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This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Carbs, And The Result Is Incredible

Meet little Grace Cooper, who’s been on a strict paleo diet since birth. Most adults can’t even follow a strict diet like hers, and her fitness fanatic mother says she’s only been sick once in her life! 

2. You Are What You Ate

So, you’ve all probably heard the saying ‘you are what you eat,’ but have you ever heard the saying that ‘you are what you eat ate?’ This is another concept that Shannon Cooper strongly believes in. It’s not just what we eat that affects us. The foods that the animals we eat ate can also strongly affect our bodies. For example, a free range hen’s eggs can contain up to 19 times the Omega 3 content than that of caged hens. The same can be said for free range cattle. In light of this, Shannon had an outlandish idea to put this notion to the test.

3. A Shocking Decision

Shannon is an expert when it comes to health and wellness; she even works as a health and wellness coach. So when it comes to food, she knows what she is doing. Her entire life revolves around the human body and what we put in it.

4. The Expert

So, when Shannon Cooper decided to start a family, it only made sense that she wanted to be involved in the health of her family and help out the best way that she knew how: with food. But no one would have guessed just how it would affect her daughter.

5. A Health Nut

Before you start thinking that Shannon put Grace on a diet because she was overweight, think again! Shannon put Grace on the Paleo diet, just as she had done for herself. She had been on the Paleo diet for much of her adult life.

6. Gut Health

Shannon, who is a self-proclaimed “gut health enthusiast,” wasn’t about to feed her daughter overly processed and preserved baby food out of a jar. No, she opted for something much more healthy and natural to feed her daughter.

7. The Paleo Diet 

Paleo became a lifestyle for Shannon due to her past health issues. For years she suffered from food allergies and felt like the food she was putting into her body just didn’t make her feel good. It was as if the food was poison and not fuel.

8. Health Issues 

The food that Shannon Cooper was once putting into her body was making her feel unwell. This was quite opposite of what it was supposed to be doing. So she started looking into changing her diet to feel better and have more energy throughout the day. However, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other.


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