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The Most Embarrassing Moments In Sports History

The beauty of sports is the thrill and exhilaration that can take place at any given moment. Whether it be from making a jaw-dropping play, scoring a game-winning goal or winning a hard fought championship. However, there’s another side to that coin. Just as sports can provide the highest of highs when it comes to the big moments, it can also take you to the lowest of lows. Being that there can be hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people watching a game at any given moment, the level of embarrassment that comes with it can be off the charts.
Here are some of the most embarrassing moments to ever take place in sports history.

Don’t touch me!

These two maniacs are playing butts up maybe? Indoor soccer? Dodgeball possibly? I don’t know but they look ridiculously awesome in this photo.Why is that euro trash dude pinching that other guys face and doing the googoo thing? Only in Germany I guess.

I Must Break You!

This wild woman looks like she’s a female Terminator sent from the future to make us cringe at her strange looking face! Seriously though, that’s a rough face for any tennis player to have. I hope she won the point and didn’t kill anyone in the process.

Steph Gilmore

Steph Gilmore is one of the best female surfers in the world. She’s so popular that Vogue magazine Australia invited her to do a surfing photo shoot for an upcoming issue. That’s when it all went belly up. While Gilmore looks mortified, the male beach goers were seen standing on the shoreline applauding her awkward moment.

Caroline Wozniacki

Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki are great friends, so when they faced each other in a charity match, they decided it would be fun to poke some fun of each other. When Caroline came out, she had stuffed her top and bottom to mimic Williams huge…assets. The crowd went wild.

Colombian cycling team

When the Colombian cycling team took to the stage after winning an event, the crowd was stunned by what they thought were nude riders! At first glance these uniforms leave the viewer in shock until you realize it was just a very poor color selection.

Tennis anyone

Hey now! Take it easy miss fancy britches!Ashley Harkleroad is retired the tennis player who is known not for her amazing ball skills, but more for hot shoot with Playboy magazine where she bared-all. Here she is making sure all the balls are accounted for.

Blades of glory

Oh my. There’s a reason why the dudes are the ones who pick up the ladies in an ice skating routine.This couple wanted to shake things up a bit but the only thing shaken up was the male skater who was dropped straight on his neck! Will Ferrell would never let a thing like this happen when he was on the ice going for championships.

Sweet Tan Bro

Nothing is hotter than when you see some awesome tan lines peaking out from a woman’s outfit. In the case of this professional swimmer, it’s a bit awkward to say the least. At least we know she is committed to tanning and wearing small skimpy bikinis when she’s not in the swimming pool. Thank you!

Water Clowns

Seriously though, This water dancing garbage is the worst thing about any summer Olympic Games. The weird faces, crazy clown make up and the kookiest routines can make any person wonder what the hell is going on. Here we see two of these wild women spitting water at each other. That right there is a Gold Medal performance.

What Lies Beneath

Olympic speed skater Olga Graff just finished competing in the 2014 games and as she finished the race she unzipped her uniform to reveal…well, nothing.The world watch, not with desire but with a bit of disgust as her lily white flat chest was on display for the everyone to witness. I don’t know about you but I thought that was a skin colored t-shirt at first. Gross!

Let the girls loose

Serbian tennis ace Jelena Jankovic was playing a serious match at the 2014 Rogers cup when she felt her jumblies let loose! Did her bra really just come undone in front of a packed-out stadium? As she ran finishing the point, her globes bounced freely for all to watch. Luckily Jelena had one kind woman playing the role of mother and saving the athlete from further embarrassment as she reattached her bra. Bummer!

A face only a mother could love

This young Chinese skate was skating in the US Championships when she went for a huge spin. A lucky photographer caught the moment and ever since, the internet has fallen in love with ice skaters and the faces they make. Seriously, google it, you’ll be amazed.

On your left!

The best thing about sports is the unpredictability of it all. You can expect to see a very competitive race and then all of a sudden the polish girl trips and causes a chain reaction of bloody elbows and damaged egos the like of which haven’t been seen since Zola Budd made Mary Jo fall at the Olympics. You don’t remember Zola Budd?

Lets see that replay

You ever watch the diving competition and catch all the scandalous shots of the lady parts? Seriously it’s amazing. Here we see Jenny Beneitez making an adjustment and 23 million people saw her fantastic hooters. Thank you NBC cameraman, you’re on top of your game.

No sag zone

Remember when the Olympic let a bunch of spracked out snow kids into the Games? This is what we got: sagging pants and wild underwear that was flying around everytime these little maniacs jumped down the mountain. This guy wins gold in the hearts of people everywhere.

High performance active wear

One thing thats awesome about sport is that the athletes will go to any level to find ways to make themselves faster and better. One way is to find ultratight outfits to make them go through the water and air faster. Well sometimes these outfits are just a tad too tight as this poor swimmer found out.


Getting hit with a bat sucks! I was hit with one in 5th grade by a kid named Mario who only had one arm. Swear! He would swing, hit the ball and then throw his bat and one time it bounced up and hit me in the nuts, much to everyone’s approval. I didn’t think it was that funny.

Whaaaatssssss Uuuppppppp

Sometimes you have to throw metal balls like a girl and scream. This guy did and he ended up winning a bronze medal but lost all his friends and self respect when this photo ran in the sports pages.

Help me!

Some ball players are way cooler than others, i think this guy is on the not-so-cool squad. Im not a baseball professional or anything but i’m pretty sure you should be catching the ball, not hiding from it like a little girl.

Kiss the ring

Basketball rules. As a kid I got to watch Magic and Jordan go after it each week, what a glorious time it was. This photo isn’t Jordan but its pretty awesome in its own way. Man I wish Rodman was still playing, he had the best interactions with other players.

Balls to the face!

Most people are fortunate to not have balls flying at their face everyday. very few professionals have to worry about the dangers that come when random balls hit your chin or your lips. Could you imagine getting a fat lip from a ball? What a bummer.

Youre doing it wrong

This guy had such high hopes of making it to the Olympics and getting a gold medal, but all he got was this shot to the ego when he slipped and fell. What kind of heartbreak would that be to make it that far and be let down like this.

Sometimes you gotta dance

Basketball is a sport where the men are big, the trash talk is fierce and sometimes the action gets physical on the court. But sometimes, just sometimes the big men want to cut loose and dance! Here is what happens when the rhythm is right!


Soccer sucks. The dwids are always flopping around acting like they just got stabbed in a prison riot when they barely had their ear flicked. This one though appears to be a flying Bruce Lee kick to the face! In reality the kicker nailed the ball and it flew past the guy flopping. Sissies i tell ya!

Get back here

Again with the soccer players. Whats with these guys? You don’t see this stuff in the NFL, why do we have to see it in this cruddy sport?

Armpits fetish

Some people react very strongly to the natural odors the body emits and in the case of armpits, Those who have a mild fetish for armpits often enjoy kissing, tasting and smelling their partner’s armpits during foreplay. Lets hope that Yao Ming isnt one of those people.

Free kick

The most popular sport in the world is also a sport filled with actors, frauds and wimps. In this case I can see why they are fearful, any high speed ball flying at my face or nuts would make me cringe as well. But have you seen these turkeys do their flops and cry-baby faces? Embarrassing.

I love you bro

When two tough guys go toe to toe in the ring, thats awesome. When two tough guys go nose to nose and lips to lips at the pre-fight weight in, well thats not so tough. In fact its the exact opposite of tough. I figure these guys are in love so that makes it ok.

Hands of bub!

Bernie Ecclestone owns an F1 franchise but I don’t think that lets him go willy-nilly around his drivers…parts. Maybe this was an accidental caress or maybe thats how they shake hands in the south of France.

Thank goodness for that bar

Does this guy have shorts on!? Man I sure hope so because they way this photo looks, he could be talking to his bro ala natural.

Remember that one time in band camp

This woman’s face is so twisted that she must have blacked out as she was spinning. One time I jumped off a waterfall in Hawaii and after I hit, I blacked out for just a second and when I woke up I found that I pooped a little. Such a bummer.

More Water Clowns!

NOOOOOOOOOO! Im telling you, these crazy broads are going to give me nightmares! Its like a whole group of mermaids spawned with Pennywise the clown! Mothers- dont let your daughters ever do this crap. Get them into water polo or something cool.

Right in the sha-nutts

One move between brothers that was off limits when we were kids was hitting each other in the face or kicking each other in the nuts. If you did either one of those, it was go time. Full on fist fight. Here the water clown looks as though she kinda likes the foot to the crotch. Gross.


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