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The VapoRub Trick Everyone Should Know About

We all know VapoRub can be a lifesaver when you’re feeling a little bunged-up – but the handy little tub of goo can do so much more than that.

VapoRub has an astonishing amount of uses – and they’re not all medical either. So keep stocked up, because this little pot of miracles can help you out with all sorts of problems!

If there’s one thing a woman’s bathroom cabinet cannot be without, it’s makeup remover. But there’ll always be a time when you find yourself without it at the worst possible moment.

If you’ve got some VapoRub handy, a very small amount on a cotton pad will get your face fresh again in no time. Be careful you don’t get any in your eyes, although apparently, it’s not too big of a deal if it gets in your hair. 

Many beauty hackers out there have reported that VapoRub has helped them stimulate the growth of hair due to a few key ingredients in the multi-purpose ointment.

Results vary, but the blend of camphor, lavender, eucalyptus, and menthol have been said to help hair grow by improving blood circulation to the scalp. But these ingredients have a very different effect on non-humans.

Man’s best friend is a joy to have around, but when you’re not looking, they are prone to destroying your most beloved personal items.

Deter your pooch from getting into things you’d rather they stay away from by rubbing a little VapoRub onto them. The strong smell will soon have your dog losing interest. And did you know it can help you out with the DIY too?

Where’s the WD-40 when you need it? Not to worry, if you’ve run out of lubricant oil spray to fix that annoying old door, there’s a solution in your medicine cabinet.

Just coat the hinges in VapoRub to get the mechanism moving smoothly again. If it doesn’t work, you can try taking the door off its hinges altogether and applying the jelly directly to the pins. Be careful not to hurt yourself, although if you do, you’ll have the right product on hand.

VapoRub comes with recommendations for using the product to help with muscle and joint pain, but did you know you can use it when you bump your head or stub your toe?

The first thing to do is ice the bruise to bring down the swelling, then elevate it if you can to reduce discoloration. Then apply VapoRub to help the blood transfer away from the bruise. And there are other medical complaints it’s been said to help with too.

It may not say it on the box, but some people have tried dabbing a small amount of VapoRub onto a cotton ball and putting it inside your ears to relieve the pain of an earache.

While the VapoRub isn’t going to help with the infection that‘s causing the pain, the soothing effects of the product have been said to be effective – but should not be attempted with children. Don’t use too much though, because you’ll want to save some for this steamy shower hack.

VapoRub’s main job is to clear up your sinuses, something that steam also does very effectively. So if you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation and relief, a combination of the two will work wonders.

In fact, you can buy shower bomb products that already contain VapoRub. When you put it in the shower with you and let the hot water flow, the menthol-infused steam will feel great. And if you integrate VapoRub into your skincare regime, it can leave you feeling even better.

If you’re suffering from dry skin and your regular moisturizer has run out, a little VapoRub can take care of it by making sure it doesn’t crack and get worse.

Remember to be careful you don’t get it in your eyes, and try it on your hands and feet as well, especially if you’re looking for a boost in blood circulation. And if you’ve got any leftover, why not apply it to a little amateur dramatics.

This has been a secret of the acting profession for decades – a way to instantly shed tears for a dramatic scene without having to summon the waterworks organically.

Carefully dab a little VapoRub under your eyes (being super careful, of course) and the intensity of the menthol will make your eyes water – heightening the scene. Effective, but maybe not quite as useful as in real-life emergencies.

VapoRub is designed to relieve minor muscle and joint pain, but it can also help with the ongoing pain that you’ll suffer if you burn yourself.

If you do get burned, the first thing you need to do is run it under cold water. But once you’ve done that and left it for a while, you can apply VapoRub to help soothe the pain. And it helps with other kinds of burns too. 

There are aftersun products on the market that you should keep handy for when you’ve accidentally stayed out in the hot weather for too long – but you can often find yourself without it when you need it most.

If you find your skin turning red after prolonged exposure, rub a little VapoRub into the area to moisturize and soothe pain and itchiness. Similarly, you can use it for other skin complaints. 

VapoRub can help numb itchiness. Scratching an itch with your fingernails is both unhygienic and ineffective – you’ll just end up scratching it all night long and make it worse.

When you feel an itch coming on – whether it’s just a regular itch or one brought on by a bug bite – rub a little VapoRub into it for some sweet relief from a very annoying affliction. And you can even use it to prevent some sources of itchiness from occurring in the first place.

VapoRub has a pungent smell to it that some people dislike, but bugs really hate the stuff. Rub a very thin layer of the jelly onto your body and the pungent smell will deter bugs from chowing down on your skin.

If a particularly tenacious mosquito does still decide to take a bite, the VapoRub will also help you with the itching. 

Acne treatments can be expensive, so many sufferers scour the web looking for cheaper home remedies. There are hundreds of acne solutions online – but have you tried VapoRub yet? If you leave the ointment on your spots and blemishes overnight, you should wake up to discover the redness has gone down.

How’s your stock of VapoRub looking? Are there any hacks we missed?


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