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These Are The Most Ridiculously Expensive Things Kim And Kanye Have Purchased

Have you ever thought to yourself what would you spend your money on if you had all the money in the world? What would it be? Maybe a private island, a private jet, or a multimillion dollar vacation home?… While for most of us, these things are just a daydream, for some celebrities such as entertainment icons, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West , this is reality! The Hollywood couple spares no expense when it comes to living a life of luxuries, from purchasing the most outrageous things for themselves, to giving some of the most expensive gifts. So if you’ve been wondering what the most expensive, ridiculous things they have spent their money on so far are, you’ve come to the right place! You won’t believe what you are about to see…

1. Private Island In the Caribbean For Daughter’s 2nd Birthday

Seems like the appropriate present for your daughter’s 2nd birthday, right? Lucky for Kardashian’s daughter North, she’ll not only have a her own island off the coast Grenada, but her own house built on it by the time she turns 18! There is no amount of money North’s parents aren’t willing to spend, just to keep their daughter happy; in this case a $12 million island.

2. Gold Plated Toilets

What a useful way to spend your money right? Gold plated toilets seem to be quite the trend with the rich and famous these days, with the most expensive being worth $5 million! Kim and Kanye went for a slightly cheaper option, spending $750,000 on  four gold-plated toilets to spruce up their restrooms. Spendings like this for Kim and Kanye aren’t all that unusual, while for the rest of us can seem like dumping your money down the drain-literally! I guess if you have the money, why not?

3. Swarovski Encrusted Fridge

Of course Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don’t want just any old fridge- they need the one worth an estimated $1 million! This blinged-out fridge was purchased for their Bel-Air mansion, after they spent millions of dollars on furnishing and 1$ million worth of Electrolux appliances. With a kitchen like that, we sure hope Kim is quite the cook! Although, come to think of it, what celebrity that rich would make their own meals? That’s right, she hires private chefs to cook food for her family and children, so they’re probably enjoying that $2 million dollar kitchen.

4. 2012 Lamborghini Aventador For Kanye’s 35th B-day Present

Here we go again with the birthday gifts- we all know Kim Kardashian spares no expense when it comes to pleasing her man. This is just one of the many luxury vehicles that sit in their garage, but we’ll give you the background on it just because. The Lamborghini was purchased in 2012, delivered to Platinum Motorsports for customization, and by the time it was personalized just right for Kanye, was worth $750,000! That’s definitely not your average cost for a birthday gift, but if your as rich as these two, why not?

5. Rolls Royce Phantom

Boring right? Another $500,000 car…for Kim Kardashian it was. She apparently got sick of the white base model and had it customized to match her style. Kardashian upgraded to the black version, and equipped it with a 26-speaker sound system, a rear seat entertainment system, coach-style doors, and even put in a mini-fridge!

6. Hidden Hills Mansion

Since the Kardashian-West family has recently grown bigger, they of course needed to upgrade to a bigger and better mansion. In November 2017, Kim and Kanye sold their Bel-Air estate and moved to their new mansion in Hidden Hills.  After over $20 million in renovations, they are now happy to call this their new home. Just to give you an idea, the home is 16,000 square-foot, with 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, a huge pool, a library, a top of the line equipped gym, a ridiculously large playroom for the kids, a private massage room, and a full spa.

7. Nearly $1 Million Spent On Beds Alone!

With such a large following on social media, it is only logical that Kim Kardashian needs quality beauty rest. And if your Kim Kardashian you don’t just buy a beautiful designer bed-frame, with a memory foam mattress; you buy the most expensive, limited edition beds on the market. It was reported that she spent nearly $1 million on beds for her and her husband. The couple sleeps in Savoir Royal State Beds made out of carved virgin lambs’ wool, cashmere and Mongolian horsehair with only 60 of them ever created in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. That being said, it is a true privilege to own one of them and get to sleep in it every night!

8. Private Jet

We all know that the Kardashian-West couple like to travel, and when they do its only in the most luxurious forms of transportation; so owning a private jet doesn’t come to much of a surprise for this family. Kim even showed her 100 million Instagram followers a personal tour of the jet during one of her flights to Cannes. Let’s see if Kanye follows the celeb trend of getting his pilot’s license.

 9. Kim’s $4.5 Million Engagement Ring

There is quite the romantic story behind this 20-carat emerald cut diamond ring, which unfortunately was stolen along with several million dollars worth of other jewelry when Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, October 3rd, 2016. Kanye West surprised Kim with the engagement when she least expected it, when asked at an interview Kim revealed, “So I was sleeping and he woke me up in the middle of the night and said, ‘Babe, babe! I got you something from Adidas.’ And I said, ‘OK, I’ll get the shoes in the morning, babe, I’m sleeping.’ … And then he put the Lorraine Schwartz box on my pillow … and I woke up! … He said, ‘You know I just did that big Adidas deal, so I got you something from Adidas.” Kanye then added that he got “Adidas” engraved on the inside of the ring.

 10. Kim’s Infinite Purse Collection

It’s true, a woman can never have enough bags, and Kim Kardashian is a firm believer in that rule. Yet, the bags in her collection are a bit more expensive than those a majority of women own. Within this collection is a VBH Manila sparkle clutch that’s worth $1,100, a Balenciaga City Bag worth $1,545, Dolce & Gabbana Miss Dea Mosaic clutch worth $3,995, Valentino Rockstud Camouflage Flap Clutch worth 2,095, Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch worth $1,540, and many more expensive items. The most expensive of these bags? An Hermes Birkin Bag that costs a whopping $50,000. Of course, she wouldn’t be Kim Kardashian if she wasn’t using this expensive bag as a diaper bag to carry around things for North.

 11. Over-The-Top Vacations

It’s obvious that Kim and Kanye travel a whole lot, and they know how to travel in style too. Their latest vacation? A trip to the Bahamas that cost them around $440,000. Of course, they just had to travel there in a private jet and once they arrived at Baker’s Bay Gold and Ocean Club near Great Guana Cay, they rented a villa where they spent four days. Kim and Kanye have been seen in exotic locations such as Mexico, Japan, Italy, France and many other expensive places.

12.$2.8 Million Wedding

Kim and Kanye’s wedding will go down in celebrity history as one of the most over-the-top weddings ever. They flew 200 of their closest friends and family to Paris for a pre-wedding party, followed by a morning on private jets to Florence where the wedding ceremony was held at the Forte di Belvedere. Kim wore a custom-made Givenchy gown (because what else would she wear), and then slipped into an equally as beautiful dress for the reception. Their wedding band was more like a festival lineup with performers such as Big Sean, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend, and Lana Del Rey. The wedding overall cost the couple about $2.8 million, and this isn’t including the pre-wedding party in Paris.

13. Ice Tongs?

These aren’t one of the most expensive things they’ve ever bought, but it’s certainly one of the weirdest. Everyone knows what ice tongs are! They are often used to pick up ice-cubes and they cost you no more than 5 dollars. Kimye’s ice tongs are Vertigo Silver-Plated Ice Tongs that are worth $260. Although a couple hundred dollars isn’t much to Kimye, it’s still a significant amount of money to spend on something as insignificant like ice-tongs.

14. Baby Goods

Although Chicago West was born only a few months ago, it looks like she has everything she could possibly need and more. Before baby Chi was even born, Kim spent $550,000 on nursery decorations and baby goods so that Chicago could grow up in absolute luxury. What are some of these things? Well only a $170,000 teddy bear, a Swarovski-encrusted rocking horse worth $137,000, a $96,000 solid gold dummy, and so on. Kim even bought her new baby $100,000 worth of baby clothes from Dolce & Gabbana.  

15. Kim’s Glam Squad

No amount of money is big enough when it comes to helping Kim look her best. It’s reported that Kanye spends over $250,000 to keep her glam squad available at all hours of the day. Although Kim’s stylist, hairstylist, and makeup artist are based in Los Angeles, Kanye pays them enough to make sure that they’ll hop on a private jet to fly to her location anywhere in the world.

16. Flowers For Kim

Kanye will spend thousands of dollars at once for flowers for Kim. On Valentine’s Day in 2014, Kanye bought 1,000 red roses for her worth over $3,000. He followed up with that on Mother’s Day by buying an entire wall of white roses, hydrangeas and peonies that’s estimated to cost $136,000. Overall, that’s about $140,000 for two occasions within a six-month time span of each other.

17. Hair Cuts

In 2010, when Kanye was touring with Rihanna, it’s reported that Kanye got a haircut every single day and paid his barber, Ibn Jasper, $500 for that privilege.

18.Diamond-Encrusted Teeth

It was revealed in a Vanity Fair article that West loves diamonds on his teeth that are worth more than $60,000. Since Kanye doesn’t like having to take his diamonds out all the time for (things like eating and such), he decided to have them permanently installed across the bottom of his mouth.

19. A Fight at The Chiropractor


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