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Thin Celebrities Who Got Incredibly Fat

Tyra Banks

Celebrities remain under enormous pressure to stay in great shape at all times. All of these celebs were once fit, thin, and hot. See what happened! As one of the first and most famous models, Tyra Banks must have worked incredibly hard to keep that slim figure. Would it last once she stepped off the catwalk for good, though?

In this case, the star hit back when she was derided for being fat in a swimsuit photo. She says that she has battled with her weight over the years but is now happy with her figure.

Russell Crowe

When he was a Gladiator, Russell seemed like a lean, mean fighting machine. What would happen once he was away from the arena, though?

You wouldn’t bet on this chubby Gladiator taking on the Emperor, would you? Russell has definitely added some bulk to his frame since the legendary duel with Commodus.

Jon Favreau

One of our favorite actors, Jon started out as a slim dude with a chiseled body. Looking back, it didn’t really suit him as well as his current look, did it?

As the years have passed, Jon has gained a lot of weight. Somehow, it all just adds to his appeal and to the characters that he plays.

Britney Spears

Britney is another celeb whose weight has varied enormously over the years. Some people even doubt whether she was ever really as thin as she looked, due to Photoshop touching up in her images.

While she is far from being the fattest star on show here, Britney is another who has fought a long battle with her weight. In fact, she went as far as to release photos that hadn’t been touched up a while back, to show how much our perception is controlled by photo editing.

Kelly Clarkson

The Since U Been Gone singer was thin at one point but it wasn’t destined to last too long. The subject of weight is never too far away when people talk about the American Idol winner now.

Kelly has said that she is comfortable with her weight and that nasty comments don’t bother her at all. Good on you, girl.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson stole millions of hearts as a singer and as Daisy Duke. Part of her charm was undoubtedly in her slim look and great figure.

There is no denying that Jessica no longer looks like the classic image of Daisy Duke. She recently admitted that she has struggled with her body image and is trying to come to terms with her new, fuller figure.

Mariah Carey

The singer with the incredible vocal range has also shown that she has a wide range of body shapes as well. She used to be incredibly thin, so what happened next?

Mariah has piled on the weight in recent years and sometimes lost it again. She has denied getting plastic surgery to lose weight and puts her bouts of thin-ness down to dieting and exercise.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo became a worldwide star as a thin, boyish actor with great hair. He is still a wonderful actor with enviable hair but how has the body stood up to the passage of time?

The good news is that Leo seems happy with the slightly flabby look. After all, he is still rich, famous, and highly attractive.

Gerard Butler

Scottish actor Gerard shot to fame for – among other things – a very buff body. Here we see him looking good before a charity soccer game.

The war against the bulge is one that Gerard appears to be losing lately. Will he manage to lose the weight and be slim again the future?

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is another actor who burst into our lives as a young, thin guy. When we saw his early films it was impossible to imagine his as ever being fat.

As with the other people on this list, time has caught up with Matt and expanded his gut. To be fair, he says that he gained the extra pounds for a movie role but will he be able to lose the fat now?

John Travolta

John Travolta is one of the most famous examples of a star who got fat. Who can forget his dancing and his slim figure in Grease and Saturday Night Fever?

John may very well still have the slick dancing moves in his head but we fear that the body can probably no longer move around in the way it used to do. Will we ever see him dance on-screen again?

Christina Aguilera

Christina was thin then she was fat then she was thin again. This was her when she was thin and fabulous looking in her early career.

She may only have been chunky for a while, but she sure made a good job of piling on the pounds. At the time she said that she loved being bigger, although she then lost the extra pounds again.

Kirstie Alley

One of the most famous examples of a gorgeous, thin celeb going to pot comes with Kirstie Alley. When she was slim who would have guessed how she would end up getting so fat later on?

Kirstie’s weight seems to have gone up and down drastically in the last few years. She has confessed to struggling to control her weight, although to be fair it was pretty obvious anyway.

Matthew Perry


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