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30+ Shocking Facts About ‘The Big Bang Theory’ You Never Knew

We fell in love with the Big Bang Theory the first time we experienced Sheldon’s eccentric ways and nine series later we like to think we know everything when it comes to this hilarious TV show.

The show has an official science advisor (David Saltzberg) who helps the writers with the science portion of the scripts.

Every main actor has seen Penny nude apart from Howard

Mayim Bialik, who plays Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, is actually a neuroscientist

And she is the only cast member to actually have a PhD.

Galecki and Cuoco (who play Leonard and Penny) dated in real life

It’s become a “thing” for real scientists to be featured on the show’s whiteboard.

It took only one take for Cuoco and Galecki to film Penny professing her love for Leonard

Leonard is a cellist on the show, but Galecki is a cellist in real life.

Kevin Sussman (who plays comic shop owner Stuart Bloom) actually worked at a comic book store in New York.

A new species of the Brazilian orchid bee was named after Sheldon’s catchphrase, “Bazinga!”

We will probably never know Penny’s last name.

Science enrollment in universities has increased since the show aired

TBBT actually consulted with NASA for Wolowitz’s space story line.

Sheldon actually played the theremin

The Big Bang writers don’t plot the season out too far in advance

Co-creator Bill Prady was a computer programmer before entering the entertainment industry

The show wasn’t pitched in a traditional manner

Melissa Rauch imitates her mother’s naturally high-pitched voice for her character, Bernadette.

Sheldon’s “softy kitty” song is based on a real song

The Big Bang Theory is the most watched TV series in America

The inspiration for Raj’s inability to talk to women expect when drunk was based on Bill Prady’s old co-worker

There was a Big Bang copycat show

The different floors of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment building are the same set which are just re-dressed for each scene

Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter are named after a late TV producer

TBBT creator Chuck Lorre shows ‘vanity cards’ at the end of each show

Penny’s recurring purse – she has used the same one since S1/Ep02.

Kaley Cuoco missed filming two episodes of season four because of a broken leg

Jim Parsons is somewhat different to Sheldon

Mayim had to cover her hand for five episodes in season six due to a car accident

Sheldon wears tops with 73 on and Jim Parson’s was born in 1973

Leonard rarely has any lenses in his glasses

A new genus of rhizostome jellyfish has recently been named Bazinga

Jim and Kaley are the world’s highest paid TV actors

The theme song was written by Canada’s Barenaked Ladies

The show was originally going to be called ‘Lenny, Penny and Kenny’

Amy’s apartment number is 314 in reference to pi

Kayley presented Jim Parsons with his first Golden Globe in 2011

Sheldon Cooper and Jim Parsons are both from Texas

Raj and Bernadette and Howard’s apartments are filmed on the same set and they just redecorate it every time they want to change between the two

Penny’s character was originally going to be a hard-drinking makeup artist

Mayim confirmed that the university the characters work at is based on California Institute of Technology

Will Wheatons house number (1701) is the same as the number of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise: NCC 1701-D

Amy is allergic to avocados

Raj is supposed to only be able to talk to women “when he is drunk” but in most episodes he can do so after one sip of alcohol

So, basically we have just proved what we DID already know


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