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The Ultimate 20 Broke College Student Hacks We Wish We Knew Sooner

Being in college means having a lot on your plate. Besides tuition, what keeps you from having a decent meal are expensive textbooks, overpriced cafeterias, dorm rents, and student loans. But fear not!

Because these 20 brilliant life hacks will guarantee your SURVIVAL from being a broke college student!

It’s a common mistake to buy textbooks immediately after you receive your syllabus. So, PRO TIP: Wait for your professors to announce their own list of textbooks, or you can just straight up ask which the textbooks they will use. After you get the list, do this…

  • Check out your campus’ library if they can lend you the textbooks.
  • Borrow textbooks from your friend or upper classmates.
  • Buy second-hand textbooks online. (it’s more than half the price and possibly still in great condition!)
  • Purchase eBook versions of your textbooks. It’s A LOT cheaper than buying the physical book! (and lighter too!)
Read the next page to see how being social can save you huge money…

Most of the events on your campus are put on by clubs. They will offer free food (like pizza) just for you to attend their introductory meetings. But they don’t require you to join their club! You just got free meals by listening to them. It’s also good to take this opportunity to meet new friends! But there is also a way to get instant cash within just 10 minutes! It’s up next! 

Not only you can make cash by donating your blood, but there are also great health benefits for you — stimulating your blood cell production, reducing your risk of heart and liver ailments, and other anti-cancer benefits. — You can get a mini health check up for free. And don’t forget that you can save lives! Some people have reported earning up to $300/mo by donating blood plasma.

Thrift shop are not just for clothes but also a GREAT PLACE to shop for your dorm items such as furniture, coffee machine, utensils, glassware, and other things you will need — without breaking the bank. So many things are half-priced (or even lower!)

Hit two birds with one stone by getting a furniture that does double-duty. It will save you lots of space and stretch your money. Being frugal doesn’t mean that you have to restrict eating healthy! We will show you the great hacks of getting delicious foods with a tight budget:

This is the ULTIMATE weapon. You can create a variety of easy and cheap meals with this one device! Perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to cook and always short for money — a.k.a. the college students. Get thrifty by getting more free meals! Check out next! >>>

Show your mom how much you missed her cooking by bringing plastic containers and filling it up with her food whenever you visit them. Freeze the food the moment you came back to the dorm. Now you got yourself free home-cooked meals for your upcoming broke days!

You don’t need a farm to grow your own vegetables. Because with just one small pot, you can have an endless supply of green inside your dorm! A good example is green onion — an easy-grow vegetable where you can just put into a glass of water and place on your windowsill.

We know how much coffee runs in each college student’s blood. But getting coffee outside is very expensive. So instead, get a coffee brewer in your dorm and buy your own bulk coffee… You’ll be surprised of how much you can save by keeping yourself away from Starbucks! Take a look at these next GENIUS GROCERY TIPS! >>>

Don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry. Because according to a research from the University of Minnesota, “Being hungry amps up your desire to acquire things.” — So you’ll only end up buying more unnecessary foods that are out of the budget! Next is another hack that even CHEFs cannot ignore!!! 

You can save tons of money from buying generic brands rather than famous brands. **Even professional chefs are caught buying generic brands!** Sometimes the quality of the products are equal, BUT it’s the marketing that takes role with how we perceive the brand. Next are TOTALLY AMAZING ideas on how to earn money without sacrificing your studies:

If you love dogs… this is perfect for you to earn moolah! There’s an app called Rover.com where you can find a dog sitting job from your area. But if you’re good with kids, you can start by posting fliers at your area or asking around in your neighborhood if they need babysitters. If you can do both, then why not?! This way, you’ll earn extra bucks without working too hard.

Another easy way to make money is to spend your time on survey websites. You’ll get paid just by answering surveys with only using your phone! This may take 15-30 minutes of your time every survey, but at least it’s better than doing nothing. PICK UP your money from these available resources:

Simply by recycling cardboard boxes, plastics, and scrap metal you can contribute to our environment… Oh, but did we mention that you can make good cash as well? Just go to the nearest recycling center. And turn your trash into cash! You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to control your spending! The hack is next!

It’s important to keep track of your money! And no, you don’t need to create a spreadsheet for that… You can do it by just downloading a budgeting app from your phone! Now you can control your spending by checking your expenses anytime and anywhere. You may not realize this common habit TERRORIZES your FINANCES until you see the next page…

Switch to cash! In that way you can see how much money you only have for today. Unlike when you use your cards, you have tendencies to swipe recklessly without realizing your balance. You’ll be surprised on how much you can utilize this next privilege in every aspect of your life! 

One of the privileges of being in college is having student discounts. You can get student discounts for restaurants, transportation, cinemas, and even clothing stores. So don’t be afraid to ask for a discount because you can’t have it anymore once you graduate. You’ll save a lot of money! Next is a shocking discovery on how you can save more by not doing a certain thing!

If your college is big, you can use public transportation or use a bicycle. Unless you go to a small college, then you can take a walk to get into your classes. Riding public transportation will give you big savings rather than driving your car. Also avoid using Uber too much. If you don’t have any choice then use UberPool!

Part of college life is joining new circles! Try meeting people with different advantages than you. Each one of us has special gifts we can offer one another. Sometimes it’s an inspiration. Sometimes it’s riding to the park. Sometimes it’s a textbook from last semester. Sometimes it’s a shoulder to cry on. Think about the strengths you can offer, and the needs you might have (even physical needs). And make friends with people who fit well. Finally!! The TOP-TIER money-saving hack you’ll ever come across!!!

Yup that’s right.

  • Go to class and study.
  • Do your homework.
  • Pass your classes.
How come this was a life hack? Well let me tell you… 

If you fail your classes, then you’re going to repeat it ALL OVER AGAIN. And by repeat, it means that you’re going to spend twice for your tuition, textbooks, food, transportation, rent, etc. Therefore, not passing your subject is the **most expensive** mistake for every college student ever.


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