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These Are The Rarest and Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World

For tens and thousands of years, dogs have been considered man’s best friend. A look back into history will show us that the dog was one of the first animals to be domesticated. Since then, people have adored these animals and have trained them to have special jobs, compete in competitions, or simply raise them to be their companion. From purebreds, to cross-breeds the world is full of beautiful dog breeds that you probably haven’t seen or heard of before. Here are some rare and beautiful dog Brees that will make you want to go out and immediately find one.

Aussie Pom

This fluffy guy is known as an Aussie Pom, short for a breed created by mixing an Australian Shepherd and a Pomeranian. With their affectionate, and loyal demeanor, and manageable size, these unique looking dogs are often raised as companion pups. They are incredible social dogs and their lifespan rages to 12-15 years. Being mixed with a high energy breed means that this breed should see a significant amount of exercise and interaction. They’re colors can vary, but they usually look like a small Shepherd with Pomeranian features and the markings of an Aussie.


This crossbreed is between a Corgi and Beagle is a so called “designer” dog breed that are not only super adorable, but are great companions. This crossbreed usually results in the best traits from both of it’s parents. This breed is popular due to it’s social personality and good temperament. This breed is also incredibly alert, intelligent and spirited. Whether the breed will inherit the Corgi ears or floppy Beagle ones, is unknown, but it usually inherits the Corgis’ elongated body.


These cute puppers are sure to give you heart eyes! Pomskies are one of the most popular “designer” dog breeds these days. These breeds are half Husky and half Pomeranian, and although they’re small, they have a lot of energy and are incredibly smart. The Pomsky sheds a lot, but having a cute fluffer like this is certainly worth it. Unfortunately, these dogs are very coveted and the price tag can be incredibly high on them. Regardless, the world seems to be obsessed with this dog.

Golden Dox

Have you ever seen a breed so cute? This cross is between a Weiner Dog and a Golden Retriever. It looks like this little guy inherits the elongated trunk and stubby legs of a Dachshund, and a mane and ear of a Golden Retriever. These mid-to-large-sized dogs make for loyal and lovable companions.


This dog is a mix between a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle. Also considered a “designer dog” this breed has been high in-demand over the past few years. On top of being intelligent, they’re also hypoallergenic. Basically, these dogs are perfect for homes and apartments, and they are also typically non-barking dogs and are incredibly gentle and non-aggressive.


We bet you can already guess what this one is mixed with. The Dalmachshund is a mix between a Dalmatian and Dachshund that is pretty rare. These little guys often have a spotted coat and they’re taking over from purebreds as the prime choice of pets.


These little guys start off at a teacup size. Their known to be somewhat sassy but sweet and the crossbreed between these guys is unbelievably cute. On top of that, they’re also hypoallergenic. Although their a new breed, these pups are very popular and can be found easily. Their physical attributes can vary, but they’re usually found as a standard or a miniature. Mixed with a Poodle and a Corgi, they are certainly a great companion.


Although this photo may look photoshopped, it’s not! This is a real life beautiful breed that is mixed with a Golden Retriever and a Husky. These dogs are great guard dogs and are wonderful with children. Although they’re wonderful pets, they’re incredibly independent and active. If you commit to getting a breed like this, you should know that they shouldn’t be indoors for long periods of time.


There is probably nothing as tiny and precious as this breed. The cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a small Poodle results in this little furry guy. Like many new mixed-breeds, this Yorkipoo isn’t recognized as a standardized breed. These guys are big cuddlers, so make sure your lap is always free!


Did you know that Corgis are the Queen’s favorite dog breed? Did you also know that Dalmatians are considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds out there? Put those two together and you get this handsome fella! This is the Dalcorgi, a high energy dog that is not aggressive. Although it’s body says corgi, it’s spots say Dalmatian.


This cross breed has been around for a while, and has appeared on two separate continents. The Beagle and Chihuahua have found their respective ways from England and Mexico to provide DNA for the Cheagle.


This cuddly looking guy has roots from the Basset Hound’s French origins and the Shar-Pei’s Chinese background. When those two finally made their way to North America, breeders mixed the genes to create the Ba-Shar. This dog is a typically large, but easy to maintain dog. They’re affectionate, and are great guard dogs.


This breed is basically a walking teddy bear. Deemed the funny name “Chusky”, this breed is a mix between a Chow Chow and a Husky. They’re incredibly protective of their owners and they’re Affectionate, loyal and energized. They form an incredibly close bond with their owners. It’s recommended to keep these breeds out of hot temperatures, but on a cold winter night, these guys are the best cuddle buddies.

Chow Chow

With their fluffy manes and deep-set eyes, this dog looks incredibly huggable. Unfortunately, this dog prefers to be alone and doesn’t really like all the mushy-gushy stuff. They originally came from China, and they’re known for being a proud and loyal companion. This breed with fearlessly guard it’s family and will let strangers know when they’re not welcome.

Afghan Hound

This breed is considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. With it’s long a luxurious mane, it’s considered an exotic breed. It’s heritage also dates back thousands of years to 4000 BC. Both quick and gentles, these dogs make great hunting dogs or shepherds. They were brought to Britain in the 1920s, and then soon after made their way to North America. They also make great show dogs! Prepared to have a lot of hair to brush if you decide to get one of these guys!


The translation of this name from Arabic means “the Noble.” Honestly, noble is the best adjective to use to describe this breed. Beautiful, lean, and incredibly quick, these dogs have silky ears and were used for centuries as hunting companions by ancient people. There was a point where they were considered a gift from God, and they are a quite a heavenly companion. This breed is very devoted to their owners, and need a lot of exercise. When they’re not running, you can find them laying amongst fluffy blankets and bedding.


This dog is probably about as unique as it’s name. It’s known as the Mexican hairless dog, and it’s one of the word’s oldest and rarest breeds. These breeds are possibly the first dogs to set foot in North America. The Xoloitzcuintli is named from the ancient Aztex words for “god” and “dog”. Since they have no fur, they radiate hear, contributing to their reputation as healers and protectors. These little pups are loyal and alert. Although they love to play around outside, they’re extremely relaxed in the house.

Tibetan Mastiff

Often said to look somewhat like Pandas, they’re about of the same rarity. They were originally bred as guardians for centuries by the nomads in Asia, and they’re the most expensive dog breed. In 2011, a mastiff named “Big Splash” was sold for $1.5 million. With it’s furry mane and long beautiful coat, the Mastiff is a great show dog. These dogs are quite independent and protective of their territory.


These dogs are incredibly show stopping for good reason. They are the proud owners of one of the rarest coats in the doggy world. As the dog grows, the curls develop into long felt-like cords. It has good protective instincts, are loyal and quick-minded. If you’re able to adhere to their grooming needs, they make great companions!



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