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The Strangest People You’ll Ever See On The Subway

One of the greatest achievements of our increasingly urban world is the subway train. Cheap, public transportation that quickly gets people across vast distances without the use of a car – is it any wonder millions use city subways for their daily commute? With so many people commuting on subways, it’s inevitable that some whacky things will happen – and that got us thinking. What are some of the craziest things ever seen on a subway? What we found had us rolling in the aisle (pun intended). So, without further ado, here are 20 Of The Strangest People You’ll Ever See On The Subway.

Sleeping While Reading

When you are exhausted on the commute to work, sometimes the movement of the train along with the padded shoulder of your neighbor is just too soothing it sends you to sleep, or your book is just so boring the only other option is to doze off. We just hope the guy sat next to him was ok with the situation.

Group Nap

We would love to know if these four men came to an agreement to sleep on each other’s shoulder while on this train ride. We hope someone wakes them up before they need to get off at the correct stop. There is nothing worse than waking up at the end of the train line, miles from home, exhausted and having to go all the way back.

R.E.M. Cycle

Based on her posture and head position, this girl is clearly deep into a subway power nap. Let us not forget the uncontrollable open mouth. This is not so fortunate for the accidental dribbling that is guaranteed to happen. Surely that pole can’t be comfortable. Sometimes you just sleep where ever you can.

Make Yourself Comfortable

We’re sure that most subway systems want their riders to be comfortable, and the more props you can find to make the journey as easy as possible, the better we always say. Even if this does include a newspaper to act as a light blocker. Innovation at its finest. We hope she doesn’t roll off.

Always Ride With A Buddy

If you’re going to nap on the train, one should try to ride with a friend or significant other. Otherwise, it just gets a bit awkward. We hope this guy doesn’t get a shock when he wakes up to a random woman fast asleep on top of him. Who knows it could be the start of a great love story.

He Was Just That Tired

Never mind that there’s an entire row of open seating next to this guy, he was just too tired and just fell asleep on the subway floor! When you gotta sleep, you just gotta sleep. Have you ever felt that exhaustion just hit you uncontrollably and you just have to collapse where ever you are, even if it means not walking one cm to a luxurious row of seats? Us neither, but this dude did.

Always Bring A Spare Tire

You cannot predict when your car might break down, so it is very important to carry a spare tire round with you everywhere just in case. This man is clearly very protective of his tire. He is keeping it very close just in case someone else might need a random tire on a train and takes it. Whatever ordeal he has been through must have tired him out. He looks fast asleep with his mouth wide open behind those shades.

Just Another Day On The Train

There is something comforting about the head bobbing back mouth open napping position on the underground. It is the go-to position for most people it seems. This lady is very taken with the position, her head is so far back she looks like she is looking at the ceiling. We hope she doesn’t hurt her neck.

Sleeping While Standing

We’re not sure how this guy pulled this off – or how he doesn’t fall over. The train must have been much more crowded when he originally boarded because there’s no one else to be found!

Morning Workout On The Train

We love that this woman is getting her yoga workout taken care of while commuting to work! If you have no time, you make time. So why not, combine your morning workout with your morning commute. Makes sense to us.

Most Awkward Sleeping Position Ever

This guy can’t possibly be comfortable, if only he had a pillow… The woman next to him looks as though she cannot wait to get off, so she doesn’t have to sit next to a snoring man for much longer. We hope his fresh work suit does not get creased in that position, and that he manages to wake up in time.

That’s Just Creepy

We’ve been on plenty of subway trains and they are usually pretty warm, so we’re not sure why this person didn’t bother to take off their costume. Perhaps it was to cheer up all the other travelers, which it looked like it did. One woman is smiling a lot, but boy boy boy that person must be boiling.

Making Do

This guy must have just pulled an all-nighter because he can’t possibly be comfortable with using a subway pole for a pillow. At least he has something to rest on and is holding on for dear life clearly with his hand wrapped around the pole. Let’s just hope that the train does not make any sudden movements or stops. otherwise, he will not be in for a treat.

12 Hour Day?

We don’t doubt that this gentleman works hard, we just doubt how comfortable he can be trying to sleep sideways. That is going to majorly hurt his neck when, or if he wakes up. His briefcase looks like something out of a movie. We wonder what interesting objects we would find in there.

Box Blanket

This is actually ingenious, this man is using a box for support in order to ride the subway like a pro! This way, he is sure not to move around if the train jerks a lot, and even has the side of the box to rest his head on. We wonder if he is a regular at this because he seems to have all the tricks down to a fine art.

Subway Ninja Assassins

We’ve never seen ninja’s on a train, but you can bet that if we do we’ll just wait for the next one. We really hope it was Halloween on this day, and that they were simply getting into the spirit of dressing up. The train guard looks like he is escorting them off the platform, or did they scare him off?

Kissing Or Sleeping?

There is spooning, and then there is this. Ever heard the phrase get a room? Well, this comes to mind when looking at this photo. They are sleeping a bit inappropriately for others to watch if you ask us.

Just Showing Off

This guy is clearly just showing off as he could easily be standing or sitting while commuting to what we can only assume is his job as a acrobat. But it does provide very fun morning entertainment, we are not sure how long he will last up there, and how easy it will be to stay if the train is moving fast.


Well, this is an interesting pet to bring on the train, her outfit and makeup make it seem that she is very serious and that it might not just be for fancy dress. If we were on that train we would be a little frightened of that crow we have to admit. We hope it doesn’t wander off and scare the passengers.

Good VS Evil

Who is your money on, in a fight between Batman and Darth Vader? We actually are not sure who would win, but never the less it brings a lot of entertainment for the other passengers. These are great outfits for a morning commute we must say.

Don’t Look Into His Eyes

This is frightening. If we saw this on the train on a dark night, we would definitely go into another carriage. Just look at those evil red eyes staring back, as if it is luring you into a dangerous trance. The other passengers don’t seem too phased by the situation. This is a strange one to see.

Pet Witch

People will make any sort of animal their pets. This tiny little fur ball that is about to step on the subway, is wearing an adorable witches hat to keep its little head warm. This little hamster is on its first day out, very exciting. We wonder what everyone else on the underground will think of its sweet accessory. What a great companion. Who needs a dog anyway.

Read Between The Lines

When the New York Subway made a rule that dogs are only allowed on the subway if they can fit in your bag, this owner made sure to find a bag big enough to fit his beloved pooch in. Well, he definitely beat the system, this doggy looks happy in his bag and making the other passengers happy too. We love seeing dogs on the subway.

Hand To Mouth

Who doesn’t love Pikachu? This is a great outfit, but we can imagine it is a bit toasty in there. The comical thing about this image is that whoever is in there, is holding the bar for balance, but the only way they could reach was through the mouth hole of the costume. So this Pokemon character has a long arm and hand for a tongue.

Power Rangers

We would feel safe on the underground if we knew our local neighborhood heroes were there to keep us out of danger. If we had our choice, we would always be green. We wonder if they can see through those masks and if they are not extremely hot. Well, they look good at least.

Half Man Half Zebra

If we saw this in the subway station we would be quite frightened. This person looks like they have just stepped out of a Super Hero movie. Is this the latest recruit from Justice League? We wonder how they can stand in that costume? Innovative idea, we might try for Halloween next year.

Real Life Spock

Well if it isn’t the very real life Spock on the subway or a very good doppelgänger. We bet this guy gets asked all the time. This kid is clearly a big fan, and so are we. He does not look too impressed however. Maybe he had people taking selfies with him the whole journey.

Dog In Bag

This bulldog has fit very nicely into this small cross body bag. It almost looks like the latest fashion accessory. However, this pooch does not look too impressed by his owner’s choice of bag to carry him in.

Did Someone Say Cheese?

When you don’t have a kitchen, you make the most of where you are. Who doesn’t carry around a chopping board and knife for those occasions? Well, this hungry lady always comes prepared. She is about to whet her appetite with some rare cheeses. The other passengers are pretending they are not intrigued or hungry but they definitely want to get in on the action.



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