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The Real Reason Why Bruce Beach Buried 42 Buses Underground

Red Dawn

Bruce Beach is a man that is originally from Winfield, Kansas. He spent his young adult years in one of the tensest eras of American history. Behind the scenes of the Vietnam War lay the terrible specter of the Cold War, and how it set up a quite terrifying atmosphere that was all too much for Bruce. Bruce decided that he needed out, so he packed up his belongings, took his wife and family, and crossed the border to Canada. While in Canada, he would embark on a mission no one could have anticipated.

A New Hope

In Bruce’s mind, despite the terrifying fact that there might be a nuclear winter, he believes this wouldn’t be the end, but the beginning. He describes the entire process of rehabilitation that he wants to take part in as giving birth to a new type of humanity. He has his fair share of supporters as well as non-believers. However, whatever people think of him, the amount of labor and painstaking care that Bruce has almost singlehandedly poured into Ark Two is nothing short of dedicated.


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