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The Pet Myths You Need To Stop Believing

There are many myths connected with pets in the modern world, although some of them are ridiculous and can even put a pet’s health in danger.

Let’s find out what is true and what is a complete lie.

Many people consider their pets as a member of the family, but unfortunately, cats or dogs can’t communicate with their owners about what they’re feeling. One popular myth is about a dog’s nose. It is said that if the nose of a dog is warm and dry, then the dog must be running a fever.

But it’s not true. The only possible way to diagnose the fever of a dog is by taking the pet’s temperature with a rectal thermometer.

While a cat’s purr is very cute, it is not always associated with contentment. According to new research, cats purr when they are nervous, stressed, or in pain.

So be attentive and pay attention to your cat’s behavior. 

We are used to associating rabbits with carrots. People feed these adorable animals in zoos and believe that eating a lot of carrots is beneficial to them.

Carrots contain a lot of sugar, which can mess with the bacterial and fungi balance in rabbit’s stomach and cause health problems. So, carrots should be fed to them in moderation.

People try to train their dogs when they are young since many people believe that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. In practice, that is not true.

Of course, training an older dog can take more time, but it is possible! Dogs have an excellent memory.

Not all dogs are capable of swimming. If you are unsure of your dog’s swimming abilities, do not let them to swim.

A dog’s ability to swim is determined by its breed, size, and structure of their bodies. Put a life vest on your dog to ensure it is safe for your pet to swim.

Hugs and kisses are common ways for pet owners to express their affection. But is it safe? As usual, dogs can put anything in their mouth. It can even be garbage or feces.

Dog’s mouth contains thousands of bacteria, and many of them can be dangerous to human health.

One widespread misconception is that a dog wagging their tail suggests they are pleased. Dogs frequently wag their tails, indicating that they are cognitively engaged, but it does not reflect their mental condition by any means.

Dogs communicate with the help of their tails. They can show fear, curiosity, hostility, or tension.

Goldfish do not require street strolling or constant feeding, but caring for them is not as simple as it may appear at first glance.

Goldfish requires big filtered tanks to survive because their waste can be toxic to them. As a goldfish owner, you should always take care of the water and cleanliness in the tank.

It is pretty hard to guess a dog’s age. Most people assume that one year of a dog’s life is equivalent to seven human years. But this method is inaccurate.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association chart, the first year of a dog’s life is equivalent to 15 human years. Whereas, the second year is comparable to 24 human years.

When dog owners notice their pet eating grass, they assume that they are sick. However, grass is not a medicine for animals.

Dogs may eat grass because they are anxious or because they like the taste.

Every newborn, by nature, is required to drink milk, but it must be exclusively the mother’s milk. Most people feed their kittens a lot of cow’s milk thinking it will be beneficial for them, but the hugely mistaken. 

Cow’s milk can be dangerous for kittens because their digestive system lacks the enzymes required to breakdown the lactose. Prolonged feeling can cause serious health issues.

People believe that cats, unlike dogs, cannot be trained. But it is a myth propagated by fools.

Cats can learn tricks too, but their training should be short and be rewarded with treats. “Persuasion, not punishment, is the key to training your cat,” as per ASPCA.

Many people believe that dogs suffer from their coats in summer. And so they trim their coats off. But they are again wrong.

Their coat helps them and acts as insulation by trapping air and cooling the dog’s skin.

Scientists have long since debunked the misconception that dogs only see in black and white. According to research, dogs can see a portion of the color spectrum. 

Dog eyes have two types of cone photoreceptors and can see some variations of yellow and blue.


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