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The “Naked And Afraid” Requirements Are Ridiculous

The Discovery Channel aired their reality show “Naked and Afraid” and it was an instant hit. It was their most-watched premiere in history. 

However, even though fans loved it, secret details started to trickle out about the true reality of what goes on behind the camera, and not everyone was impressed.

It should be no surprise that everyone needs to sign a contract beforehand. There’s also a pretty standard NDA clause. 

But what people don’t realize is that the show will, without fail, go after anyone who leaks information – as one contestant found out the hard way. That doesn’t mean that people don’t let things slip now and then.

NaA might seem like it’s set in the middle of nowhere, but more often than not, they are close to some form of civilization – people just aren’t allowed to go near it.

 One set was a day’s walk from DisneyWorld and another you could hear beats from someone’s stereo in a nearby village.

There’s no rule against getting frisky with another contestant. The reason nothing happens is that no one wants to. 

It’s the last thing on their minds. People are cold, wet, sunburnt, starving, dirty, sick, or a myriad of other things that certainly don’t lend to a romantic environment. 

The only way you can get off the show (before the 21 days end) is if you “tap out”, which means you give up, or you’re close to perishing. 

Broken bones, fever, food poisoning – it doesn’t matter. A medical team will intervene if things go sideways but then you’re automatically out.

There have been a few instances where the medical team has had to give IV drips and some vital medicine.

 Of course, this was all done off-camera. If the contestant was still good to go, they remained on the show … with a “miraculous” turnaround in health. Yeah. Miracles.

Since people push physical and mental boundaries, to be eligible, people have to be in pretty good health. 

They will give you something if you have a prescription, but that’s it. Producers weed out the “weakest of the heard” through a strict screen process and examinations. Speaking of producers…

NaA isn’t as “real” as people might think. 

Producers are notorious for instigating arguments, creating drama, or heavily editing everything they want in order to get the final product they think will bring in the best ratings. One example was Shane Lewis and his “toe problems.”

Lewis had fractured three toes before filming, but producers altered it to make it appear as if he broke them on the show – because … drama. 

The problem Lewis had with this is the editing made him look lazy and unpleasant. When, in reality, he was walking on broken bones and in agonizing pain.

Another producer manipulation happened with outspoken contestant Honora Bowen. 

She was known for carrying around her “father’s magnifying glass”. However, the truth was she only picked it because her father had passed away a few months before and taught her the trick. It was just an item she had no emotions over.

There are no grand prizes at the end of the season. All you get is bragging rights and a small, weekly stipend. 

The money comes out to around $5000 and is only to help people cover their living expenses while on the show – things like rent and food for their family, etc. It’s rumored one woman was offered a lot more to return on the XL version.

While you might be whisked away if you’re at death’s door. Everything else is fair game. 

Maggots got stuck in one guy’s nether regions. Another man got burned and flies laid eggs in the wound – which hatched later. If it can happen in the while, someone probably goes through it. One even got dengue fever.

When the blanket rule is “anything to survive”, some participants took this very much to heart. 

They didn’t go to civilizations, but many were found to be stealing from producers and hiding it for later. Everything from potato chip crumbs to booze was known to disappear. 

While everyone is stuck sleeping under palm leaves, the crew goes to comfortable digs in a nearby village. 

Night time footage will be shot, but even the cameraman takes off. The only thing that’s left behind is an emergency radio. That’s it. People say it’s the worst time of the entire show.

Aside from some prescription drugs, the only thing that is freely given out is tampons when women experience their monthly visitor.

 The show is happy with only certain kinds of blood – such as being bitten by a snake or third-degree burns. How about you? Would you give it a go?


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