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This Girl Is So Beautiful, Her Parents Try To Keep Her Inside…

The Human Barbie

What Was It Like Growing Up With Such High Expectations?

Angelica is now 29-years-old and has over 125,000 Instagram followers, but she was once just a young girl starting out in the world. After her parents, Natalia and Evgeniy Kenova got married in the 1980s, they were excited to welcome their daughter into their lives. Natalia was extremely beautiful when she was young, and many people compared her to the famous actress, Brigitte Bardot. This led to her obsession with all things beauty, and especially the concept of perfection in the Barbie doll’s image.

Pride In Her Looks From An Early Age

Their princess

However, Angelica’s parents maintain that their plan wasn’t sinister in any way. The human Barbie doll herself has noted that her parents treated her like a “princess” growing up. She was sent to one of the most prestigious and expensive schools in Russia, and she was always given everything she wanted as a child. She was spoiled with the latest toys, and they always made sure that she had more clothes than she needed. Yet, things took an even stranger turn when she was just six years old…

A collection

Putting on a performance

As well as buying her daughter clothes that her Barbie dolls would wear, Angelica’s parents also allegedly encouraged her to take pride in her appearance and strut around with her blonde hair and her figure-hugging outfits. After seeing how happy it made her parents, Angelica would make it her mission to become what her mother and father wanted of her. She would stand in front of the mirror to practice her poses for hours on end, and she soon earned her nickname as the Russian Barbie or the Human Barbie.

Keeping fit

A huge workout

However, Angelica was not made to work out just a few times a week. Her workouts were and are incredibly intense, and require her to work alongside her personal trainer for a whopping 2-3 hours, five times a week. She notes that this hard work is vital in maintaining her toned figure that resembles the Barbie doll, and that her trainer insists on incorporating cardio and weight training into her workouts. She also goes running during her own free time to keep up with her fitness, and to keep on top of her physique.

Nutritional advice

Her secret

Over the years, many people have asked Angelica about her secret to her supposedly natural beauty. She claims her looks are ll thanks to the care and attention of her parents, the work she puts in at the gym, as well as the love and affection from her fans. With a huge following on social media, Angelica regularly receives support from people all across the world. She has also noted that smiling every day and remaining happy and in love with her body is the reason that she looks so beautiful.

Under their eye

Clinging to her body

Ever since she was a baby, Natalia has chosen her daughter’s clothes. However, this didn’t stop when she got older. As Angelica became more famous and made a name for herself as a model, Natalia took it upon herself to choose everything that her daughter would wear both in the house and during her photoshoots. She would choose “attire that clings to my figure and emphasize my good features” and shows off the fact that she really does look like a human Barbie doll. Her parents also maintain that she can’t move out of their home.

A big dream

Proud of her

Despite their reluctance to let her out of the house, Angelica’s parents are keen to get involved with her modeling career. They want her to succeed and become an international name, and they want her to be known for being the Human Barbie. In fact, they are the driving forces behind her raunchy photoshoots and her Instagram posts, that often see the model in lingerie or showing off her assets. It’s been noted that Natalia and Evegniy are “proud” of these kind of photoshoots that involve their daughter.

Finding her Ken

Looking for love

Because of these dating restrictions, Angelica has never been able to find a man to call her own. Men have often been put off by the controlling nature of their parents, and Angelica has never had a real boyfriend. It seems as though Angelica is upset about this fact. During an interview about her life, she noted that “All the boys I know are just friends unfortunately” and that she just hasn’t found a man in her life to treat her the way Barbie was treated by Ken. However, she’s still on the look out.

The man she wants

Their feelings

One of the main reasons why Angelica agrees to her parents’ demands is because she allegedly does not want to upset them. She loves her family more than anything, and she just wants to make them happy. That’s one of the main reasons why she became the Human Barbie. She saw just how excited her parents were to see their daughter looking a certain way, and she wanted to continue making her parents feel that way. The last thing she wants to cause is a scandal among her family, and she knows it’s better to keep them satisfied.

A social media star

Never too late

Although Angelica has enjoyed her life, she has noted that many people around the world may think her story is bizarre. She has lived under the rule of her parents, and she agrees that it’s not the healthiest of set-ups. During one interview, she confessed that her parents have kept her locked up in a “glass palace” for much of her life, but that she wants to “break free.” In her eyes, it’s never too late to start living a life of her own as an independent person.

The inevitable truth

Thicker than water

Angelica is already in her late 20s. She claims that the main reason she’s staying at home is because she doesn’t want to hurt her parents, and this is very understandable. After all, there’s nothing quite as close as a bond that exists between a parent and their child. Clearly, Angelica’s parents have done a good job on their daughter, because she wants to keep them happy. But this leads us to the most obvious question of all.

Angelica’s happiness

Her comfort zone

There is a lot to be said about breaking free of one’s comfort zone. Angelica says she wants to leave Russia to follow her dreams, but maybe she doesn’t want to do it badly enough, or she would’ve left home by now. But maybe the situation is a bit more complex than that. Maybe Angelica wants to leave, but is also slightly scared about what leaving her home would mean. Perhaps the outside world is daunting in her eyes.

Leap of faith

The beautiful unknown

This might be the coolest element of this story. There is so much unfinished business in the trajectory of Angelica’s career, and she knows it too. She has already enjoyed a vast wealth of success within the confines of her traditional life at home – so imagine what she could do once she’s let loose! The beauty of taking a chance on the world is not the fact that you know it will work out – it’s the knowledge that you tried.

The ultimate moment

Potential fears

Maybe Angelica is afraid that if she leaves her parents home, she may never end up coming back. Maybe she’s afraid she’ll get so sucked into the appeals and temptations of the glamorous life, and forget somehow where she came from. She clearly loves her parents very much, and wants them to know that as well. Maybe she’s afraid that her parents are afraid of those very same things, and therefore doesn’t want to worry them.

Unconditional love

Shaking things up

Life is all about experiences. Life is about taking chances, and giving your world a spin. Angelica grew up in a sheltered existence, catering to the whims of her parents, and trusting everything they said. Up until this point, it has done a lot of good for her. But there are clearly things she is still missing, and this is the key point. One of the obvious examples of this is the pursuit of finding a romantic life partner.

Space is healthy

Exciting possibilities

All of that being said, we can’t wait to see what exciting surprises awaits Angelica as she continues to embark on this crazy quest called life. She’s already a social media star, and something tells us that she’d be able to capitalize on that success in a larger market. If she truly wants to spread her wings, she’ll eventually do it – and if it makes her happy, something tells us her parents will be finally ready to sign off on such a venture.


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