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This Couple Purchased A New California Home And Discover A Hidden Passage Even Their Realtor Didn’t Know About

When the Otcaseks purchased a new home in Woodland Hills, California, they were oevrjoyed by the idea that they would have a new home to begin a new chapter of their life in. When they finally did, however, they were alarmed to find this hiding in the yard. The couple had first learned about the hole while touring the property with their realtor, but they didn’t think much of it until they actually purchased the house. Intrigued, they just knew they had to explore it further! So they climbed down into the mysterious hole to see what mysteries awaited them…

The shelter was spacious and designed to shelter a family of four, after all—and it contained everything from magazines and clothing to food and medicine. Basically, it held anything that a family would need in the event of a nuclear attack.

Deborah explained to them that it was her father, Alvin Kaufman, who had built the shelter way back in 1961. He was careful to construct it 15 feet beneath the surface, which would make it safe in the event of nuclear attack.

Even though the neighbors declined, Alvin went ahead and built his own, which he filled with everything he could think of. It had a water tank, a hand-cranked air filter, several sleeping areas for his family, and enough food to last them for several weeks.

Alvin’s dedication and thorough planning ultimately was rendered unnecessary; a nuclear attack never came. Still, it made for quite the time capsule. Everything he left inside, including this roll of paper towels still wrapped in its plastic packaging—was perfectly preserved!

That meant that there were pill bottles dating back to the 1960s inside the shelter! It gave Colleen and Chris an interesting glimpse into the medicine drawers of the not-so-distant past, though it was safe to say that these drugs had long since expired.

As a self-taught nuclear engineer, Alvin naturally made sure he stocked his shelter with plenty of relevant reading material, such as these texts on nuclear weapons and performing rescues. these books were often covered in his meticulous notes.

When reading became tedious or boring, Alvin had a backup plan: board games! Anyone who’s ever been stuck inside the house on a snowy day knows how valuable these kinds of activities are. This checkers board looks like it has seen better days, doesn’t it?


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