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What This Flight Attendant Did After Spotting A Threat Inside The Flight Was Totally Unexpected

Shelia Fedrick is a well-known flight attendant, and she has been working in this field for ten years. However, she has never, in her ten-year career, come across a situation quite like this one. All she saw was a girl sitting next to the window, and she looked incredibly suspicious.

The flight attendant immediately realized that she needed to know who this girl was. What she found out after doing a little investigating completely turned her whole world around.

Fedrick had been working as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines for 10 years now. This 49-year-old stewardess had created a big name for herself and was known for how seriously she took her job. Her positive attitude and her day-making smile made her a pleasure to work with. 

As a stewardess, her job is to look after the needs of passengers on the plane, get them refreshments, and maintain a positive attitude around them. But on one fateful day in 2011, she was carrying on with her daily duties when she spotted something very suspicious.

The San Francisco bound flight took off from Seattle with hundreds of passengers on it. As usual, Shelia was to welcome all the passengers with a smile and everything was carrying on like normal. This trip would be a short one, only two hours. 

However, she had no idea that this short trip was going to flip her world completely upside down, and she was about to change a passenger’s entire life.

The job of a flight attendant seems to be very underrated by today’s standards. The job of a flight attendant is to not only take care of the people around them, but they’re also the bridge between the passengers and the flight management. 

It’s crucial for them to make sure that every passenger has a comfortable journey through the entirety of their flight, and intervene when something isn’t right. 

There have been many incidents involved when it comes to flights. There’s always a possibility that flights could be hijacked, glitches in some kinds of equipment, and countless other possibilities.

In many of these cases, it was the flight attendants that emerged as heroes. However, the case that involved Flight Attendant Fedrick was completely different.

Fedrick has been in the business for a decade, and the experience really helps her when it comes to grasping the mood of the passengers, and their mood and state of mind. 

The day the incident occurred, she was taking rounds in the flight to see if anyone needed anything when her eyes captured a peculiar sight. Upon first glance, she realized something was not right.

There was a young woman sitting next to the window, and to Fedrick, the girl looked very odd. She couldn’t explain how, but she just didn’t look normal. Strangely, nobody else had noticed this weird girl except her.

She imagined that she must have been tired or just making it up. She needed someone to confirm her assumption.

The girl had a very suspicious appearance. She was wearing odd clothes and her hair was incredibly messy. She was also behaving in a strange way and she looked like she was trying hard not to look anyone in the eye. 

Fedrick looked around to see if she was with a family and it didn’t look like she was. However, when she saw the man beside her, she was shocked.

Unlike the girl next to him, the man seemed to be wearing very expensive clothes and he looked incredibly wealthy. He looked like a businessman of some sort and looked very clean, unlike the girl that was sitting next to him completely disheveled. 

Was the girl ill, perhaps? Or could there be another reason for the contrast between the two?

The difference between the two was completely earth-shattering. They seemed completely lost, and it was not difficult to see that the man was wealthy. Were the two related?

Fedrick needed an answer to all her questions, so she went closer to the girl to get a closer look at the situation at hand.

One other thing that piqued her curiosity was that the two weren’t speaking to each other at all. Even though it was suspected that the two were together they didn’t seem to share any familiarity with each other. 

Fedrick had never seen anything like this before in her life. What was the relationship between the two?

Fedrick noticed new things about the girl as she began to approach her seat. The girl was sitting on the seat near a window and she looked strictly out this window from the second she got on the plane. Her face was full of emotions and very bruised up. 

The girl was laying backward on the seat like she had no energy whatsoever to keep herself up. Was she in some kind of danger, or was she the source of the danger?

Fedrick knew she needed to immediately speak to the girl. But how exactly was she going to do that without alerting the suspicious man? 

The man was sitting close to the young ladies side and it didn’t seem like she would be able to get her alone. Then, she got an idea.

The idea she had on her mind was a risky one indeed. She knew very well that if she had failed to execute it properly, she would have to face some serious consequences. 

However, she knew it was important that she went ahead with it. She walked towards the girl and the man with her heart beating out of her chest.

She decided to interact with the man and the girl. It was the best thing she could think to do. She also had another thing on her mind. The man reacted quite unexpectedly when she tried to engage with the woman. 

He tried to stop Fedrick from interacting with the girl beside him by interrupting her. The flight attendant then noticed something else about the girl.

For some reason, the girl completely resisted making eye contact with Fedrick when she began speaking to her. The man suddenly got defensive when Fedrick began to speak to her. 

The whole situation was getting weirder by the minute. It was then that Fedrick concocted another plan.

For the rest of the flight, Fedrick kept a close watch on the girl and the man. When she finally got the chance to speak to the girl alone she rushed towards her and requested that she go to the bathroom. 

This was a risky move, and she didn’t know if the man would find out. Fedrick was taking a stab in the dark.

Luckily, the girl did end up using the restroom and when she did, she noticed something unusual left on the window of the plane. Fedrick quickly had to decide what her next move would be at that moment. The girl saw a note attached to the window and there was something written on the paper.

When she held the paper in her hand she realized it was a note left by the flight attendant. It read, “do you need help?” along with Fedrick’s phone number. The girl responded to the message.

Fedrick knew what she had sensed was correct. This was indeed an emergency situation, and she made sure that the man did not catch wind of her plan. 

Fortunately, the man never hinted at suspicion, but Fedrick was unsure if the girl actually needed her help or not.

Fedrick was stunned when she saw that the note relayed an answer that confirmed her suspicion. The girl did need help and she was in danger and new Fedrick could assist her. This is why when she saw the note she immediately sprung into action. 

The girl was most likely being taken to San Francisco without her approval. However, Fedrick had only one question. Why?

After getting the note, Fedrick didn’t waste any time to do what she did next. She immediately barged into the pilot pit and informed them about the girl. The pilot then called the police from their staggering height of 30,000 feet.

Now that the San Francisco Police had been informed, it was in their hands. All they had to do was land the plane.

As soon as the plane landed, the local police were deployed onto the terminal, onto the plane, and the man was arrested for questioning.

The girl had finally been rescued and when Fedrick learned what danger she had rescued the girl from, she felt a huge lift from her shoulders.

The situation indeed was more than what she ever expected. The girl had been a victim of human trafficking! Fedrick, of course, knew that there was a problem, but she didn’t know the problem would have been this large. 

The girl had been abducted and was taken to San Francisco. The teen would have spent her whole life sold into slavery had Fedrick not stepped in.

Fedrick explained to new reporters the condition of the young lady. She said, “The bruises that I saw on her, her appearance, her demeanor. I knew something was just not right at all. 

She looked like she had been through pure hell.” No doubt, Fedrick had saved this girls life.

Fedrick was able to shine a light on a situation that many fail to acknowledge. She said, “I’ve been a flight attendant for ten years and it’s like I am going all the way back to when I was in training. 

And I was like, I could have seen these young girls and young boys and didn’t even know. If you see something, say something.”

In 2017, about 50,000 women and young girls fell victim to human trafficking in the United States. Unfortunately, almost all of these ladies were trafficked for prostitution purposes. Around 2,000 human traffickers were arrested by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

However, only 400 of them were identified.

Thanks to Fedrick, she listened to her intuition and she acted upon it. It was only because of her, that a young life was saved.

These days, the girl is living a better life and has a brighter future ahead of her.

Along with the message, the girl had also taken the note that had Fedrick’s phone number on it. The girl must have memorized her number because Fedrick says, “I put my phone number on the note that I left for her and I guess she memorized it.

So a few weeks later, she called me.” She then did something to show Fedrick her gratitude.

The flight attendant has since been very vocal about incidents such as this. She implores to other stewardesses to be eyeful of the passengers they tend to on planes. She says that they never know when someone might need their help. 

According to her duties apart from taking care of the passengers, an attendant should also pay attention to the appearance of the passengers, since it can say a lot.

Nancy Rivard, a former flight attendant and founder of Airline Ambassadors, actually trains her airline crew to understand the signs that a human trafficking victim would give away.

These signs include, the victim not being able to answer questions, not looking up, and the look that they are being controlled. Fedrick has the membership of this training house.

In February 2017, Rivard, along with her co-workers, made their way to Houston to interact with around 100 flight attendants.

It was a training session in order to teach the crew how to spot the signs of human trafficking.

The training stretches across two days in which human trafficking victims opened up about their experiences to flight attendants. The attendants were trained to spot passengers who look nervous, scared or ashamed on board the flight. 

They were also told to check the person who is accompanying them. Do they look like a parent or a relative? If not, you may have a situation of human trafficking on your hands.

Unfortunately for those who have to fly, we live in a world that now needs strict and sometimes embarrassing security measures at airports. Fortunately for those of us sitting comfortably at home, we get to see those moments captured on camera and laugh.

From unexpected traveling animals to questionable behavior these photos are sure to make your day!

Sometimes layovers can be very tricky: too short to leave the airport, but too long to simply sit and wait. This annoying scenario usually leads to the sad conclusion that you’ll be sleeping in the airport on the uncomfortable seats that don’t allow you to lay down.

Luckily, this lady was thin enough to lay under the armrests. Her diet was worth it for this moment.

These days, millennials are becoming less and less mature. They are likely to move back in with their parents for an extended period of time after going to college. The babying of this new generation took new heights when this twenty-something greeted his parents at the airport with a tongue-in-cheek sign showing his helplessness.

The penguin-themed onesie pajama look added to the sophomoric vibe. Hopefully, for his and his parents’ sake, this was all one big joke.

Traveling can be nerve-wracking, and traveling with a couple of kids is extra stressful. You already have the anxiety of making it to the gate on time, but you also have to make sure the little tykes don’t wander off and accidentally board a plane headed to Malawi. 

This parent thought she could keep her kids on a leash, literally. Turns out they were not as domesticated as she thought. Looks like she needs some biscuits and a ball to keep these rascals busy.

Sometimes traveling with your teenage daughter can be tough – moodiness and attitude enhanced by the groggy lack of sleep, uncomfortable seats, and tasteless airplane food. Your only hope is the movie on the plane is something she is interested in. Otherwise, good luck. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just check her in with your suitcase, and pick her up at luggage claim? 

It looks like someone did. This picture is only a tease, though – it’s a teenage girl participating in the 2010 “planking” craze.

Every day, these shoe shiners use polish and some elbow grease to give their clients’ leather shoes a glinting, burnished look. Usually, they cater to the business-class crowd: those with pressed suits and briefcases who can’t stop reading emails on their phones. 

This time, however, the ladies took care of folks in town for Comic-Con in San Diego. The pair were dressed as versions of Iron Man, and their whole body armor, not just the shoes, needed shining badly. Hopefully, they tipped extra.

We’ve all heard of messenger pigeons, but these falcons on a commercial plane took the idea a bit too far. A Saudi Prince traveling from the United Arab Emirates got passports for his falcons (yes, really) which have a three-year validity and allows the falcons to travel between certain Middle Eastern countries.

Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways both allows falcons onboard, but usually with a limit of six. This Saudi played the royalty card and was able to bring a whopping 80.

These Star Wars uber fans got together in Denver for a meet-up just before the release of The Force Awakens. As a fun gag, some dressed up as stormtroopers, who held up a sign meant to catch the attention of their leader. 

When Darth Vader came out, they played the “Imperial March” on their phones and celebrated the reunion loudly, to the delight of the other folks in the terminal. Darth probably drove whoever he was sitting next to on the plane crazy with his loud breathing.

This Toronto family decided to prank the woman of the house by offering her a welcome home that she’d never forget. The trio awaited her arrival from Rotterdam anxiously. When mom finally came through customs, they cheered, and her smile turned to a blush when she saw her daughter revealing the “from prison” sign.

Since she was jet-lagged and absolutely mortified, mom walked away from them, pretending not to know her own family. Now, she looks back on the prank and laughs.

This Italian airport allegedly has very tight security, but one passenger who passed through security noticed that their officers might not be as vigilant as they should be. Upon closer inspection, the passport-checking software was open behind a game of solitaire.

This is not a good sign for Italy, but somehow they have been spared from the terror attacks that have been plaguing Europe recently. Whatever they are doing is working, so it’s best to let them shuffle the cards, and play another game.

Traveling with a baby is hard work, because not only do you have to make sure they’re wearing clean diapers and fed, you have to fend off the annoyance of other passengers on the plane when the rugrat cries. The other big obstacle is security. 

This lady absentmindedly placed her baby in a bin for inspection. The TSA is at the center of many air travel horror stories, but even they would not put this tot through the X-ray machine (hopefully).

Traveling is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to see. This man at the Nashville International Airport was dressed exactly like Forrest Gump, complete with the haircut and Nike running shoes. It is unclear where this fellow was heading, but perhaps he had a ticket for Alabama and was heading to see his mama or perhaps his Jenny. 

The good news is, if he is late and rushing to his gate, we all know to yell, “run, Forrest! Run!”

This man has traveled many times in his life and has had the bad luck of losing his luggage multiple times. Airlines have sent his bags to the wrong city on multiple occasions, and once his bag was even stolen from the claims area. 

To make sure this never happened to him again, he decided to get his face printed directly on a hard-shell rolling bag with his most important items, so there could be no confusion about who owned it.

Traveling with a child can be a handful. They need to be fed, entertained, and given time to rest when needed. When this little girl’s parents chose their itinerary, they did not realize that having two layovers would be so taxing on her. 

She was unable to go on, but they had to make it to the gate to make it to dad’s conference on time. So in a brilliant moment of improvisation, the girl slept on a rolling bag, and her dad wheelbarrowed her around the airport.

Seattle is known for its large hipster population, and it shows even at the airport as two separate people were spotted within weeks of each other casting aside laptops for its predecessor, the typewriter. The bulky alternative is not easy to travel with and probably caused a nightmare at airport security. 

Plus, all the clicking and clacking causes a disturbance to other passengers, who are stuck with the annoying noise for hours upon hours in the cabin. Next time, just bring a laptop like a normal person.

The symbolic beauty of the Rock Of Gibraltar can be reached by landing at the international airport nearby. Whoever designed this airport must have barely passed his or her civil engineering courses. In a huge blunder, the runway has an intersection with Winston Churchill Avenue, a major street where cars can pass! 

The setup is incredibly dangerous and inefficient for both the motorist and the pilot. If you are thinking about going, it’s probably best to consider taking a boat from Spain or Morocco instead.

When ‘Mokie’ went on his first business trip for work, he knew he could rely on his old college roommates to pick him up, but he never expected this sort of welcome. 

When he stepped off the plane to his friends holding signs that brought back an embarrassing memory of him choking on a mozzarella stick at their favorite bar, that happened to be captured in a perfectly-timed picture. Luckily for Mokie, he was not traveling with his boss on this trip.

Not having enough battery on your phone can be the difference between waiting at the airport bored out of your mind, or being totally occupied, watching a movie, and texting friends. That’s why airports like Newark Liberty International provide charging stations to make sure all passengers have enough juice for their phones. 

However, this particular charger only worked if you fed it quarters. One passenger who was not willing to pay found a simple hack: just plug it into the same socket as the machine!

This guy was always a prankster both in everyday life and in his relationships. When his wife went away on a business trip, he decided to pick her up dressed as a limo driver looking for a “Smokin Hot Italian Chick.” 

Even though she came to the arrivals hall with her co-workers, and was a bit embarrassed by her husband’s stunt, he was able to use his natural charisma to make the stunt lighthearted and fun for everyone.

These Sri Lankan-American graduate students planned to travel back to see their families, but had the bad fortune to only have vacation during the typhoon season. So even though it was clear skies in Minnesota, their flights were grounded for days. With nowhere to go, they eventually decided to set up camp and wait for clear skies.

Suddenly they understood the value and relative softness of a cardboard box as opposed to the ground. When they finally made it home, they appreciated their beds more than ever.

The TSA sometimes chooses the most unlikely people to search extra thoroughly. This nun was checked for weapons underneath her robes, which seems ridiculous, as the only weapon this sister might have is a ruler. However, the TSA must check, because bad agents may try and dress innocently to pass security at a lower level of stringency. 

She got through no problem, as all she had with her was her simple dress and some books- the New Testament, and a diary of a famous nun from the 1600s.

When these guys started learning gymnastics, everyone laughed at them for wearing tights and hanging out with all the girls at the aerobatic gym. But when parkour became popular, they were primed and ready to transition to the sometimes dangerous, always impressive hobby.

When they did stunts, the pair took amazing, gravity-defying pictures and posted them on social media outlets, where they became immensely popular. They really threw it in the faces of those who laughed at them early on.

After a flight cancellation, hundreds of passengers are thrown into disarray. A mob of angry customers usually head to the service desk and make a scene, and kick up dust. Finally, everyone begrudgingly gets into a line, and it takes forever to sort everyone as final destinations vary from person to person.

This fellow decided to make himself at home and stretch out on the ground, using a backpack as a pillow, to wait until the crowd died down before getting his ticket re-booked.

On the way to LAX, a couple driving over 70 miles per hour on a Kawasaki

was seen with a rolling bag driving along on the pavement.

Some things you cannot bring on airplanes are no-brainers. Firearms, knives, gas canisters, and anything that would be a risk to the passengers or cabin pressure are banned. Airlines do sometimes have strange restrictions. The TSA acted like the Grinch when they banned snowglobes, as they have water that might be switched out with a clear explosive liquid. 

The Bangkok airport banned flying with Durians, a fruit native to Thailand and Malaysia, as they smell bad and can make passengers dizzy.

Maybe the most high-maintenance person to ever fly, he is wearing intense, noise-canceling headphones to block out the constant hum of the engines, a sleep mask to block out any light, and a surgical mask to block any germs.

Hopefully his seat mate wont have to get his attention to use the restroom.

It seems a little icy out there or maybe the pilot had a few too many iced beverages before flying.

Either way, it makes for a nasty clean up out there. 

All airports have the problem of birds flying and landing on and near the runway. In worst case scenarios, the birds can collide with engines, and cause what is known as cascading failure.

The Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan decided to fight the problem by hiring an unconventional employee: a border collie named Piper. He patrols the perimeter and chases animals and birds away from the runway, all while wearing ski goggles and ear protection.

Delays on the runway usually have to do with icy, wet weather, especially when you look at Alaskan airports.

On this particular day, a polar bear wandered in from the ice onto the runway, delaying all flights until authorities could move him safely using tranquilizers.


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