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These Are Hollywoods Shortest Marriages Of All Time

Maybe it’s because of the pressure of the limelight or the demand of the job. But it seems like most Hollywood couples just can’t get their marriages to work…or even last. Where did they go wrong? Check out this list of Hollywood’s shortest marriages and see just how fast they go from “I do” to “I don’t want to…”

Pop superstar Katy Perry met British comedian Russell Brand at the MTV VMAs in 2008. During that time, Brand was already crushing hard on Katy, but she wasn’t single yet. In the 2009 VMAs, however, they two met again and started dating soon after. Then, after four months of happily dating, Brand popped the question to Katy during a couple’s vacation in India.

In 2010, the couple went back to India to tie the knot. It was a rollercoaster marriage because of the rumors circling them. By December 2011, they officially announced their split. It came as no surprise to the media as the two had been on and off. Katy and Brand only lasted 14 months being husband and wife. Pretty short but still longer than the next one.

Mike Tyson is best known around the world for his boxing skills. His husband skills? Not so much. He married Riverdale actress Robin Givens in 1988. And just 7 months after, Given filed for divorce. Why?

Well, apparently, Tyson not only hits his boxing mates but also his wife. Yes, it’s true, Givens came forward to the media and revealed Tyson’s abusive behavior. She also described her life with him as “torture, pure hell, worse than anything I could possibly imagine.” The couple only lasted for a year. 

Long-time couple Hank Azaria and Helen Hunt got married after 6 years of dating. But only lasted as husband and wife for 11 months. What happened? Apparently, jealousy was the main culprit.

Hank Azaria was a popular voice actor in the 90s and voiced animations like The Simpsons. Helen Hunt, on the other hand, was an in-demand award-winning actress. The two seemed like a loving couple so it was surprising that their marriage failed. After their split, Azaria revealed, “When your wife is Helen Hunt, and your best friend is Matthew Perry, what was this, fifteen years ago? I mean that is some pressure. I feel jealous.” Indeed, the 90s was a ride, even for the next couple.

The Bruce Almighty actor Jim Carrey met Lauren Holly during the auditions for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Although Holly didn’t make the cut for the movie, the two still hit it off. They started dating and got married in 1996. 

The two got closer after working on the movie Dumb and Dumber. But as most 90s couples, they also had a whirlwind romance. Just after 9 months of marriage, Holly called it quits and filed for divorce.

An unusual pairing by the Drama Queen and the Comedy King. Armisen was a former SNL actor while Moss was an award-winning actress best known for her role in Mad Men. The two met in an episode of Saturday Night Live and three months later, got engaged.

Everything was so fast-paced in their relationship that it all went down the drain. After just 8 months of being married, the two decided to split. They both admitted that they rushed into things and realized they wanted different things. Armisen also admits that he “was a terrible husband and a terrible boyfriend.” The next one is another fast-paced relationship that turned sour…

Non-showbiz dancer Cris Judd first met JLo on the set of her music video. Judd said he knew from the moment their eyes met that he would marry Lopez. True enough, they did get married just after a few months of dating. But just like any other quick relationship, their marriage was quick to end too.

“You know it’s very tough. Your privacy is breached. You’re no longer a normal person,” Judd said about their high profile marriage. He couldn’t take the pressure of the limelight so by late 2001, they got divorced. Which caused another media frenzy as their settlement cost a whopping $6.6 million! Pretty big considering they only lasted seven months.

Introducing the whirlwind couple of the decade! Disney star Miley Cyrus and Australian hottie Liam Hemsworth first met in 2010. They worked together on the hit movie The Last Song. They extended their on-screen romance to real life and started dating.

Two years later, the couple got engaged and not without a problem. Before their engagement, the pair had been on and off and the media was living for it. In 2013, the two faced more issues as Cyrus began rebranding herself away from her Disney image. Soon after, they split yet again but got back together after a year. In 2018 the couple finally tied the knot in a lowkey ceremony. But just as we thought they finally found peace, they announced their divorce. Now, the two are living separate lives but who knows? Maybe they’ll get back together AGAIN.

Another unlikely pair: Oscar-winning actress Zellweger and Grammy-winning singer Chesney. The two met in 2005 at a fundraising event by NBC. Rumor has it that Renee already has the hots for Kenny and planned on passing him a note. But, to her surprise, Kenny beat her to it.

“I hear you’re trying to pass me a note—don’t let the principal find out,” Kenny told Renee. The two hid their relationship from the public for months. Then in April 2005, they revealed that they got married. The public adored the loving couple, but unfortunately, their love was short-lived. And just like the previous couples, the two only lasted 7 months. Short but still longer than the next one.

Former Charlie’s Angel Drew Barrymore fell head over heels with comedian Tom Green in 2000.

After appearing as Drew’s lover in the Charlie’s Angels remake, the two hit it off. They were on a vacation in Cabo when Tom popped the question. In just a short time, the couple eloped and married in the South Pacific. It all happened so fast and Tom felt like he hit the jackpot. But similar to most Hollywood couples, theirs was a brief love story. Drew remarried in 2012 and had two beautiful kids. Check out the next couple who also started as co-stars.

Murray and Bush met on the set of the hit TV series One Tree Hill. Their relationship began and ended while on the show. The two played each other’s love interest so it’s no surprise they ended up dating. After a year of dating, the two got engaged.

Murray proposed to Bush in 2004 while in Australia. Both actors were pretty young when they wedded so eventually, they called it quits. As professionals, the two continued working together in the series. But in 2018, Bush revealed that the producers of the show gave them a hard time. “They ran TV ads about it. It was really ugly,” Bush commented.

Unknown to many, Charlie Sheen was actually married three times. Before Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards, he was married to Donna Peele. Well, it’s easy to know why most people forget about it as it only lasted for less than a year.

The two met on the set of a cigarette commercial and Peele fell for Sheen’s broody charm. Just after six weeks of dating, Sheen proposed and the two got married. But just after 5 months of marriage, the two split. Sheen is known for dating a number of women throughout his career and called his partners, “goddesses.” In 2015, 50-year-old Sheen appeared in the Today Show and revealed that he was HIV-positive. “I have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people,” he said. Ah, the life of a heartthrob is never easy, the next couple is another proof. 

Before being linked to Lady Gaga, Zoe Saldana, Renee Zellweger, and a lot more, Bradley Cooper was once married. To Jennifer Esposito, for four months.

Back in 2006, the couple turned heads at the red carpet awards. But due to their differences and Bradley’s lack of husband skills, their love soon disappeared. In her book, Jennifer talked about a toxic relationship she had with someone. “He was funny, smart, cocky, arrogant, and a master manipulator,” she wrote. She never named the man but everyone just assumed it was Cooper. 

Did you know that Janet Jackson got married at 18? Well, before she wowed us with all her music, she already said her vows. To whom? To childhood friend and lover, James DeBarge.

The two have known each other since they were 13. And by the time they hit 18, they decided to get married. Janet’s father was against the wedding but they still did it anyway. The teeny boppers only lasted for four short months before Janet called for an annulment. For an added drama, rumors say that they also had a secret child. But to protect her career, Janet gave her daughter up for adoption. At least their love was true, unlike the next one. 

Known ladies’ man in the 2000s Colin Farrel once dated and married actress Amelia Warner. The two said their “I Dos” at a beach in Tahiti. Then after four months, they split. But that’s not the shocking part. The shocking part is that according to Warner, their marriage was actually fake.

“We didn’t actually get married–it’s not actually true. I think we’ve been too polite to deny it. We had a ceremony on a beach in Tahiti that was by no means legal and we knew it wasn’t,” she told The Sun. But if it wasn’t real, why did Farrel tattoo her name around his ring finger? Well, all that is just history now, because Warner is currently married to Mr. Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan. 

ICYMI: Elvis’s only child, Lisa Marie Presley tied the knot with Nicolas Cage back in 2002. Just shortly after her divorce with Michael Jackson (yes, THE Michael Jackson), she began dating Cage.

The two connected after meeting at a birthday party. They dated for two years before Cage proposed to her with a $65,000 engagement ring. But not even a pricey ring can save their relationship from sinking. They said one of the reasons they broke up was due to Presley’s iconic family background. After 107 days, the couple split for good. The next failed couple is another case of iconic backgrounds…

Hotel heiress Nicky Hilton got hitched with NY businessman Todd Meister in 2004. The two got married in none other than Sin City. At 2:30 AM. With Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan. And surprise! Their marriage only lasted 85 days.

The couple shared a belief to “live in the moment.” But that was not enough to keep their relationship. However, after even after filing for an annulment, the two still remained friends. Guess that’s just the life of the rich and famous.

Everybody knows Kim Kardashian and everybody knows she was married to Kris Humphries. For 72 days. They dated, married, and divorced all in the same year.

After shortly dating, Kris proposed to Kim with a shocking $2 million engagement ring. Their wedding was of course aired in an episode of KUWTK. Then after roughly 2 months, Kim filed for a divorce. The internet went crazy and accused them of marrying for a publicity stunt. The two shared a handful of other rumors before finally, Kim got a move on. Now, Kim is known as Kim Kardashian West, happily married to Kanye West with 4 kids and counting. The next one is another media favorite like this one…

Probably one of the most popular couples in pop culture. Mainly because Eminem has been rapping about his ex-wife since, I don’t know, FOREVER.

Eminem and Kim Mathers are an on-again-off-again couple for 30 years. They first dated in high school and married in 1991, but got divorced in 2001. Then after years of being separated, got back together and remarried in 2006. But two months later, called it quits. Among their many problems were fame, abuse, alcohol, and drugs. Kim has been a main character in some of Eminem’s hit songs, together with his first-born Hailey. Just check out Hummingbird and you’ll know just how rough they had it. 

SNL alum Chris Kattan met model Sunshine Tutt at a birthday party in 2005. Months later, they started dating and got engaged. Kattan proposed to Tutt by giving her a ring in a present. How cute is that?

Well, super cute but not enough to make their marriage work. After marrying in Yosemite Valley, California, the two split within 8 weeks. Although they seemed happy and in love, their story only lasted for 59 days. Wow, these marriages are getting shorter and shorter, just like the next one.

NFL player Chad Johnson and reality star Evelyn Lozada got engaged in 2010. Even before getting married, the two were already off to a rocky start.

Johnson got backlash after proposing to Lozada in the most awful way ever. Lozada said that a jeweler came to the house and offered her a choice of rings. Then after choosing, Chad put on headphones and started playing Call of Duty. He probably won in the game, but not in his duty as a husband. After a little over a month, Lozada filed for divorce citing violence as the main reason. 

Long-time couple Mario Lopez and Ali Landry dated for six years before tying the knot. The two seemed like a couple from a fairytale, including their wedding. Ali walked in a Vera Wang gown at sunset in Mexico. Every bit of their wedding was wonderful, so what went wrong?

It was all because of Mario’s bachelor party. Paps got a photo of him messing around with another woman. Years later, Mario admitted that he was wrong at that time and that he had cold feet. Now, Mario is happy with girlfriend Courtney Mazza and their daughter.

Comedian and actor Eddie Murphy seemed so in love with producer Tracey Edmonds in 2007. He even thanked her in his speech for “fixing everything that was broken.” But why couldn’t they fix their marriage?

The couple wedded on an intimate island in Bora Bora where they also spent the New Year. But just after 14 days, the two decided to split. Lucky for them, their marriage in Bora Bora wasn’t legally binding in the US. No problemo! Unlike the next one who went through a lot of trouble…

One thing this couple had in common: it was their fifth time getting married. Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters met in 1989 at the Playboy Mansion. 30 years later, they got hitched. But what seemed like a friendship turned love story turned sour.

Just after 12 days of marriage, Peters wanted out. Why? Because he had “marriage remorse.” The producer denied those rumors and said that he was willing to give everything away for Pam. “She had almost $200,000 in bills and no way to pay it, so I paid it and this is the thanks I get. There’s no fool like an old fool,” he said. But aren’t all these couples just…fools in love? 

Just like moths drawn to a flame, Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman got married in Las Vegas. The Lakers player and Baywatch icon said their drunken “I Dos” at 7 AM in 1998.

People around them said that the two were really happy together. But married life was another thing. Just 9 days after the surprise wedding, Electra filed for divorce. Electra said that they just got married because it was too easy in Vegas. However, Rodman had different feelings. Days before their split, Rodman proudly told the media, “I’m still married…and I hope it stays.” Sadly, things didn’t work out, just as most marriages in Sin City. Speaking of Sin City, here’s a couple that broke records…

And the title for shortest celebrity marriage goes to…Britney and Jason! They went on a sudden trip to Vegas on new year’s in 2004. They flew as friends, got married, and went back as exes. What a ride!

Their super short marriage made it to pop culture’s hall of fame. It all happened at 4:30 AM on a Saturday. The two arrived at the church in a limo and not even in wedding attire. Then, the morning after, Spears’ manager heard about the wedding and flew to Vegas. Since it was a weekend, there were no available attorneys so they had to wait. By Monday at noon, they were annulled. All of that lasted for only 55 hours. And those 55 hours remain etched to every fan’s mind up until today. 


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