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These 25 Biggest Loser Transformations Will Blow Your Mind


The Biggest Loser has been on television for 13 years and in those years, the reality show has given motivation to viewers and hopeful contestants that they, too, can shed the weight. Throughout the series, viewers have seen miraculous transformations revealed during each weigh in. In some cases, the contestants have shed hundreds of pounds and don’t resemble the person they once were. We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 most amazing transformations from the show’s history for some fit-spiration!

Danny Cahill’s Epic Weight Loss


Danny Cahill is easily one of the biggest transformations we’ve seen. During the start of the season, he was a whopping 430 pounds and at the end of season eight, he had shed over 200 pounds of weight. His final weigh in was a little less than 200, impressing viewers at home.

Roberto Hernandez Gets Rid Of ‘Fat Daddy’


 In 2016, Roberto Hernandez wowed his fellow contestants when he went on to win his season of The Biggest Loser. When he first arrived at the competition, Hernandez weighed in at 348 pounds and throughout the competition, he managed to drop his weight down to an impressive 188 pounds. According to Hernandez, the only person who isn’t thrilled with his trim figure is his son Jacob, who misses “fat daddy.”

Toma Dobrosavljevic’s GQ Model Transformation


 Not only did Toma Dobrosavljevic shed the pounds, but he came out of the final round of The Biggest Loser looking like he was ready for the cover of GQ Magazine! The 33-year-old project manager won the $250,000 prize due to his amazing 171-pound loss.

Rachel Frederickson’s Extreme Transformation


 Unlike other winners of The Biggest Loser, Rachel Frederickson, who won the competition in 2014, experienced some backlash for losing too much weight. Viewers thought her transformation was too dramatic. Despite the controversy, the contestant said when she stepped on the stage for her final weigh-in she felt extremely proud of herself. In the end, she wound up dropping 155 pounds.

Danni Allen’s Dramatic Weight Loss


Season 14 winner of The Biggest Loser Danni Allen weighed 258 pounds when she first stepped on the scale at the very beginning of the competition. At the time, she said she used to trick herself by pretending she was eating healthy foods when in fact she knew she had a huge portion control problem. After coach Jillian Michaels put her butt into shape, she lost the weight and scaled down to 137 pounds.

Jeremy Britt’s Transformative Journey


 Jeremy Britt made an amazing transformation during his journey on The Biggest Loser. As the winner of the 13th season, Britt lost 199 pounds on the show and not only did it change how he felt, but the huge weight loss completely changed his whole appearance.

Bill Germanakos’ New Brawny Body


 There’s dropping pounds and then there’s what Bill Germanakos managed to do. Not only did The Biggest Loser contestant drop all the weight, he also managed to build up impressive muscles. Check out the picture on the right as he flexes for all to see. In the end, Bill wound up losing 164 pounds from his original 334-pound frame.

Hannah Curlee’s Whole New Lifestyle


The Biggest Loser‘s Hannah Curlee might have been the runner-up in the competition series, but she showed off a tremendous weight loss. During her season, she lost 120 pounds. To motivate herself to keep the weight off, she started a lifestyle blog with her sister Olivia, who also lost a bunch of weight.

Rebecca Meyer’s Miraculous Transformation


 Rebecca Meyer shocked everyone at home when she completed The Biggest Loser and dropped almost half of her body weight. Rebecca, who lost 139 pounds on the show, is now a body coach herself.

Allen Smith’s Much Needed Leg Up


 At the beginning of the competition, Indianapolis firefighter Allen Smith didn’t look the part of his profession at 325 pounds, but when he weighed in on his final week, his 125-pound weight loss gave him the confidence and the leg up that he needed in his life.

Olivia Ward’s Keeping It Off


 Back in 2011, Olivia Ward shocked family members when she won her season of The Biggest Loser thanks to her 129-pound loss. It looks like she kept off the weight and then some since then.

Matt Hoover’s Transformation


 Remember Matt Hoover? He took home the grand prize in season 2 when he took off an impressive 157 pounds. Fun fact: he went on to marry fellow contestant Suzy Preston after the two fell in love on the show.

Abby Rike: Tragedy To Triumph

 Viewers at home rooted for Abby Rike from the very beginning. The contestant suffered a major tragedy when she lost her husband, her daughter and her son. Fans of the show cheered her on when she inevitably lost 100 pounds.

Jerry Hayes’ Biggest At Home Winner


Jerry Hayes did not compete on the actual show, but he was an “at-home” winner. You don’t have to be a contestant to have some Biggest Loser glory. Jerry won a whopping $100,000 when he lost a total of 177 pounds in 7 months.

Shay Sorrells Was Knocking On Death’s Door


 Shay Sorrells is a contestant that everyone talks about. At 5’8″, she weighed 476 pounds and was “knocking on death’s door.” The social worker wound up losing 172 pounds while she was on season eight.

Daris George’s Unbelievable Transformation


 Daris George was a relatable contestant to some viewers of The Biggest Loser. He was a former athlete with a bubbly personality, but his self-confidence took a nose dive because of his weight. While on the show, he managed to lose 168 pounds for a stunning transformation.

Michael Ventrella’s Huge Turnaround


 Season nine contestant Michael Ventrella is a legend in the Biggest Loser world. Not only is he a bonafide heartthrob, but he went on to lose 262 pounds.

Koli Palu Finds Love At The Biggest Loser


 Koli Palu slimmed down during season nine, but a new body isn’t the only thing he got from The Biggest Loser. Palu is also dating runner-up Ashley Johnson.

Ali Vincent’s Trying Time Post-Biggest Loser


 The Biggest Loser‘s Ali Vincent stunned everyone when she won the competition in 2008 by losing 112 pounds. Since then, she’s struggled to keep the weight off. Still, check out her initial transformation.

Heba Salama’s Amazing At-Home Transformation


 The Biggest Loser’s Heba Salama became the first female at-home winner when she lost a total of 138 pounds. The North Carolina native took home the $100,000 prize and her husband, Ed Brantley, took home second place.

Ryan Benson’s Biggest Loser Experience

Ryan Benson won the hearts of viewers throughout his five-month ordeal on the show. When he was on in the first season, he weighed 330 pounds and managed to get down to 208 pounds.

Sam Poueu’s Dramatic Journey


 It’s been a dramatic journey for Biggest Loser contestant Sam Poueu. The season nine contestant dropped a ton of weight, but afterward, he was involved in a mysterious accident that almost took his life. Following that ordeal, his marriage to fellow Biggest Loser Stephanie Anderson ended while she was pregnant with his child.

Helen Phillips’ Unwavering Determination


 Helen Phillips wasn’t letting her weight climb back up after her time on The Biggest Loser. Back when she appeared on the show, she lost a total of 140 pounds and since then she’s only gained 18 pounds back. That’s quite the accomplishment!

Erik Chopin’s Triumphant Victory


 Erik Chopin won season three of The Biggest Loser. Prior to his journey on the show, he had failed to keep the weight off. At the time, he was one of the biggest contestants but managed to shed off 122 pounds.

Michelle Aguilar’s The Biggest Loser Win


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