The Most Embarrassing Photos Around

If this was Survivor, we’d know from this picture who’d be voted off the island. 

This guy should take some power supplements because he can’t hold this babe for a minute. Needless to say, she won’t be trusting him to spot her anymore…

She must have been so excited to meet Nicholas Cage for the first time that she snapped the picture too quickly. 

Unfortunately for good old Nick, this one made it to the internet before he could ask or care to see how it came out.

I know you’re not supposed to use your hands in soccer, but at least block your money-maker buddy. This guy won’t look to pretty after this hit. 

Someone, please call the ambulance hence we have to take this player to the hospital.

These guys didn’t expect their father-son picture to be so intimate…but it looks like their TV-photobomber had something else in mind. 

This image clearly shows the true love of NBA player in the background.

Somebody call 911, this kid is going to be in quite a bit of pain. This is one of the most embarrassing photos that could happen to anyone that age. 

There’s no way his friends are going to let him live that one down well into high school.

This is called a perfect timed click because it looks like pufferfish man.

This guy was just about to take a picture with a tiny fish, and out of nowhere, this pufferfish blew up and photobombed him.

Look at those two balls, are they real or fake? I think with her frame, we all really know the answer. There’s no way you can step into college, look like a teenager still, and have those kinds of assets. 

The embarrassing part about it is that there’s no way her friends believe her little lies either.

In the middle of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Ariana Grande looks like her mom is about to pull out the old whoopin’ stick and teach her a thing or two. 

Or maybe she’s just afraid of getting hit by those gigantic angel wings. At least they’re so fluffy it’d be like getting smacked by a cloud. Buck up, Ariana, she’s not a dangerous woman.

Today, I will take a selfie of my eye in spite of my face. 

She had never heard about the best practices for taking the perfect selfie, but it would seem like someone should give her a few tips.

“Oh my God, what I did to my car last night. My dad is going to kill me.” 

The best part about this is how embarrassing it looks to have crashed your car into the only pole this parking lot has to offer, and there’s literally no other cars in the way to blame it on!

There used to be a time where it was safe to put up a picture and delete it and trust that it was truly deleted. Unfortunately, those times have come and gone for these folks.

 We thank them for their embarrassing moment in history in their sacrifice for our amusement and laughter as we click through 100 of the most embarrassing photos that ever made their way to the internet.

It seems this new Indian invention is the next big thing. 

At least we know it’s going to be fuel efficient, but this old gentleman thinks he has the world convinced that he’s found the next big thing in the world of transportation.

Well buddy, they say it’s good luck when a bird poops on you, but this seems a bit more personal. This bird looks like he’s out for revenge like you’ve taken out his sister or something.

Anyways, this kid is never going to live this moment down, and now the internet won’t let him either.

This old man has an evil mind, as one might be able to tell from the horns on his head. 

He used to be just another member of parliament until the rest of them got wind of this photo that earned him a new menacing reputation.

Is it real or fake, or this guy is playing some prank.

We have to give them credit, this is a pretty creepy and awesome way to make beach goers that much more uncomfortable. 

Nope, nobody…especially not your tattoo artist. If you’re going to get a tattoo with lettering we suggest that you have a proofreader go over at first. 

Poor girl still probably hasn’t even noticed a thing.

Don’t worry bro, I will help you out with these monsters.

What this guy was thinking is beyond us, but it looks like he is going to be in a world of hurt. 

Well, we know a hard worker when we see one. 

This guy had the ultimate chafing experience and he battled right on through it. Seriously, what an animal!

In just one night, he lost his toothy retainer and his dignity. At least he’s so far gone that he’s totally stoked about it! Hopefully, it didn’t end up in anyone’s drink. 

Though by that look, he probably threw it in one as a surprise. Guess it’s better than a roofie!

Clean-up on the dance floor! This guy’s “guns” are so big that this poor girl’s stomach just couldn’t handle it. At least she turned away before she spewed all over him and still managed to miss her hair and dress! 

Although, that probably would have made for an even better photo.

When your toilet bowl doubles as a bed, you know you’ve achieved your full potential. At least it looks like she’s made it home and someone was kind enough to pull her hair up! 

Vomit hair has yet to be in style. Though this is probably a good excuse for her to get a massage the day after. That neck pain will probably be a killer!

There can’t be a much more embarrassing feeling than when a bunch of people are gathered around to literally watch you walk around in an outfit and you can’t even do that right.

In her defense, it does look like her high heel kind of just exploded. At least she didn’t fall off the runway or lose her top instead!

There can’t be a much more embarrassing feeling than when a bunch of people are gathered around to literally watch you walk around in an outfit and you can’t even do that right. 

In her defense, it does look like her high heel kind of just exploded. At least she didn’t fall off the runway or lose her top instead!

This is the perfect storm of ill-timed photos. Everything that could go wrong did, starting with that tan line heart. Moving on to the middle victim, it looks like a tornado just took her for a spin through a hurricane of bad decisions. 

At least the one on the right seems to have her life a little more together. Just a little.

Besides who knows what is happening to this screaming girl, what’s strange in this picture is how long this dude’s forearm is. It’s twice as long as the rest of his arm! 

Perhaps this was the exact moment she realized the same. We feel you, girl, we feel you.

They’re always doing such strange things in Asian countries. We’re sure that spray serves some kind of purpose, but we’re drawing a complete blank on what that could be. 

Perhaps it’s meant to soak up the sweat or prevent chafing. Maybe he was just trying to spray the floor. We can’t even tell if she likes it or not!

First of all, how did she even end up like this? Because the first thing anyone that comes across a muddy mess of some clay-like substance is probably not to dive into it head first. 

We’re not even sure if she can breathe under there – likely not. At least she truly figured out how to stick her landing!

Nothing gives a warmer welcome to children than a mascot who’s extra happy to be around a bunch of adult women who probably just ended their night at the strip club. 

Two thumbs up for breasts and beauty! Also, Ronald looks like he needs to lay off the Big Macs. Think about the children, Ronald, the children!

This classic was taken on a beach somewhere by someone. And while we don’t know the specifics, the image really speaks for itself and is one of the most cringe-worthy in today’s list. 

The one blonde woman in the blue bikini is just about to sit up, probably to drink some water when her buddy face-dives into the hot sand without warning. Whoever was there with their camera at this exact moment deserves a prize for good timing.

Tom Cruise never has his photo taken without his trusty footstool. This guy’s been watching Tom’s every move and is clearly taking notes! 

He probably thought, “nobody will ever know, they’ll just see us from the waist up”. Oh, how hilariously wrong he was.

Perfect shots are all about timing.

Fortunately, the person taking this photo got a great shot, the other guy not so lucky…maybe that was his favorite hat, who knows?

Surely the big guy did this solely to attract the attention of his two hot helpers here. Either way, we’re sure everyone got a great workout session in here. 

On top of the obvious struggle on all fronts here, if you look closely, his pants are falling down all the while.

The funny thing is that it looks like the two fresh-looking dudes in the middle didn’t even know their bleary-eyed photobomber. 

In their defense, she clearly didn’t know what was going on here either. We all have that one drunk photo that makes it’s way online temporarily, but we’re sure she never expected this to go viral.

Somebody should’ve told this lady how those busses don’t have the best air conditioning systems. 

She probably didn’t expect her spray tan to drip off, much less have a picture taken of it so she could remember the special moment…forever.

It’s best to remove any background mirrors when attempting to create fake photo fails.

Hey lady! There is a mirror behind you so we know you are not sleeping! 

This cringe-worthy nightclub gem set a new record for the fastest tag removal in Facebook history.

Her look is perfectly timed yet the most embarrassing for her. We hope she is a trooper and just laughed this off. 

Always, always check new clothes for labels before heading out – especially if you got them on sale.

This is also known as how women are “good” to one another and instead of removing it for her, they decide to snap a photo. Cool. Really cool. 

She’s obviously a Parliament Rolls of Medieval England enthusiast. 

Daddy must be so proud of his little prome queen. We hope she can have it removed eventually. 

That awkward moment where you inhale someone else’s beach ball.

It really does look like that from this angle. 

When sleeping with your mouth closed suddenly becomes the most important thing in the world.

This dog is not nice to people clearly, seeing as he is about to pee on an unsuspecting woman who is just trying to nap. 

Here’s someone who took the phrase “keep your eye on the Frisbee” far too literally.

Her hands are not even up! How was she going to catch the frisbee? 

This guy just got a rock-hard and shaved-smooth dose of reality. He’s crying on the inside.

The guys look nice enough with their bright smiles, but the dude in the middle is sure of one thing and that is how much he can pose for the camera. 

There was a need to point out the fact that there was a kid snapping this photo while an adult snapped him snapping that photo!

Don’t worry, kid. Somebody else already took a picture of those embarrassing tan lines

“What’s for dinner? Because I just ate dirt for lunch.”

Listen, skateboarding is not an easy activity. This guy learned it the totally hard way in this case. That could not have been pleasant! 

Stop what you are doing and check out this audience at a rock concert. They look scared but are they scared of the band or of this girl? 

The shocked faces of those under and around this lovely lady are really something to behold.

Check out this snap of party-going teens. The music stopped. The lights came on. But Anna noticed too late. Tragic.

Middle school is a tough enough time, but for this to happen to you it is just downright unfortunate. 

High-waisted pants, sandals and a sweater vest? How embarrassing.

The student or coworker of this lady should have just gone up and told her, which they might have done. But first they snapped this photo. 

Bad T-shirt choice, dude. Bad T-shirt choice. 

The girl is wearing white pants, too, so she better not do what the shirt is saying will happen. 

This is the most effective ad for abstinence there might ever have been made. 

Why this guy would take a selfie in such a way is beyond us, but we are happy it made its way to our hands.

If you’re going to get drunk and show off how flexible you are, make sure you’ve washed your feet first.

This is a hard one for us to look at, and we are sure it is hard for you too. Woman, wash your feet! 

From sexy to awkward in one, two, pee.

All this girl wanted was a cute photo on the beach with her bikini. She got a lot more than she bargained for. 

Perhaps Big Fat Baby wasn’t the best costume choice.

The look on his face says it all – he loves his baby costume and is going to wear it proudly every year for the rest of his life. 

What? Mimes like to take limo rides too. 

In case you did not keep up, we mean the girl with the super light makeup and dark eyes who is giving off all of the mime vibes in the car. 

When they said high-waisted jeans were cool, this is not what they had in mind. 

You can still enjoy the style with out squeezing yourself into one that is two sizes too small… 

To be fair, this T-shirt choice was always going to end badly. This was just plain unwise and unkind. 

The woman next to him is being classy and just reading her book, ignoring the silly kid to her left who should have that shirt sprayed with red paint. 

Note to self: always crop out the Beardify watermark before committing you’re fake beard selfie to Twitter.

This one kicked us with laughter, but we also wonder what he looks like without the beard… 

Note to self, or to this guy: Next time, pack a change of clothes.

The person who managed to get this photo is a brave one. We are sure the guy would not have appreciated his photo being taken. 

And the award for the most embarrassing photo EVER goes to this guy!

We’re guessing that this guy’s gonna wake up thirsty and dehydrated.

The barman probably should have cut Peter Griffin off two and a half beers ago.

The similarities are uncanny between this guy and the cartoon we all love with the dad of all dads! 

And just like that, this blonde’s hot-and-sophisticated spell was broken forever.

Did she not realize that she was out in public and that these days everyone has a camera in their phone?

This nose pick is even more hilarious because it was caught on Jumbotron.

Again, bro, why would you go about doing such a thing when not in the comfort of your own home? This is instant karma. 

This is what happens when the Kiss Cam operator gets dumped the night before.

He found the one guy in the entire stadium who looked like he felt and focused on him for this magical moment. 

“Hang in there, buddy, I’ll just grab my phone – the camera’s awesome on it.”

How he managed to get into that position is what we are after! This is a perfectly embarrassing photo and we are here for it. 

Ah, a moment for these two lovers to cherish forever is wonderfully captured on Kiss Cam.

We bet that as soon as they realized that they were on the screen that they stopped fighting and kissed for the world to see. 

Now, young sailors, did this dweeb wedgie himself on the port or the starboard side of the yacht?

Pop quiz for the guys here, but also notice the guy holding the giant video camera? This is not going to be forgotten anytime soon. 

Ah, Valentine’s Day, that magical time when even toilet brushes become signs of romance.

There is always a place for a bouquet of roses, even if it is in a toilet – as long as they do not die. 

Beer and fish go together for sure, but this is a strange combination in the execution of it all. 

Because nothing says sexy like a mouthful of raw fish.

“Honestly, this never usually happens to me…” 

We do not know how to react to this in words, but if you could see our faces you would notice how red it is from laughing. 

She’ll never need to be told to only tackle the players’ legs again.

This exceptionally painful moment is brought to you by two rugby players who just broke half of their face. 

Well, she was looking a bit hot in all that sunshine.

Another day another dog peeing on an unsuspecting woman who is trying to nap and catch some rays. 

Now that’s using your head – and neck. Ouch.

Did the bus driver fail to notice a passenger trying to get off the bus and just continued to drive off? 

Badass 2019 Justin Bieber wishes photos like these would disappear, like, forever.

Today, Justin would look at this and cringe since he is too cool for school. But back then, this was innocent little Justin with the voice of the decade. 

Thanks to the internet, this baby will have to live with the shame forever.  

And you can tell by its eyes that it knows. Isn’t technology great?

The classic Dukes of Hazzard hood slide. 

How cool is this guy? (This is a sarcastic question, no need to answer). 

The Slip ’N Slide: bringing people together since 1961.

This is when it makes sense to yell as you are coming down the slide so this exact scenario does not happen. 

This skier lets it all hang out on the slopes.

He is literally hanging upside down on a ski lift with his pants caught so as to make him totally exposed. 

Perhaps bring-your-kids-to-work day isn’t for everyone.

These kids do not look at all happy about being in the same space as a pole dancer. 

We shouldn’t be laughing really, should we?

But we are, and this woman does not look like she is happy with the fact that she never imagined that the pole would fall with her. 

Cue the perfectly timed embarrassing photo that cannot be unseen. 

she is initially thinking: “Oh heck, this is gawna hurt, yah see.” We must agree. 

“Bro, why don’t I remember last night?”

It would not be college if a photo like this one did not creep onto your social media page.

This is exactly why you shouldn’t sit on the fence. 

You might end up looking a bit silly.

“Er… Sarge, you okay?”

“Yeah, Kowalski, just takin’ a load off.”

Sometimes headlines just write themselves…

“Best man left bleeding after being hit in head by flaying dildo… and wait until you hear where it came from,” yes you read that right. 

If you’re going to leapfrog, probably best to check that you’re wearing underwear first.

He is doing everything in his power to hold onto his bits so no one else sees them. That is so relatable. 

“Please tell me that’s an iPhone in your pocket!”

This girl is not hiding the look on her face at all, she is not about the guy trying to hit on her. 

What could he have possibly seen back there?

The wind, the faces, the hands, there is so much happening in this photo and we are not sure what is right! 

Insert inappropriate joke about airbags.

This woman looks terrified to be behind the wheel of a car, we are just not sure why. 

Remember that time when Brad May kissed another ice hockey player? 

Nope? Neither does he.

“That’s right, stand around laughing. Don’t lend a hand or anything!”

Where did that hole in the ground come from and who managed to take this photo at such a perfect time?!


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