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Top Things That Don’t Exist Anymore But Should Come Back

These days, the world changes so quickly that it’s hard to remember some of the things that used to exist. But when someone mentions something that used to be the norm many years ago, you might wonder why the said thing doesn’t still exist.

In the following list, people share the top things that don’t exist anymore but should come back. 

I would love for toys in breakfast cereal to come back. When I was a kid, I loved finding those toys in my cereal. 

Nowadays, they offer an online code for a chance to win a contest if you download their shady game app. I would much rather have my toy than this, thank you very much. 

Saturday morning cartoons. Fox Kids, 1 Saturday Morning I remember watching the CW4Kids block after it replaced Kids WB in my early 20s, and I knew the writing was on the wall. It became Vortexx for a bit, and even that ended by 2014.

That was the greatest. Growing up on a low income, my family never had cable or satellite. I lived for Saturday morning cartoons. It was like a treat to find cartoons on one of eleven channels.

Preach! It is shocking how many people leave school with no idea how to take care of themselves. Not just basic cooking either, cleaning, making beds, laundry, airing your room.

We need to teach future students this stuff, and I believe the world would be a better place. I have no idea why they cut them off from the curriculum. 

It was the easiest way to nuke your tongue. Sure, if you ate an entire tin on the bus, you wouldn’t be able to taste anything for days, but they were really good, and I miss them.

I loved these so much as a kid. You can find them on eBay for about $100 a tin. I wish they were still around so kids these days could enjoy them too. 

McDonald’s used to be different, man. Now everything inside seems so cheap, I barely go anymore. I don’t know how people still eat there. 

I used to have the glass jar type cups with the McDonald’s characters on them, like Grimace, Hamburglar, and so on. That is some old-school stuff right there. I wish they were still around. 

In the old days, they used to have recycling and reusing programs for glass bottles. There was also aluminum recycling.

I used to go to US car and air shows with my brothers and collect everybody’s empty cans. We made loads of cash. I’m in southern Spain now with my four kids. There is aluminum everywhere. No more glass. 

Apparently, you can still get them in Mexico, but they are completely gone from the United States. I used to love these Doritos, but they are gone forever. Or maybe they’ll bring them back. One can only hope. 

I missed eating Doritos in those shapes. Now they’re all, well, incredibly boring. I wish some things from the past would come back again. 

They could have been really handy when everyone was distancing. But yes, they were very popular during my youth and I have to say that I miss them. 

I don’t want to sit with a bunch of strangers, but I also don’t want to only watch movies in my living room. And cinemas don’t have the same charm. 

Old refrigerators and cars were built to last. Then corporations realized they could rig stuff to degrade over time, forcing you to buy another. Now phones will start having problems after two years.

I wish things were still done to last for more than five years. Now phones, TVs, and cars are launched every year, and they only last about three years or so. 

Touchscreen texting is ruining my existence. I believe that it is awful, and I used to text much faster when I had a physical keyboard on my old phone. 

I wish they made a hybrid today or something. I don’t know. What I know is that I miss those QWERTY keyboards and texting using them.

Vines really cheered me up when I was going through such a rough time. It’s insanely admirable when you think of the amount of creativity that surrounded 6 seconds of footage. 

It was way ahead of its time! TikTok wishes she was Vine, but she ain’t. And I wish Vine was still around instead of the awful TikTok stuff that is so popular nowadays. 

Dunkaroos were still around until a couple of years ago, but the cookies changed to shortbread. It was disappointing, to say the least. 

I wish they would come. I loved those cookies, and I still look for them in the supermarket when I go shopping, out of reflex. There are rumors that they might come back, but who knows. 

I miss intermissions during long movies, especially now that movies tend to be much longer than they were, say, 20 years ago. My bladder would thank them. 

It is awful when you have to go to the toilet during the film, and you miss stuff. Intermissions are literally beneficial to the cinema because it gives you the chance to get more popcorn and snacks.

Back when we had Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin on the channel with just animals and nature documentaries. I always loved that channel as a kid. Man, old-school Discovery, Animal Planet, and History channels were the best.

I wish they were still the same, but I don’t know who watches them nowadays. I sure don’t anymore. 


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