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Things Disney Characters Aren’t Allowed To Do

Even though guests have a few rules to remember not to break while they’re there – employees have it much worse. They need to memorize a ludicrous amount of rules to follow.

Ever consider applying for a job at Disneyland? Take a look at some of the weirdest things that employees at Disneyland have to follow while on the grounds. 

Employees at Disneyland can never point a single digit at anything. Watch closely the next time an employee has to point.

If a guest asks where something is they have to very carefully point somewhere with at least two of their fingers or their whole hand. It’s because a single finger point is considered aggressive.

When it comes to tattoos Disney employees need to hide it under clothing. If it’s exposed at all it’s a huge violation.

If anything is shown during the interview process then they won’t be hired. It’s no surprise how strict the rules are when men hired couldn’t even have facial hair until somewhat recently. Strange, right?

If you ever dreamt of applying for a job at Disneyland and wanted to act as one of your favorite characters then just consider one thing.

There’s a long list of very strict rules. There are height and weight restrictions that are different for every character. Tinkerbell has to be short while someone playing The Beast had to be well-built and tall.

But there’s even more at play when it comes to being a Disney character. People can’t have fluctuating weight.

A person playing a Disney princess has to have a similar facial structure to fit the description of the person they are playing. Cast members can even be demoted if they gain too much weight. 

People playing members of the Disney cast have to sign hundreds of autographs every day.

If you get the role of a character you have to learn how to pull off their signature flawlessly. Snow White and every other princess have their own unique signature that people have to learn. We didn’t even think that they had signatures…

Here’s a rule that many people are away of, but we still think we should mention it.

Employees playing a role have to stay in character as soon as the costume and makeup is on. There are no exceptions and they have to play their character until they go back to the dressing room to remove the outfit.

For example, if a kid asks Peter Pan if he likes MacDonald hamburgers, the actor has to play dumb – since the franchise didn’t exist during Pan’s time.

Ariel has no idea what a car is, and Jasmine will be puzzled at the notion of an airplane. They’re obviously trained on how to deal with these questions.

The company’s rule to staying in the immersive world of their park even goes as far as how the cast members eat.

They have to either change and eat in the park or go to a special staff cafeteria. Oh, and side, note… Forget about tweeting what magical meal you had. They’re not allowed to talk about their personas on social media. Yep, the corporate control goes as far as the cast’s personal lives. 

Disney parks are immaculate, and quite by design.

But it’s not just up to the sweepers to keep things pristine. Everyone from executives to snack vendors must pick up trash any time they come across it. This includes princesses! What’s more, they have a patented, graceful “swoop and scoop” motion they must follow.

“I don’t know” is considered sacrilege in Disney.

The customer service requires anyone who is asked a question, and doesn’t know the answer, they must go out of their way to get the proper details – even if it’s not even close to their department. They have to call someone who knows and stay by the customer’s side until the issue is resolved. 

Hair, face, and tattoos have been covered. But what about jewelry?

Employees can have one earring per ear, and it must be smaller than a quarter – and it must be on the bottom lobe. Rings are restricted to one band per hand, unless someone has a wedding band set. Anything else is a no-go.

If for any reason the topic of employment comes up, and the person is actually a cast member who plays a costumed character, the have to say they are “a friend with…” 

This lets adults in on the secret but keeps the illusion alive for children even off the Disney property. 

Celebrities must be treated like any other guest.

The person playing Ariel absolutely cannot squeal when she sees a famous person walk by – or even come up for a picture. They have to stay strictly within character.  

Disney princes must always smile, stand straight, and be upbeat. They also cannot sit down.

And if that isn’t bad enough, it doesn’t matter if it’s boiling hot or freezing cold – they’re not allowed to put on coats or leave for an extra water break. Some former employees say it borderlines on abuse. 


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