too rich?

Yea, But You Can’t Spell

Yes, finnaly… We just hope that you’re getting home schooled because somebody needs to teach you how to spell, buddy.

A Pen That Louis XIV Would Be Proud Of


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