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These Beautiful Stars Have Aged Gracefully And Are In Incredible Shape

Catherine O’Hara has been a constant in Hollywood since her days as Delia Deetz in Beetlejuice. We remember her as Kevin McCallister’s mom in Home Alone, and over the years in shows like Six Feet Under, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and most recently in her epic role in Schitt’s Creek. 

O’Hara was born in 1954, making her in her 60s today. Despite spending decades in front of the camera for all of us to see, she has aged in the most graceful of ways, keeping that shining twinkle in her eye. Her smile and radiant skin, along with a strictly healthy lifestyle make for O’Hara’s longevity. 

Who can forget the beauty who ran down a beach with a bathing suit and braids? Bo Derek, born Mary Cathleen Collins, shot to fame when a poster with a photo of her went viral, or as viral as things go back in the 80s. Overnight, everyone knew her name and she became an American sweetheart. 

Bo was born in 1956, and while she may be in her 60s, she doesn’t look a day over her 40s. She has kept in spectacular shape thanks to taking incredible care of herself both inside and out. She is active in her daily life and makes sure to eat and drink the very best and whole ingredients. Whatever she is doing is working for her!

Before we all got to know Pablo as the lovely Ziva David on NCIS, she was actually a singer who got her start in front of the camera at the tender age of 15. She was a co-host of a Latin-American television show called Control. She transitioned into acting after catching that bug as a host. 

Cote was born in 1979. She has grown up in front of the camera and has been an inseparable part of NCIS. Today, she doesn’t look a day older than her hosting days, which she thanks to genetics, good nutrition, and taking care of her skin and body. 

Supermodel Elle Macpherson’s job is to look as best as she can since she is in the modeling world. However, she has gone above and beyond in the department as she seems to have stopped the clock. The Australian model, television host and entrepreneur was born in 1964. She has graced the cover of Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit Edition five times. 

She is more than a model and businesswoman, she also dabbled in acting, landing roles in Batman and Robin, South Kensington, and The Edge. Women everywhere want to know what Elle does to stay as young and fit as she is! 

Salma has kept Hollywood entranced in her beauty and talent for decades now. Born in 1966, she has been acting since the 80s. While she has been in many movies and television shows, it is her role in Frida that made serious waves. She is married to French billionaire Francois Henri Pinault, with whom she has one daughter, Valentina. 

As to her anti-aging techniques, apart from having the genetic disposition thanks to her Latina genealogy, she takes incredible care of herself. She has not undergone any plastic surgery but makes sure to lather up with the very best of cosmetic creams and serums. 

Her portrayal of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, launched Peterson into the spotlight. She has been in many films, some of which include Red Riding Hood, Diamonds Are Forever, and All About Evil. She has also appeared in a few music videos just to keep things interesting. 

Peterson was born in 1951, and is aging with as much grace as we’ve seen in any woman in Hollywood. She leads a very healthy lifestyle that includes being active every single day, and makes sure to eat a very lean diet that helps her stay strong. 

Elvis Presley’s ex-wife was thrown into the spotlight when she married the King. She was very young when she met Elvis, and her life has never been the same again. Born in 1945, she married Presley in 1967. They divorced six years later, and one daughter together. 

She has not been shy about saying that she has used the help of plastic surgery to keep herself looking fresh, and there is nothing wrong with that – that’s what it’s there for! In her mid-70s today, Priscilla is the former chairwoman of the Elvis Presley Enterprises, and has used her fortune for her philanthropic causes and luxurious lifestyle. 

Linda’s age is a mystery to us should we not know that she was born in 1958. She may be retired these days, but we won’t forget her in Crocodile Dundee in 1986. She started out on Broadway, showing her acting chops on the hardest stage there is. She shot to fame with her role in Death of a Salesman.  

She stopped working as an actor when she didn’t get the roles that she wanted. She now focuses on her own family and business ventures. She is looking to live her days peacefully, enjoying her earnings from years of work. 

Barbi is the definition of a natural beauty. She has always said that what she has is a great gene pool that allows her to have such incredible skin. Her career is a long one and has seen her as a model, actress, and television personality. Her name is synonymous with Hollywood. 

She decided to step away from the limelight in the 80s in order to focus on her family. She owns homes in Los Angeles and Aspen, and loves to split her time between the properties. She has said that money doesn’t mean anything to her and that her family is her wealth. 

Television wouldn’t be the same without shows like The Brady Bunch, and that show wouldn’t have been the same without Marsha! Maureen played the role of Marcia Brady to perfection – everyone loved her. McCormick was born in 1956 and played Marcia while she was in her teens in the late 60s and early 70s. 

McCormick leads a very healthy lifestyle and makes it a priority to be healthy from the inside out. She is a constant in Hollywood despite not acting much these days. Her time in Hollywood is longer than most careers, and we now see her from the early days to today. 

Linda’s voice captured our hearts many times over with her beautiful songs. She has won an Emmy Award, two American Music Awards, and over nine Grammy Awards. She has been given a Grammy Lifestyle Achievement Award and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Ronstadt has worked with some of the biggest names in music, such as Neil Young, Dolly Parton, Paul Simon, and Bette Midler. Throughout her mega-successful career, she has released more than 30 studio albums. She is in her 70s today and is looking as wonderful as she did in her early ones. 

Iconic journalist, author, and television personality, Barbara Walters, has set the standard in her field of work. She has been the host of 20/20, The View, Today, and ABC Evening News, throughout her career. She was one of the only women in her field, paving the way for others to make their career in broadcast journalism. 

Walter officially retired in 2016, after a career spanning several decades. She has aged in front of the camera in a respectful and dignified manner. She has interviewed some of the biggest politicians in the world, gone to war zones when the world needed to know what was happening, and she did all of that while raising a family of her own. 

Cindy got her start in acting on Broadway. We were introduced to her when she was on the iconic show, Laverne & Shirley. When it comes to movie roles, Williams was a part of films such as The Conversation, The Biggest Fan, Rude Awakening, and The Creature Wasn’t Nice. 

She has also been on television shows such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Odd Couple, and The Stepford Husbands. Her smile has not changed from day one, it is hard to miss the bright light that Williams’ is. 

Linda Evans got her big break when she landed the role of Audra Barkley in The Big Valley, and her role as Krystle Carrington in the legendary show Dynasty. During her early days in acting, she landed a guest appearance in the show Bachelor Father. 

The blonde beauty has been married twice in her life. Her first husband was John Derek, from 1968 to 1974, followed by her second husband, Stan Herman, from 1975 to 1979. Evans stopped acting in 1997, and while she is not in the spotlight as much as she used to be, she is still as radiant as ever. 

Jane got the attention of the world when she was the significant other of the French film composter, actor, director, and pianist Serge Gainsbourg. She has seen her career flourish in both the British and French markets. Her highest credits include films like Blowup and Kaleidoscope, and Evil Under the Sun. 

She has chosen to no longer act but as the world knows of the French, they age beautifully. Birkin is glowing today, just as much as she did in her 20s. She is living a decidedly magical life in Europe and the US, depending on the season. 

Born in 1929, Jane was there to witness a huge change in the acting world. She was a mere teenager when she signed with Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. She was signed for her acting and dancing skills. Powell starred in a few musicals, some of which include A Date with Judy, Royal Wedding, and seven Brides for Seven Brothers. 

She has been married a total of five times! Her last marriage to Dickie Moore, was the long one, lasting 27 years until Moore passed away in 2015. Powell still looks absolutely incredible and is proof that aging can be done in the most graceful of ways. 

Stanis was born in 1953. The world learned of her and fell in love with her when she played the role of Thelma Ann Evans-Anderson in the television show Good Times. Good Times ran from 1974 to 1979 with Stanis as the main character. She is also an author, with books like The Last Night, The Bad & the Ugly: For Men Only, and Situations 101: Relationships. 

Stanis has gone through four divorces in her life. While her personal life may not have been the greatest, she has maintained a glow about her that only comes from being happy with your life and positive no matter what. 

Cheryl Tiegs has been named the most well known model in the United States. She shot to fame with her appearance on the cover of TIME magazine as well as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her 1978 Pink Bikini poster was and still is considered an iconic poster that set the standard to this day. 

Tiegs is in her 70s today and still looks wonderful. She has maintained her classically beautiful appearance and is focused on her family. She now focuses her time on her charitable work and making sure that her hard-earned money is going to the right places in need. 

Kristy’s role of her life was as Letitia in the television show Family. Kristy was in a few commercials before she played Letitia. Her acting roles came as a result of her great work in the commercials. Little by little her career was taking off.  

McNichol got her first acting job that was not in a commercial in Little Darlings. However, Hollywood isn’t for everyone and Kristy didn’t take to the spotlight well and had a breakdown. She quit acting in 2001 as a result. She is focusing on her own personal life away from the bright lights of Hollywood. 

The legendary singer started out her career when she was very young and paved the way for herself and women in the industry to succeed despite their gender and ethnicity. 

Today, she is honored as one of the very best that the musical industry has to offer and has continued her name in Hollywood thanks to other successful members of her family who are doing very well in their own careers. 

La Toya was born into the Jackson family, which means it was not even a question that she will try to make it in the entertainment industry. She was a part of The Jacksons before she went on to have a solo career of her own. She was signed with Sony Music and RCA. 

While her professional life was going well, her personal one was not. She divorced her husband back in 1989 after eight years together. she is now in her 60s and looking absolutely incredible! Her success is shining through her eyes and smile. 

Grace has been working as a singer, song writer, actor and model. She started her career as a model and worked to create her own niche in the industry. She is Jamaican born and proud of her heritage. She got into music in 1977 and into acting in the 80s. 

At first, she was only landing small roles, but little by little she landed roles in iconic movies such as Conan, The Barbrian alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, and A View To Kill. In her 70s today, she is looking magnificent.  

Bradot is a household name in the entertainment industry. She has been in nearly 50 movies throughout her career and her beauty is synonymous with the beauty standard in Hollywood of that time. She retired in 1973 after which she decided to spend her time advocating for animal rights. 

She has not been as successful in her relationships, which led her to have battles with depression, but in the end she is healthy and focused on her animals and health. 

Just looking at the early days photo and today’s photo and you can barely tell that Baxter aged at all! Her success was as a result of her time on the show Family Ties. she got her start in 1971 and has been in the industry ever since. Her breakout role was in the show Bridget Loves Bernie, in 1972. 

She has come through the other end of a battle with cancer stronger and better than ever. As a result of her health battle, she makes her health a top priority and it shows. Baxter looks strong and as beautiful as ever. 

Ross was born in 1940 and is known for her acting but also for her long love affair with Sam Elliott. She has been the devoted wife to Elliott throughout the years, as well as fantastic actress. She landed her breakout role in the film The Graduate in 1967. 

She followed it up with roles in The Stepford Wives, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Voyage of the Damned. Katharine is going into her 80s and while she may have had some ups and downs in her life, she kept her heart true to her acting and herself. 

Lisa doesn’t need an introduction! The world fell for this beauty when she played the role of Denise Huxtable on the iconic television show The Cosby Show. This was the role that sent her career into the stratosphere. She has been in films like Final Combination, Enemy of the State, and Biker Boyz, as well as shows like Life on Mars, St. Elsewhere, and Ray Donovan. 

She was married to musician Lenny Kravitz, with whom she had a daughter with. Today, Lisa is married to Hollywood heartthrob Jason Momoa, with whom she had two more children. 

Suzanne has been many things in her career – an actress, model, singer, and businesswoman. She became a household name thanks to her role as Chrissy Snow in Three’s Company (we also remember her as the mom in Step By Step!). 

Suzanne’s health kick has always been top priority and she even made it profitable for her as she became the face of the thigh master. She is also a published author. 

Anderson was very young when she got into the acting world. She played the role of Mary Ingalls in The Little House on the Prairie. She then added to her fame with her role in Which Mother Is Mine, which she ended up winning an Emmy for.  

Anderson is happily married and has enjoyed a very successful career, which shows on her face as she is downright radiant. She trains every day to make sure she stays fit, as well as makes sure her nutrition is top notch. 

Born in 1945, Smith is a television and film icon. Smith played the role of Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels when it was a crime show on ABC. She then did it again in the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle movie in 2003. She was a stunner in the 70s and is just as beautiful today. 

She still makes people turn heads as she walks into a room and set, always holding herself in the highest regard. She says that eating a whole food diet and making sure she moves every day make for her youthful appearance. 

We fell for Erin when she played the role of Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. The show took Gray’s career to a new level. Male fans everywhere were fascinated by Wilma and women everywhere loved her strong character. She was born in 1950 which means she is heading into her 70s. 

The radiant woman makes her nutrition and fitness routine her top priority, which explains why she still looks so good! She has stayed away from plastic surgery, and we couldn’t agree more as she is a natural beauty. 

Looking at Susan today and we have to know what she’s doing to look that good! It’s hard to even tell what her age today really is. She was born in 1950 so she is entering her 70s! She can act, sing, and with her looks she also modeled. Her television list of credits includes Serpico, and Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit. 

Her film credits include Goldengirls, Making Mr. Right, and Cannonball Run II. She is the former Miss California and has aged as beautifully as any woman could wish for. 

There is no such thing as a list about beauties without Jacqueline Bisset. She won hearts everywhere when she was in movies like Murder on theOrient Express, Who Is Killing the Great Chiefs of Europe?, and Day for Night. She has also been on television shows that she has made even more iconic – Under the Volcano, Joan of Arc, and La Ceremonie. 

Her screen presence is undeniable and her longevity in Hollywood is a testimony to her ability to capture an audience. She has been in many romances in her life, but has not married at any point. 

Jane got her start in acting in the 1973 James Bond film, Live and Let Die. She took the opportunity of her initial stardom and landed more roles that would make her career even brighter. She was in films like The Scarlet Pimpernel, East of Eden, War and Rememberable, and Somewhere in Time. 

Her television role as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman landed her a new generation of fans as well. Today, Seymour is looking as fantastic as she did in her 20s and it is due to her active and healthy lifestyle that she is a devout follower of. 

It’s hard to imagine that Deneuve is already well into her 70s. The French actress is also well known for her incredible style as well. She has always been a believer that nutrition is the key to being beautiful on the outside as well. As for her career, she has bee in films like The Last Metro, and Indochine. 

She has been nominated for the Cesar Award 14 times throughout her career. Her ability to look as wonderful as she does today is thanks to her relaxed lifestyle and priority on her diet. 

You may wonder why Garner is on this list, but she was born in 1972 and looks like a 20 something so she applies! She has been in the film and television industry since her days in Alias. Her personal life has been in the press after her very public divorce from ex-husband Ben Affleck. 

She didn’t let anything stand in her way, however, as she is as gorgeous today as ever, looking youthful and happy. She works out daily and focuses on whole food. Her family comes before everything, her three children being her very top priority.

Christensen is a former Victoria’s Secret model who is also a savvy businesswoman. She launched her own clothing line that has been a success ever since in the late 90s. She has also been in productions as an actress. In terms of her beauty, she has not been touched by a scalpel and is proud of it.

The beauty and longevity gene runs in her family as her grandmother lived past 100. Christensen says it is important for her to eat healthily in order to feel good. She credits her genes and an organic diet for her looks. 

Ellen Degeneres’ wife and beautiful actress, Portia de Rossi is aging backwards. She has been in television shows such as Ally McBeal, Scandal, Better Off Ted, Nip/Tuck, and Arrested Development. She has openly battled with eating problems but has since found her way out of the woods. 

She has a positive body image today and focuses on working out, eating whole and healthy foods, and the positive things in life, of which she has many. 

Kelly looks like a slightly older version of herself and that is downright gorgeous. She started out as a model who worked her way into acting. She was in the 1984 film The Woman in Red, which solidified her acting skills to Hollywood. She started modeling when she was 19 years old. 

She was married to actor Steven Seagal for a short time, which added to her fame. She has had some battles with substances in her past, but has come out on top and is leading a healthy and happy life today.  

Channing is a Hollywood icon. She seemingly gets better looking with age! On the left here we see her from the production of Grease, where she played Rizzo. She took the character and made her so much more peppery than ever before. 

Channing was born in 1944 and has been in movies and tv shows with credits that could fill a short story. She has been nominated 13 times for an Emmy Award. She is still working as hard as ever and plans on continuing on that path for the foreseeable future. 

Hunter earned an Academy Award for her role in the movie Piano in 1993. Every since then she has been a household name. She has been in movies such as The Incredibles, Crash, Raising Arizona, and The Big Sick. Hunter is aging as gracefully as ever as she doesn’t stress about it, which is a key thing for her. 

Her workout routine is working for her to say the least as she is looking as good today as she has ever. 

Loretta captured our hearts when she played the role of Major Margaret on CBS’s hit show MASH. Her role on the show garnered her a lot of respect and credibility in the industry. She has since retired from acting and has not been on television since 1972.

Swit has focused on her own personal woes in years since, with the light at the end of the tunnel being seen as she is now healthy and positive after spending some time in a facility. 

She got her start on the iconic horror film, The Exorcist, and her name has been known ever since. She is now an animal rights activist. Blair has always been vehemently against plastic surgery and likes that her beauty remains natural. 

Her youthful appearance is said to be thanks to a combination of healthy diet and fitness routine that keeps her heart healthy and her skin happy. 

Perrette is known for her role as Abby Sciuto on NCIS. Abby was the Chief Forensic Scientist who made the show funny and edgy. Perrette held up her role thanks to her own personality being as edgy as the character. Incredibly, Perrette is over 50 years old! 

Her beauty routine is vital for her youthful look, which is only a part of a well-balanced diet, intense fitness routine and plenty of sleep. She is not into plastic surgery. 

Age truly is just a number for Raquel Welch. Her breakout role was in One Million Years B.C. and while her time on screen was short, it left a serious impression on audiences. She has since been in films like The Three Musketeers, 100 Riles, and Bedazzled. 

Her beauty game is so strong that she has her own videos and books about it, called The Raquel Welch Total Beauty And Fitness Program. She launched her own skincare line which has proven to be a huge success. 

The beautiful Mary Steenburgen shot to fame in the 70s when she played a role opposite Jack Nicholson’s movie Goin’ South. She was on television shows as well, winning an Academy Award and Golden Globe for her role in Melvin and Howard. 

She is still acting today, proving that age doesn’t change anything and you couldn’t even tell she looks different than she did 20 years ago. 


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