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Preschoolers Who Vowed To Wed In 1995, Tie The Knot More Than 20 Years Later

2. Two Peas in a Pod

At first, Laura thought Matt was a total goofball as he would just follow her around the playground all day. However, when she got to know his infectious and hilarious sense of humor, she became just as hooked, and the rest was history! Laura and Matt did everything together. They simply loved chasing one another around the playground playing hide-and-seek and staying up during nap time to giggle and get up to mischief. It all seemed pretty innocent for such small children, but no one could have anticipated what would later unfold.

3. Field Trips

4. Love Birds

Despite their tender age, Matt constantly tried to impress Laura with several preferred methods of flirting. His best tactic was to recite catchy lines from Disney’s movies, particularly The Lion King, to get Laura’s undivided attention. Matt also tried to impress Laura during a Cinco De Mayo celebration by breaking opening the piñata. Laura, on the other hand, taught Matt how to swing, how to draw rolling hills, and how to eat string cheese. The teachers thought their bond was incredibly sweet, but they weren’t prepared for what Matt was about to do.

5. Young Love

6. Preschool Sweethearts

No one took Matt’s words seriously, but this didn’t stop him and Laura from remaining as close as ever for the rest of preschool. They attended each other’s birthday parties and set play dates almost every week. The tiny tots almost seemed destined to be together, even at such a young age. It was very rare for such young souls to share such a unique bond. However, this bond would soon be put to the test.

7. Off to Kindergarten

8. Christmas Cards

When the time came to send Matt and Laura to kindergarten, their parents sent them off to separate schools. It wasn’t deliberate, but it was clear that each set of parents wasn’t really aware of just how close their kids really were. It wasn’t easy for them, but Matt and Laura continued to see one another sporadically until around the year 2000, when the time came to embark on a totally new chapter: elementary school. This would prove to test their friendship even further.

9. Love From A Distance

10. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

As Matt and Laura navigated their way through elementary school, the annual Christmas cards started to matter less. Neither of them eagerly waited to see a picture of the other attached to the card as the years unfolded. It seemed the proverbial saying was true: out of sight, out of mind. The former preschool sweethearts were forging new friendships and making new memories, so it was only natural that Matt and Laura starting thinking less about one another. This, however, would eventually change due to an unbelievable circumstance that neither could have foreseen.

11. High School Freshmen

12. Blast from The Past

One day, Laura was innocently scrolling through her friend’s phone and happened upon Matt Grodsky’s name in the contact list. She couldn’t believe her eyes and asked her friend how she knew Matt and why she had his number. It turned out that Laura Scheel’s friend had attended middle school with Matt. When Laura made the connection, she told her friend about her and Matt’s preschool romance. Laura decided it was best not to put much thought into it, but her friend had an outlandish idea!

13. Matchmaker

14. Rekindled Love

Soon enough, Laura received a text from Matt about meeting up. They agreed to meet up at the movie theater and it felt like no time had passed at all. In fact, Matt told People that the chemistry was still there and it was again love at first sight. They hit it off right away. The attraction was instant and strong, and within two weeks of meeting, Laura and Matt were officially dating. It was challenging being at different schools, but that didn’t stop them from dating throughout high school and attending one another’s school dances. They weren’t in the clear, however, and still had more hurdles to overcome ahead.

15. Rethinking Things

16. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Laura Scheel enrolled at Northern Arizona University while Matt moved more than 1,600 miles away to Chicago to attend Columbia College. It wasn’t an easy decision, but seeing that the couple had so much practice at a somewhat long distance relationship during their high school years, they hoped nothing would come between them. They didn’t want a repeat of their separation after preschool, so they decided to stick it out by figuring out a schedule to see one another as often as possible. They used FaceTime and social media to stay in contact and even visited one another’s campuses. Nothing could keep these lovers apart, even the distance. But nothing could have prepared Laura for what Matt would soon do.

17. Soul Mates

18. Another Milestone

Despite all the long weeks spent apart, Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel’s first year of junior college went by super quickly. It was then when Matt decided he needed to do something he should have done long before; something that could change the course of his and Laura’s life. Their senior year of college was around the corner, but Matt wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way any longer. He wanted to surprise his love with the most special idea, but he couldn’t have anticipated that what he was about to do would make headlines.

19. A Celebratory Picnic

20. Emotions are High

Laura wasn’t aware that Matt was taking her to their preschool playground to have the picnic. He really believed it would be a symbolic moment to celebrate their beautiful relationship and unique love story, which had all started right there. The whole car ride to the preschool Laura noticed that Matt looked very anxious and fidgety. Sure, he wanted to surprise her, but she couldn’t understand what could be so nerve-racking for him. That was because she had no idea where they were going and wasn’t aware of what else Matt was planning that would have everyone in tears.

21. Marry Me!

22. The Plan

Matt proposed to Laura on May 23, 2015. Incredibly, he had already purchased the engagement ring after receiving her dad’s blessing two months prior. He even stationed his own brother at the preschool before they arrived so he could capture footage of the entire proposal. The reason he was fidgety during the drive there was because he kept checking his pocket for the ring. What’s more, Matt also organized the picnic basket his own father had used to propose to his mother and filled it with snacks, wedding dress magazines, and sparkling cider. That wasn’t the only surprise Matt had for Laura, though.

23. The Preschool Pledge

24. Tying the Knot

On December 30, 2016, preschool sweethearts Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel tied the knot at the Arizona Historical Society, proving that true love really does exist. To merge the nostalgic past and the celebratory present, they chose “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John as the song for their first dance — a blatant nod at Matt’s many Disney one-liners. Matt’s uncle also officiated the wedding and described Matt and Laura’s relationship eloquently, saying: “For most kids in preschool, it’s about finding your snacks and your sleeping mats, but for them it was about finding their soulmates.” Still, Matt and Laura’s love story didn’t just end here.

25. A Meaningful Moment

26. A Touching Request

Soon after Laura became a Grodsky, she wanted to share her and Matt’s beautiful story with the world. That’s when Matt posted about their heartwarming preschool sweetheart story on the Instagram account “The Way We Met,” which recounts incredible stories of how different couples met. Matt started the post explaining where it all started until the moment they exchanged vows 20 years later. “I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day,” he declared. While they expected people to like their story, Matt and Laura could never have anticipated where it would lead.

27. The Response

28. Going Viral

The post then went dormant for a few months as the newly married couple renovated their new home, but then one day, Laura received a message from the Instagram account that their story had been spotlighted to an audience of over 392,000 followers. Eventually, the famous actor and rapper Tyrese Gibson reached out to Matt and Laura. Admitting that he is a “sucker for true love,” Gibson offered the special couple a three-day trip to Miami. The former preschool sweethearts jumped at the opportunity and took up the gesture for a vacation. The couldn’t help but message Gibson while there to express their gratitude. Still, Gibson wasn’t the only one who took notice.

29. For Eternity

30. The Future

Since Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel got married, life has been great. He works as a screenwriter and an account executive at a digital marketing agency and Laura works for a non-profit organization helping foster families in need. They also love cooking and exercising together along with looking after their precious pooch Kirby. As for the future, Laura told People: “We would love to have kids at some point. Right now we are focused on our new puppy Kirby and our new house.” Now, this is what you call a fairytale love story!


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