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This Couple Refused To Smooch On Kiss Cam – But The Man Pulled Out A Note That Sent The Crowd Wild

Martin had been at work that day, but he had exciting plans to look forward to in the evening. The sports fan had tickets to the University of Minnesota hockey game, in fact, and he had a date. Except it wasn’t quite the usual kind of Valentine’s Day date.

So Martin made sure to arrive at the match prepared for the possibility that he might end up on the big screen. And sure enough, at one point during the evening, the camera swung around to focus on Martin and the attractive blonde woman sitting next to him.

It all starts when the camera zooms in on Martin. At this point, though, he and his date aren’t really talking. Instead, they both appear to look a little bored. But when they realize that the kiss cam is pointing at them, they seem to glance at each other awkwardly.

A few more awkward seconds go by with neither of them leaning in for the kiss. And Martin’s expression can only be described as deadpan. But then he does something totally unexpected that makes the whole arena crack up.

Martin’s sign reads, “My sister,” followed by a bold arrow pointing toward the blonde woman sitting next to him. As soon as he holds up the paper, the hockey fans around them lose it and start laughing and applauding him.

Of course, the footage caused a stir online when it was first uploaded to YouTube via the Gophers’ account. Within the first week, in fact, it racked up an impressive 12 million views. And it even caught the attention of various TV shows and other media outlets.

The Gopher fan explained how he was worried that he would be heckled for not smooching the blonde woman next to him if the kiss cam came their way during the game. So that’s why Martin went to all the effort of printing a sign that would hopefully get him out of any trouble.

“One in ten thousand – I wasn’t taking those odds,” Martin explained. However, he added, his sister thought that by bringing the sign her brother was “being a dork.” Nonetheless, according to Martin, she was grateful in the end, after the stunt had got them out of a pretty awkward situation.

Not only that, but the crew had also found the stunt so funny that they’d struggled to focus on the job in hand. “We just all started to laugh,” Pacheco said. “You can’t ask for a better scenario on Valentine’s Day.” And Martin couldn’t have had a better result, either.


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