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This California City Was Once A Bustling Town. Now, It Sits Beneath The Waves

The Prime

During its prime, Kennett seemed absolutely unstoppable. It had grown immensely beginning from a railroad station and then becoming a booming mining town in just one generation. The very few images that are left, are all that is left to show of this rising town golden age. The descendants of the people who helped build the city are no longer living there. Eventually, the town became a ghost town before completely vanishing. Photos are the only thing left to prove this town’s existence.

The Town Now

The town now is located in the deepest part of the lake and these days it sits right beneath its calm and murky waters. Fortunately, not everything is completely hidden. Due to some drought over the last few years, the water levels in the lake have dropped, exposing elements of the old town such as tunnels, railroad lines, and even some Wintu villages. Kennett still lies completely under the waves.


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