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These Celebs Are Proud Republicans

We bet you thought all Hollywood elites are liberal, but some of them are openly conservative. There are a few celebs proud of the Republican party! And while some don’t advertise it because the other Hollywood stars won’t let them “at the cool table anymore,” others are open about their political beliefs and are even involved in politics. Wondering if your favorite stars are among them? Let’s check them out in the next photos. We’ll start with the famous actor that ranted a lot about his conservative views.

20. Mel Gibson

We have seen the actor getting in some trouble when he kept ranting about his views, both political and religious. He is a proud supporter of the Republican Party, no matter what.

Vaughn stated that he has “always been more conservative than not.” The actor and comedian has a strong Republican view, and even believed that revealing his views amidst liberal Hollywood fellows has hurt his career. This is why many famous people in our list aren’t so open about their political views.

Unlike most actors that do not want to express their political beliefs, Denzel has kept his principles and he’s surprisingly conservative. He’s one of the most famous Hollywood stars and he’s proof that the acting career cannot be affected by one’s political preferences.

The actress is a strong republican. She was open about it back in 2012 when she was a supporter for Mitt Romney, hoping he could help with unemployment. Lohan is still Republican after all those years.

We bet you didn’t know that! The awesome actor we see in many action films is actually a moderate Republican. His political views are more focused on fighting for education programs and American principles.

The Orange Is The New Black star stated she’s more of a Republican than a Democrat, relating to the Republican candidates. She might not be a conservative actor like others in our list, but she’s a Republican nonetheless.

While Owen Wilson hasn’t stated a lot about his political beliefs, he does have some hold conservative values. The actor has even been at the Young Republicans Convention in D.C.

We’ve known Britney since she was a child star. Britney Spears was a supporter of President Bush and was all for tax cuts. She has strong conservative and religious beliefs.

Another child star, Hilary Duff grew up in the spotlights and kept her conservative values throughout the years. Even though she’s not a liberal, Duff is very famous, and so is the next actor.

We all love Adam Sandler, who is a proud Republican. He even donated money to Republican campaigns, including the one for Rudy Giuliani.

An advocate for Second Amendment rights, the Die Hard actor has been voting Republican in all general elections since 1988! The same goes for the next beloved singer…

The singer has a lot of success in country music, and we’re not very surprised to hear she’s a conservative. She has always voted for Republican presidential candidates.

Another openly Republican is the professional athlete Brett Favre. He’s known to talk about his political view, unlike other NFL players. He’s a proud Republican.

Can you believe the singer and actor is conservative? He was open about his support to John McCain, although he respected Obama. LL Cool J even showed up at the Republican National Convention.

Another hip-hop singer, 50 Cent even said back in 2005 that he wanted to meet President Bush and shake his hand. The next actor also endorsed President Bush…

Many of the actor’s votes went to Republican candidates, including President Bush. With deep conservative views, Selleck was not afraid to voice his political views.

The Hollywood superstar is a strong Republican. Back in 2008, he backed John McCain’s presidential campaign, stating the candidate was the best fighter that could win that race.

The actress has been a conservative for many years, endorsing George W. Bush, Christine O’Donnell, and Mitt Romney.

Growing in a Christian family and inspired by her father who was a devout republican, Jessica Simpson stands by the Republican Party.

Finally, the mother of a happy liberal household is actually a Republican. Did you expect all these Hollywood stars to be conservative? We surely didn’t expect it at all!


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