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These Guys Used Drones To Create An Epic Star Wars Aerial Battle, And The Result Is Mind Blowing! [VIDEO]


The guys at CorridorDigital teamed up with professional drone race pilots from Rotor Riot to bring all us one of the most stunning drone videos we have ever seen.  Combine that with the legendary essence of Star Wars and you have yourself one epic viral monster. The efforts made by the pilots and crew that went into making this short film is unparalleled. Using several racing drones, the highly skilled pilots from Rotor Riot recorded the aerial chase footage, which required a lot of testing and experimentation to figure out what manoeuvres and flightpaths would work. 3D printed miniature cockpits were then created by CorridorDigital to be filmed separately.  These were filmed with moves matching those of the drone footage to give a realistic and believable direction of light.  This was something that proved to be much easier said than done. Both sets of footage were filmed with GoPro cameras so the shots match each other well.  When composited, it’s difficult to tell that it wasn’t actually being recorded from inside a tie-fighter or an X-Wing. Throw in a few blaster shots, a cool musical score, some sound effects and you’re good all done. Catch Drone Wars below in the player, and be sure so watch it in full screen!   Both crews have put together their own behind the scenes videos, showing how things all came together. drone_wars_pilots drone_wars_3d_printed_cockpits drone_wars_original_composited drone_wars_sound_design The sound track was beautifully created by Blakus.  


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