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These Rare Photos Shows Us The Unseen Side Of Common Things Around The World

While the daily routine is oftentimes boring, the world is filled with interesting stuff. Even the common things around us are worth giving them a second look. These rare photos are proof that things like a toothpaste or a guitar are so much more interesting if you look from a different angle. The mind-blowing shots will surely make you rethink the way you see the world!

A Tortoise Skeleton

We never realize that tortoise are so weird and frail without their shell! Its spine is curved in the shape of the shell and attached to it. All those cartoons where the tortoise left its shell were false…

While sitting at the theater, we bet you never imagined what’s behind the stage. Although the glamour lacks on the backside, it is there were part of the magic happens.

A pearl is created when there’s an irritant inside the shell or an attack from outside. The mollusk will start creating a pearl sack to seal off that irritation, thus creating these beautiful gems.

Without all the water around it, this battleship looks like it is ready to take off. The U.S. hasn’t built any other U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) since WW2.

This is how the top of the Everest looks like. Maybe you thought it looked better, but with so many people trying to reach it, it’s obvious there’s a lot of trash. These are the flags of all the people that reached the top and Tibetan prayer flags.

With all the covers on it, the CT scanners look so boring, but without them, they really look like a piece of art. It reminds us how clever humans are in creating these complicated machines.

As you stroll in your neighborhood, you never think of how the pavement was placed. In Netherlands, a photographer caught the moment when a brick street was laid and it looks so neat!

If you thought that the power line towers were constructed and installed on the spot, then think again! It’s unbelievable that the helicopter can lift that much weight.

You may think this is a fancy expensive studio apartment, but it’s actually the inside of a guitar! People are asking whether someone could make an apartment look like this.

If you wonder how it looks like when there’s a fire in an airplane hangar, then you should know that the suppression system is activated in case of an emergency, spraying al this foam all over the hangar.

If you wondered how the Tower of Pisa looked from inside, this photo should help you make an idea. This is the inner shaft of the tower.

This is how a firework shell looks when cut in half. Imagine how ingenious people were to figure out how to create such configurations to get different effects.

If you’re a bowler, maybe you already know how a bowling ball should look on the inside. But for those not looking for fun facts about their favorite games, this photo is quite surprising!

In January 2017, this was one of the first wind turbine blades made at a local factory in Hull, UK. It was put on display as an art installation in Hull and it was there for a whole month!

This is how a heated flood looks like before being covered by floor tiles. Heated floors are amazing in places where the temperatures dip too low.

These are not candies cut into half! They are actual golf balls. We have no idea why they have colored cores. Golf balls once had a small core that was wrapped in a ton of rubber bands.

This freaky plant is actually a lilly pad turned upside down! We can all agree that it looks like an alien plant.

This is not a hot needle poking through a cloth, it’s actually a Space Shuttle leaving the Earth’s atmosphere! The photo was taken by NASA and it looks incredible!

This is how the blood vessels of a hand would look! Now we all know why our fingertips bleed so much after a small cut.

The blue whale has a blowhole that looks exactly like a very large nose! How many of us have thought it would look like this?

This is how an early human embryo looks like on the tip of a needle. At some point, we all looked like this!

The photographer that took this photo works at a bank, which still has a vault door from the 1800s. It is definitely a work of art.

We saw how a bowling ball looks like on the inside, but here is how a bowling alley looks like on the other side. It almost looks like a launderette!

This is how the 9 volt battery looks like on the inside. They’re formed from 6 AAA A cells, but basically the 9 volt battery is 6 AAA batteries taped together.

This is how a cactus looks like if you cut it in half. If you cut a piece of it and plant it, you got a second cactus and the original one quickly grows other branches.

This in not an alien cave from a horror movie. It’s actually how an air mattress looks like on the inside. How do you even get to look inside one?

Before being stretched blown and molded into a PET bottle, this is how a water bottle looks like. It’s called a perform and needs to be heated before the molding process begins.

These pretty purple flowers are actually artichokes that haven’t been harvested. They bloomed and they look like thistles!

Hedges are tiny trees, and it’s so strange to see one cut in half! It’s clear why birds love nesting in these thick brushes.

If you wondered how a traffic control room looks like, here’s the one from Beijing. The screen shows a live feed of the city streets.

Western movies wouldn’t be the same with the iconic dried tumbleweed. This is how tumbleweed looks like when it’s still green.

This is how a cornea transplant looks like. The symmetry of the stiches shows just how skilled the surgeon has to be.

This is a piece of bark that we love to eat. Can you guess what it is? It’s cinnamon! It tastes exactly as the cinnamon sticks you buy at the store.

When you’re an athlete, this is how your legs would look like after the Tour de France. People with less subcutaneous fat can have more visible veins.

If you like playing pool and have been wondering what’s inside the table, here’s how the interior looks like. It looks like a maze.

This was the largest container ship in the world until a few months later when another container ship was built.

If you ever wondered what was inside the paint can, this is the ball you’d find. Some people say there are also metal balls or marbles inside paint cans.

Old Ronald Mcdonald doesn’t look to good, right? That’s because this is the molding cast of the statue. It looks weird, we know!

We love how mechanical things look from the inside! This is how a Leica camera lens looks like when cut.

It may look like a pineapple without its top, but this is how a frag grenade looks like when cut in half.


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