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The Most Annoying Songs Ever

Isn’t it just the worst getting a really annoying song stuck in your head all day? Especially when it’s a really really, annoying one! There can be loads of reasons why a song can qualify as annoying. It could just be the feeling you get when you listen to the song, it could be a cliche song with a repeating chorus, or even just be associated with a bad memory.

Whatever the reason, we just wish they weren’t so catchy! In most cases, pop songs are created using a formula that’s guaranteed to work and that’s why they become earworms. The music industry knows just what chords to use and what melodies to play to get you hooked. If you look out for these songs, you can spot them by looking for the repeating chorus that feels perfect for singing along to, and the gloomy or romantic lyrics. After listening to these songs for a few days you’ll suddenly realize that they’re just another pop song that’s got its claws sunk into you.

When this song came it was very successful. Even though we’ll admit it was a good song, but it is annoying, we can admit to both. It’s not the repetition that makes it annoying but rather their accents and the constant beat.

If you listen to this song too many times you’ll regret it and you’ll never be able to listen to it again. It’ll get stuck in your head and it won’t be pleasant.

This is a song that proves you can’t mix the 80s and the early 2000s. It makes for a horrible combination that no one wants. Even the music video adds to its annoyance factor, I mean the frog alone makes us want to turn it off immediately.

Still, though, the Swedish group that created this needs some respect. It’s was the second video to ever be put on Youtube, yep, the second! It’s also one of the most played Youtube videos ever.

Besides the fact that this song has been taken and put in so many things that it feels like it’s a deflated balloon at this point, the song itself is also very annoying.

Our biggest pet peeve in the song is that part where you can randomly hear the lyrics, “Skyyyy rockets in flight.” We think it clashes horribly with the rest of the song and doesn’t fit it at all.

Here’s a song everyone knows. It’s the song of the 80s all the way from the synth down to the lead vocals. When you listen to “Final Countdown” you’ll be taken back to a time of giant hair and neon.

But towards the end of the song when you’ve had enough you’ll really be counting the time that’s left until the end of the song. Trust us, once you’ve had enough. you’ve had enough.

Barry Manilov may be a good artist, but that doesn’t mean that all of his songs are good. Here’s a prime example, Copacabana feels repetitive beyond everything else while you listen to the same thing over and over without any end.

After hearing the song enough times it’ll inevitably worm its way into your head where you won’t be able to take it anymore. It won’t be the whole song though, just the “Copacabana” part, enjoy.

Here’s a song that became popular again after everyone had forgotten about it. Due to internet memes, the song’s had a huge resurgence that doesn’t seem to ever stop. The song should have stayed buried, it would have been better for everyone. The song is about STDs if you didn’t know.

“Cotton Eye Joe” is referring to the cotton swobs one would use when taking an STD test. After learning that, you’ll never be able to hear the song again.

What’s New Pussycat kind of just comfortably drones and doesn’t feel like a song that ever changes pace. It feels like the song is over before the intro is even over. 

He has to ask that question so many times! Tom Jones, we don’t know what’s new so please stop asking. And with today’s slang, the song has a much grosser connotation.

Here’s another artist that really wants to know the answer to her question, “Do you believe in life after love?” Cher asks a total of eight times across the song so maybe she just likes the sound of her own voice, or maybe she really does want the answer. We don’t know.

The song does have the achievement of being the first with autotune. But are we really happy about that? Who likes autotune anyway? We definitely don’t.             

Here’s a song that likes to tell you a story about… blue? It’s not really a topic that anyone actually cares about. The whole dynamic is that if everything is blue is anything really blue at all? We’ll let you decide.

If you can’t figure out what the answer is then you can always listen to the lyrics. Maybe the answer is in the line, “Da ba dee da ba dye.” If only we could translate whatever language it was in.

So Who Let The Dogs Out did win itself a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. That’s great, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get stuck in your head. What we don’t like is the “woof” lines that really don’t help make it better.

The dancing is great, don’t get us wrong, we just don’t like the gibberish lyrics and overall meaning of the song. And it’s another song about a question! We don’t know who let the dogs out!

This song is a perfect pop song. It’s got sad music with some weirdly maybe romantic music. Well, in addition to it being overplayed, the singer has nothing good to say about it.

Blunt says it’s about a guy high on a subway stalking someone else’s girlfriend. Not exactly romantic material.

Now you know who wrote this horrific song because we didn’t know before now. This song assaults most of us at Disney theme parks, but it pops up from time to time elsewhere.

Disney, do us all a favor and stop using the song. Retire it.

Disco Duck is everything no one wants to remember about the 70s. It’s got a disco beat, which is fine, but then there’s an annoying duck that quacks through the track.

Then, the duck starts talking, and it sounds just like Donald the Duck, who is also annoying.

This song feels like it is a parody of an actual song. The way they narrate everything they do feels as awkward as something Weird Al would do.

Add in Nickelback’s already weird vocals and you’ve got a perfect song to make fun of.

Why write lyrics when you can just sing sounds you make up? It’s much easier that way. 

People won’t focus on how bad the rest of the actual lyrics are because they’ll be too focused on whatever is going on in that chorus.

People made fun of this song even while it was still out. From Bieber’s hair to his extreme youth, the music video should have been a disaster from a start. Apparently, it worked, though.

At one point, it was the most-watched video on YouTube. Luckily, we all left “Baby” behind.

These days, this song wouldn’t fly. Today, Barbie dolls are mocked for the standards they set for young girls, and this song only goes to make things worse.

Just listen to the lyrics, and you’ll realize that there’s really nothing good here.

If there is a song to describe the 80s music scene, it’s this song. It just sounds like frizzy hair and lasers. 

And the lyrics. Wow, they’re hypocritical. We can’t stand listening to them.

Most people can make it through Message in a Bottle just fine…until they get near the end. From that point, The Police sing “Sendin’ out an SOS” for a solid minute. 

We’re not joking. A solid 60 seconds of “sending out an SOS.” At that point, we’re sending out an SOS – save us from this song!

This upbeat song is easy to get stuck in your head and nearly impossible to get out. Sure, it’s catchy, but that doesn’t mean that I want to hear it a million times. Not to mention, the chorus is sung a total of four times during about a four-minute song.

That’s quite a bit considering how long it is. We’re livin’ la vida loca thanks to Ricky Martin.

The more you look into this song, the funnier it gets. The song is obviously sexual, so at first, it’s obvious what the lumps and humps are. But in some spots, the “humps” are actually “hump” in the singular. So, we’ve got lumps, humps, and a hump. Hmmm…

Well, the song is definitely up for interpretation, but we’d rather not stick around to find out what’s going on.

Pretty much anything by The Four Seasons can make this list because of that stupid whining nose the short guy makes.

Out of all of the songs, Sherry is the most annoying because it’s basically the whole thing.

“Ice Ice Baby” was the first hip hop single to top the Billboard Hot 100. Everything about the song makes you laugh, but nothing more than the name of the song.

The beat is so cool that it’s cold like ice. Sorry, that’s just too far.

All the best songs are about love, right? “Love Will Go On,” the end credits song for Titanic, seemed to really hit the nail on the head. So much so that it got overplayed.

Way more overplayed than most songs. Kate Winslet, one of the stars in Titanic, feels like throwing up when she hears the song now.

This song is hilarious, but it isn’t lyrical gold by any means. Of course, with lines like “She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck,” are you surprised? 

This song gets stuck in your head because of the chuckle-worthy word choice, but ultimately gets skipped after you remember the rest of the song is about a man asking a girl at the club if he can see her thong.

C-C-C-Can we not? Karma Chameleon has the weird harmonica in the background that sticks out and then repeats itself just for the beat. 

God forbid they just throw in more lyrics.

If you’ve never heard “Friday,” stay away. This isn’t one of those good songs that got overplayed.

It became an internet sensation because it was called the “worst video ever made.” It is currently the 6th most disliked video on YouTube.

What isn’t annoying about Achy Breaky Heart? From the horrible mullet in the music video to the horrible lyrics, there’s nothing to like about this track.

It’s so bad that it’s often used as the cliché, “ironic” country song whenever someone is making fun of the genre.

Another song with seriously questionable lyrics, “Macarena” was huge back in the 90s.

The dance was iconic, so it was played pretty much anywhere where dancing happened, but that just added to its problems.


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