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This Cop Doesn’t Realize Hidden Camera Is Recording Him In The Elevator

Deputy Tony Scherb had worked at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office for 29 years and was known to be highly professional and strict. So it came as a surprise to everyone when the hidden camera at the office caught him in the act. 

Tony didn’t know they installed a hidden camera in the elevator.  

The Day Of

It was the day of his retirement when he got into the elevator, thinking he was alone there. He had no idea that all this time, the hidden camera was recording his every move.  

It was only a matter of time before everyone in the office found out what he was up to. 

After 30 Years of Working

Tony worked at El Paso County in Colorado for almost 30 years and was one of the longest-serving officers there. However, some coworkers found him intimidating and too serious.

Tony had worked with the transport and traffic units and was one of the best officers in his unit. But what he did in the elevator that day shocked his coworkers to the core. 

Last Day

After so many years of working, it was time for Tony to retire. His coworkers were sad to see him go and promised to come to visit him.

That day, after saying goodbye to everyone in the office, he took the elevator one last time, thinking he was alone there. Little did he know at the time that there was a security camera right above him. 

Installing A Security Camera 

The constant elevator malfunctions at Sherrif’s office were troubling the team, and they decided to install security cameras. Tony wasn’t aware of any of that.  

The authorities wanted to diagnose the problem and asked the technicians to install a security camera in the elevator. They decided to keep it a secret just in case. 

He Felt Emotional 

People do all kinds of things when they think they are alone, and a hidden camera can be pretty entertaining for whoever installed it. 

On that day, after his last day at the office came to an end, Tony was feeling emotional. But he didn’t want anyone else to notice it. So, he waited until he was alone to let it all out. 

All Alone

Tony got into the elevator and waited until the doors closed in front of him. Now he was finally alone. He was free to do whatever he wanted, or so he thought. 

What he did that day in the elevator would be the most memorable day for everyone in the office!

Having Fun

As soon as the elevator doors shut, Tony started dancing to Silento’s “Watch Me” playing in the elevator’s speakers. He didn’t know he was being watched and continued dancing and singing until the lift reached the ground floor. 

He had no idea that the chief deputy would catch him in the act. 

The Legendary Song

If you didn’t know, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) is a hip-hop song by R&B artist Silento.  It became instantly famous for its lyrics and dance moves. Like many others, Tony also liked this song. 

So when he heard it in the elevator, he started improvising its dance moves. Soon he would learn that the entire office was watching him. 

Letting Lose

Tony was having the time of his life dancing in the lift. Who needs a dancefloor when you can dance in the elevator?

It was his retirement day, and he was going to have a lot of fun. But what happened when the elevator reached its destination?

Caught In The Act

When the elevator stopped, officer Reid entered the lift where Tony was still dancing and singing. He couldn’t get out of his groove in time!

The officer gave him a skeptical look, but Tony didn’t care in the slightest. And it didn’t take long for her to get in the mood, and she started to move her legs too!

Enjoying The Ride

Soon both of them were showing off their dance moves and doing the Stanky leg together. Officer Reid wasn’t in the mood at first, but Tony’s dance moves really impressed her. 

While they were having fun, the elevator made another stop, and the chief deputy officer entered the lift. What did he do?

Almost Caught 

The two immediately stopped dancing and pretended to have a conversation about something. They didn’t want their senior to know what they were doing in the elevator earlier.

Even though the dancing stopped, the trio was still enjoying the music. 

Having The Time Of His Life

Even the chief deputy officer started to move his body to the song. Tony couldn’t wait for him to leave so he could get back to his dancing. He said goodbye to the officer and started dancing again the moment the chief exited the elevator. 

On the same floor that the chief deputy officer left on, school resource officer deputy Murphy came inside. What did she do when she saw them?

Dancing Together 

She noticed that something was going on with the pair and kept looking at them for a while. A few moments later, she joined in the fun. 

The trio kept on dancing in the elevator, not suspecting the camera was recording their every more. And no, the Superman didn’t join them, but something amazing did happen. 

“Do The Stanky Leg”

Soon the trio started singing together and moving to the beat. But of course, they had no idea that someone was watching them the entire time. 

When the lyrics referring to Superman came, they imitated the flying style. They were then joined by Sheriff Bill Elder, who was also their senior. Did he join in the fun?

Going Crazy

Again, they stopped dancing, but it was the Sheriff who took the initiative of restarting the party. The group went crazy over the Silento song. 

By that point, they suspected they were being watched, but they didn’t care. After all, they were just having some fun. In the meantime, the hidden camera in the elevator was recording everything. So what did their superiors think of the dance moves?

The Video Went Viral

Shortly after, the Sheriff’s Office made a Facebook post about Tony and attached the camera footage. “Tony earned the reputation from his peers and supervisors as being highly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable,” they said.

The video reached over a million views in just a couple of days. It’s not every day when you get to watch police officers dance to “Watch Me” in the elevator. These days, security cameras are installed almost everywhere, and you never know when you’re being recorded. Are you ready to watch some of the funniest moments caught on security cameras? If so, let’s dive right in!


This guy is holding a delicious ice cream, but then he drops it on the ground. He looks around to see if someone is nearby and realizes he is alone. So, he picks it up and eats it. 

Later he realizes there’s a security camera right above him, but it’s too late now!

A Valuable Tissue 

This girl was riding her motorcycle when she decided to blow her nose with the tissue. Suddenly, a thief appears out of nowhere and takes her tissue. 

He probably thought it was a phone. Can you imagine how awkward he must’ve felt after?

Riding The Escalator 

The two girls stepped on the escalator and fell down. They couldn’t get up and just kept falling down. 

The escalator kept moving, and they couldn’t get out. So next time you’re using an escalator, beware that this could happen to you too if you’re not careful. 

An Angry Man

This guy decided to take his anger out on the poles in front of him and started kicking them. He went a little too far and couldn’t control himself. 

He knocked off all the poles and just watched them fall into the water. Why did he do it? Who knows, but this isn’t something you get to witness every day. 

Making Memories

It’s unclear what the man in this footage was up to. Maybe he was trying to get a photocopy of his butt?

He thought that nobody was watching him. And just like that, he broke the photocopier machine!

The Dog Scared Him

This delivery man was waiting for someone to open the door when the dog suddenly ran out the front door and scared him. 

The dog was friendly and just wanted to say “hi,” but the delivery man was still terrified. In fact, he got so freaked out that he dropped all of his packages!

A Pig

This woman was recording herself doing yoga when suddenly a pig approached her and scared her away. 

What was a pig doing at her house? We will never know, but the whole situation is rather funny!

A Failed Attempt 

This awkward moment was recorded at a grocery store. The girl in this footage was stealing many different items and thought she could get away with it. 

She was hiding the stuff under her dress. And a few moments later, she got arrested. 

A Brave Man

This hidden camera at a police station in Thailand caught a snake on its way to scare a man. Instead of freaking out and running away, he tried to fight it.

After winning the fight, he proceeded to walk around the station with the snake in his hands, and the officers weren’t too happy about it.

Well, That Hurt

This lady was in a rush to leave the building and accidentally bumped into the glass. Well, that must’ve hurt a lot!

A man was running behind her, who was also on his way to exit the building. We wonder what was really going on in there…

Wasted Food

In this footage, the waitress was serving food to the customers. The disaster struck when she accidentally bumped into her coworker and dropped all the food on the ground. 

They had a lot of cleaning to do, that’s for sure! 

A Stolen Truck

Unfortunately, theft is very common, and sometimes, it results in funny and awkward situations like this one. 

In this video, a FedEx delivery man got his truck stolen after forgetting to close the doors. As he was walking back to the car, the thief hit the gas and sped away. 

Caught In The Act

This lady spotted a package left in front of the door and wanted to steal it. But she quickly changed her remind when she realized there was a security camera above her.

So, she slowly started walking away in a hilarious manner!

Something Went Wrong

This couple was getting cozy in the elevator on their way to the apartment. But everything would change in a few hours. 

We’re not sure what happened after this footage, but the woman doesn’t seem too happy about her boyfriend being there and decides to push him out of the elevator. 

A Bear Cub

Here, we have a bear cub walking inside someone’s apartment, clearly enjoying his time there. This happened to a resident living in Meadow Drive, United States. 

This bear suddenly entered his apartment when no one was home and approached the piano in the living room. Well, it looks like he just wanted to play the piano! Some Reddit users shared the strangest things they’ve seen on a security camera, and the first one on our list is mindblowing!

A Strange Man

“I worked as a harbormaster a while ago, so I had to check the marina cameras after a boat was abandoned at our docks.”

“I was looking for the owner, so I checked the tape from the boat’s first night in the marina. In the footage, the man who had sailed the boat stood on the end of his boat for two hours, barely moving. Then at 1:30 a.m., he just walked off the back and dropped into the water. He never came back up. Never found his body. Freaky.” —u/[deleted]

A Man Was Eating A Deer

“I was a security coordinator for a large electric company, and one time, I was doing a maintenance check on some random train station at like 3 a.m.”

“I panned a camera as far to the right as possible to check that it was functioning, and this dude was on all fours eating a deer in the middle of the tracks. I watched him for about 10 minutes and went to get the other guy on shift, but the dude was gone when I came back. I rewound the tape, and the dude stopped munching on the carcass, wiped the gore off his face, and walked into the woods like he didn’t have a care in the world.” -Nassir

A Creepy Stranger

“I’m not in security, but I work for a bank, and part of my job is checking the cameras in the morning.”

“Last week, I saw a ping on our back entrance camera, and when I went to watch the video, it was a guy I didn’t recognize. He was pacing back and forth in front of the door at 3 a.m. for a solid 20 minutes. Every couple minutes, he’d stop, walk up to the door, stare into the camera, and then he’d go back to pacing. A car eventually went by, and that must’ve set something in him off because he ran away and didn’t come back.” -reflectorvest

A Drunk Guest

“A year back, I was working at a hostel, and we have security cameras throughout the building. I was watching the footage from the camera in the kitchen. It is about 2 am, and a very drunk guest walks in, grabs some snacks, and accidentally drops an empty bottle on the ground.”

“He then proceeds to kick it up into the air, where it flys across the entire length of the room perfectly into the recycling bin. In his drunken state, he threw up his hands, ran around in a circle clearly in shock at how amazing he is. Then after looking around he noticed there was no one there to see it. After that, he looked visibly depressed and stumbled back out of the kitchen,” -xXxwiskersxXx

He Didn’t Care At All

“I used to work IT at a university, and last Easter, we had a break-in. We found the footage of the guy going in at 2 PM, leaving at around 3, and not really taking anything. Fast forward to 7 PM, and the guy comes back in and is walking around the auditorium till 6 AM the next morning.”

“In that time, he proceeded to strip into his underwear, steal and wear a mask the Japanese exchange students made for the teacher, and smoke a ton. He managed to steal 6 full bags of random items.” -MacZilliren

One Fearless Woman

“I spent a few years working at the front desk for various shifts at a few hotels (moved a lot during this time, so I got a pretty big sampling of people from here and there), but the one thing I will never forget was right here in my home state of KY, in broad daylight.”

“A woman who did not have a room with us walked into the pool area from the large, sliding glass window, speaking on her cell phone with a bag hanging from that hand, and a toddler walking with her on the other hand. She let go of the toddler, then proceeded to get completely nude and continue her conversation standing in the pool area; not the pool itself, just the pool area.” -rotolotto

My Mom Told Me This Story

“Was my mom’s experience. She works on a cruise ship and has to go through surveillance footage and put the footage in different folders. She said she has nightmares of one simple but creepy thing. One night a guy walked out of a cabin into the view of the camera and stood for a few minutes, doing nothing. “

“Then looked up at the camera, moved as close to it as possible, and smiled into the camera for about 5 minutes, but she said watching it felt as if he was looking into the camera for hours. She said it’s just something she can’t get out of her head, and it made her feel so uncomfortable.” -Kn9ne9


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