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Thieves Regret Stealing A WWE Belt After Finding Out Who The Owner Is

Timmy was on cloud nine when he received a WWE belt for his birthday. However, just a few days later, two thieves stole the belt, and it broke the boy’s heart. 

But his father was determined to get them to return the belt and make them regret it for the rest of their lives. So, how did he do it?

Timmy Vick was a five-year-old boy diagnosed with autism. He and his father, Tim, had a close bond, and they spent all of their free time together. 

One day, Timmy fell ill and was taken to the doctor. 

Unfortunately, the doctors had discovered a large brain tumor. Seeing that Timmy didn’t have much time left, his father decided to do something special for him.

He used all his savings to buy his son a replica of the WWE Championship belt.

The belt was a replica, and Tim still needed to make a couple of finishing touches before it could look just like the real one. 

So, he turned to social media for help. 

It didn’t take long for his Facebook post to go viral, and Serg More heard about it. He specializes in reconditioning old items and decided to offer his services to Tim free of charge. 

He told Tim that he would replace all the fake-looking stones to make the belt look more original.

Of course, Tim accepted his offer, thinking Serg was just a kind man who wanted to help his family. 

Little did he know what he was getting himself into. 

Tim sent the WWE belt replica with a thank you note to Serg’s address. Unfortunately, the package arrived while Serg was at work, and the delivery man left it outside his door.

As soon as the delivery guy dropped the package, two women appeared on his front porch. 

They quickly picked up the package and ran away. Fortunately, Seg had a secret camera facing his front porch. 

He couldn’t believe what they did and decided to upload the footage of them stealing his package on Facebook. 

In his post, Serg shamed them for stealing a WWE belt from a child with a brain tumor and begged them to return the package. 

The two thieves recognized themselves in his social media post and regretted stealing the belt from a sick child. 

The two women immediately returned the stolen WWE belt to Serg, who then added some finishing touches to it. 

Timmy was so happy when he received the belt! But who were the two thieves?

The two women who stole Timmy’s belt were so ashamed that they wrote a four-page letter and left it in front of Serg’s door. 

In their letter, they explained that they felt extremely sorry for stealing the boy’s gift. 

“We are so sorry for taking your stuff. Never in a million years would I have expected I would have stolen from a sick 5-year-old,” the letter read. 

 ”I have a 6-year-old myself and am ashamed of what I did.”

The two women explained that they “never wanted to steal a child’s hope.”

They admitted that what they did wasn’t right and apologized to the family several times. 

“It was beyond anything I’d hoped for,” Serg told USA TODAY. 

 ”I really just hoped for their faces to have been shown locally all over so someone would maybe turn them in or find them. I never expected them to drive the belts back here and personally hand them over.” 

Serg said that he felt a bit nervous when he saw the two thieves walking in his direction. ”When I recognized them and they got out of the car, I looked in the car, the rest of the car, to see if anyone else was with them. Yeah, I didn’t know what their intentions were,” he said. 

“If they were driving up to confront me for putting them on the news or who knows?”


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