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These Monster-In-Laws Almost Ruined Their Children’s Marriages

Baby Daddy Issues

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“My son is your children’s father and there’s nothing you can do about that.” This is the exact quote my former mother-in-law screamed at me in my own driveway back in 2006. All while her worthless, addict son literally hid behind her. What set her off was hearing my kids call him “dad.”

We hadn’t taught them this, they had just started doing it because her precious son only saw my girls four or five times a year. So here I have this garbage human that literally had his mommy fighting his battles.

And then I have this sweet, kind-hearted man who fell in love with me and my girls, who said to me when he proposed, “Those girls deserve a dad and I want to be one.” 

That was the last time she saw my kids. I never called her son again and I stopped answering her phone calls. My fiancé and I married that fall. We filed adoption papers after Christmas. My ex didn’t contest it. He didn’t show up to court. 

The mother-in-law in the next story should really learn not to snoop around in somebody else’s house.


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