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The Most Attractive Female Billionaires


If you look hard enough, you’ll find that the world has an excess of money out there but not all of us get a chance to be around that money or use it the way young billionaires and their gorgeous offspring typically do. These young entrepreneurs and heirs live a life of excess. Some of them earned it by working their butts off as young entrepreneurs, while others are lucky enough to just have the same DNA as their billionaire parent. Regardless of the scenario, these 25 rich kids will make anyone feel like life just isn’t as good as it could be with that trust fund.  

Anna Anisimova’s Model Looks

Anna Anisimova looks like she belongs on the fashion runway. The daughter of Russian billionaire Vasily Anisimova carved a small career for herself as a socialite and an actress after graduating from NYU in 2010. Like any socialite, she knows how to relax and pays a pretty penny to hang back. Recently she dropped an estimated $550,000 for a beach house in the South Hamptons but that’s nothing compared to what she’s worth — an estimated $350 million.  

Dustin Moskovitz’s Impressive Goals

Dustin Moskovitz isn’t the face of Facebook like Mark Zuckerberg is, but it’s the reason why he’s living the high life. Moskovitz went to Harvard with Zuckerberg and became the technology officer and VP of engineering but that wasn’t enough for him. After Facebook, he left to co-found another company Asana and that’s all before his 33rd birthday. Although he seems modest with his money, he could afford to drop $20 million to aid the democratic party like it’s nothing. When you’re worth an estimated $8 billion it’s chump change.  

The Ecclestone Sisters Great Fortune

What’s better than one gorgeous billionaire’s offspring? Two beautiful children. The Ecclestone sisters are making the most of their father Bernie Ecclestone’s $4 billion fortune by getting into branding. Using their looks as a jump off point, Tamara has sold over a million in handbags while Petra is into designing menswear. Although these girls work hard, they know how to live it up. For Petra’s 28th birthday, Tamara threw an excessively lavish bash in London’ hot hotel China Tang which included a performance by Grammy award winning artist Brandy.  

Joe Gebbia’s Generous Style

Joe Gebbia isn’t even in his 40s and he’s raking in crazy dough for being the co-founder of Airbnb. Right now his fortune stands at $3.8 billion but he’s proven to be a generous man and spends some of that giving back to charitable causes. That said, everyone needs a little R&R. When he isn’t hard at work he’s vacationing on Nakunu Levu, a private island in Fiji that spans 10 acres.  

Marta Ortega’s Humble Beginnings

Marta Ortega is the daughter to one of the richest men in Europe. Her father, Amancio, is worth $75 billion and she’s in line to inherit that wealth. She’s poised to take over the Zara retail chain. Right now she is in the marketing department for the company. Talk about lucking out with a built-in job ready to go!  

Brian Chesky’s Grand Honor

Brian Chesky may look like he belongs on the cover of People, but he’s actually the co-founder of Airbnb. Not only is he filthy rich with a $3 billion net worth to his name, but he was also bestowed a great honor by President Obama when he was awarded the Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship. Another cool honor? He’s about to get his own branded cereal with his face on it. How cool is that? Pass some Mr. B over here!  

Ariana Rockefeller’s Hustle

If Ariana Rockefeller’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s the daughter of one of the most well-known names in business. Her father, David Rockefeller Sr., is worth $11 billion due to the family’s business ventures. Although Ariana can rest on her laurels, since graduating from college, she has her own clothing line that’s sold in boutique stores across the world. That said, she certainly knows how to relax. Her idea of a perfect Sunday is being on a boat with her girlfriends.  

Sean Parker’s Triumphant Return

The illegal music streaming site was created in the late 90s by Sean Parker and at the time he was barely out of his teens. After Napster crashed and burned and he found himself fighting infringement lawsuits, Parker picked himself up, got busy in Palo Alto, and now he’s worth an estimated $2.4 billion. Before he was a family man, Sean Parker threw the wildest parties that would make any frat house look tame. For one Halloween-themed bash, he dropped an estimated $150,000. For booze, he classed it up serving 100 bottles of Cristal.  

Ivanka Trump’s Business Mind

Before she became regular fodder for liberal-leaning sites, Ivanka Trump was best known as the gorgeous daughter of business mogul Donald Trump. Even though her father is worth $3.5 billion, the President’s daughter has her father’s entrepreneurial spirit with a successful clothing line. And when her father made it to The White House? Ivanka followed along too and purchased a gorgeous $5.5 million mansion right in the heart of D.C.  

Kelly Zong’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Kelly Zong may not look familiar, but she definitely has status. She’s the daughter of beverage seller Zong Quinghou. Her father alone is worth $20 billion, but not to be distracted by her inheritance, Zong got into the family business and is a purchasing manager of Hangzou Wahaha Group with her mother.  

Sofia Barclay’s Lavish Life

If Sofia Barclay’s name sounds at all familiar, it’s because her father and uncle, David and Frederick Barclay, are two of the richest brothers in Britain. Sofia has a posh lifestyle and she often travels back and forth from London to New York in her attempt to break into the entertainment industry as an actress. She can take her time breaking into the industry with lavish trips around the world because she’s worth an estimated $3.8 billion.  

Scott Duncan’s Billionaire Club

At 33-years-old, business genius Scott Duncan is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. His father, who owned Enterprise, passed on a huge sum of money but he was able to grow his net worth to $6.3 billion thanks to escaping estate tax in 2010.  

Vanisha Mittal’s Lucky Fortune

Vanisha Mittal is one lucky lady. She is the daughter of Lakshmi Mittal, a savvy business-man who is a board member of Goldman Sachs. The second richest man in India, his net worth is up to $16 million and Vanisha is known as one of the richest heiresses in the world. In 2012, she made headlines for having the most outrageous wedding. The nuptials cost an estimated $60 million as 1,000 guests were flown into France by a private jet for a week getaway.  

Dan Bilzerian’s Crazy Life

Billionaire Dan Bilzerian is worth more than $100 million, but Bilzerian puts his stock in his epic partying skills featuring topless models, shooting machine guns, and jet-setting to the dreamiest of tropical locations. Due to his currency in money and social media followers, he was able to turn this lifestyle into a brand which has now turned into a full-fledged non-stop party central.  

Evan Spiegel’s Social Media Gain

Like most people his age, Evan Spiegel, 26, saw something he could create when social media took shape in the late 2000s. When he co-founded the popular social media app Snapchat, he became the youngest CEO ever. He is worth an estimated $5 billion. Although he earned his money, he’s a big partier and wound up meeting his co-founders at a frat party. With a power combo of looks and wealth, it’s no wonder that he has Australian model Miranda Kerr on his arm.  

Rotimi Alakija’s Great Riches

Rotimi Alakija is a successful DJ, but he definitely got a leg up on the competition. His mother, Folorunsho Alakija, is the second-richest woman in Africa thanks to her oil fortune. Aside from his DJ career, he stands to inherit an estimated $2 billion from his mother. As for work? When you’re DJ Xclusive, work is a party. One of Alakija’s big profile gigs was DJ’ing for the Big Brother party at Channel O. He also throws legendary “all white” parties in paradise on Victoria Island.  

Gustav Magnar Witzoe’s Big Fish

Gustav Magnar Witzoe might be the youngest billionaire in Norway. At 23 years old, he’s worth an estimated $1.4 billion, but he’s definitely earned it. He’s the co-owner of Salmar ASA’s equity, which provides the people of Norway with salmon. He’s making the best out of his inheritance, as his Instagram is littered with photos of Gustav partying and enjoying the high life. One photo, in particular, sees him looking rather dapper on a boat.  

Barron Hilton’s Family Fortune

His sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton may be more famous than he is, but Barron still has a pretty penny or two to his name. Thanks to being a Hilton, he’s worth billions of dollars. As for his lifestyle, Barron takes after sister Nicky and Paris Hilton and he’s known for partying it up. Most of his days are spent lounging around in exotic locations. His most recent adventure? Snorkeling with sea turtles in Hawaii.  

Eduardo Saverin’s Early Billion

In 2005, if you wanted to get a leg up in the tech industry, it seems like you had to get in good with Mark Zuckerberg. Eduardo Saverin did just that when he met the Facebook creator at Harvard. That said, Saverin filed a lawsuit in 2012 against Zuckerberg and parted ways with the Facebook team. Now he’s worth an estimated $7.2 billion. It’s not all business for Saverin. For his wedding, he rented out the Le Grand Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat in France for four days and filled the whole hotel with 350 wedding guests. Talk about getting hitched in style.  

Georgina Bloomberg’s Great Departure

Georgina Bloomberg is not only gorgeous, but she has a history of her own despite being the daughter of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. While she may stand to inherit an estimated $47 billion from her father, her heart is not in the business world. Instead, she rides horses competitively. Although she lives a life out of the spotlight, she has the most gorgeous and enviable property. Just check out this pool!  

Andrew, Dylan And David’s Giant Fortune

Ever see a pair of siblings this good-looking before? Not only do the Lauren siblings have the looks but they have the riches, too. Their father is Ralph Lauren, and because of that family connection, they’ll be splitting a $6 billion empire between the three of them. Andrew, in particular, has an enviable life as a producer. His first huge project was hanging out with stars Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller for the film The Spectacular Now.  

The Andresen Sisters Huge Inheritance

  At 20 years old, Alexandra Andresen is the youngest female billionaire in the world and her sister Katharina isn’t too far behind her at 21 years old. The two inherited an estimated $1.9 billion each when their father, Johan Andresen, passed away. He invested in a hedge fund company called Ferd for private equity investments which turned out nicely for the Andresen sisters. Did we mention that these are their modes of transportation?  

Josie Ho’s Billionaire Fortune

Josie Ho may be in a different industry as an actress, but she’s still a billionaire heiress thanks to her father, Stanley Ho, who is the 13th richest billionaire at $2 billion. Perhaps not going into her father’s business was a good call? She’s inherited a ton of money and now as an actress, she has amazing threads to show off.  

The Branson Siblings’ Impressive Journey

Richard Branson is a billionaire who rubs elbows with the likes of President Obama and Ashton Kutcher, and his offspring are just as impressive as the Virgin magnate. Holly graduated from medical school, and Sam is a filmmaker. Their net worth, thanks to dad, is $5 billion. These kids know a thing or two about spending a buck. Sam Branson’s lavish wedding was practically royal with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie in attendance. The five-day celebration took place in South Africa with bongo lessons for guests.  

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