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This Girl Rushes Out Of McDonald’s Bathroom Crying, Then Mom Sees Something In The Toilet

Four-year-old Kayla cried hysterically as she pointed at her leg. “What’s the matter?” Nichole asked her. 

“Mommy, it hurts…” her daughter responded, sobbing. Then, Nicole saw it. There was something strange on her leg. 

Nichole and Kayla entered Mcdonald’s to find a large group of teenagers sitting in the corner. Two of them looked at the mother and daughter and began giggling. 

What was their problem?

After what seemed like forever, Nichole finally ordered some food and told her daughter to wait for her at the table. 

Then, suddenly, the teenagers began screaming and fighting, and Nichole rushed to her daughter, who was sitting at the table next to them. “I need to use the toilet,” she said with a serious look on her face. 

“Okay, let’s go,” Nichole said as she grabbed her hand. When they walked over, they noticed that the lock was shut. 

“We have to wait,” Nichole explained to her daughter. “There must be someone in there.” Suddenly, they heard loud screaming coming from inside the toilet. 

The mother and daughter waited for about ten minutes before the door finally opened, and the two teenage girls from earlier exited the bathroom. 

“Go in. I’ll be right here,” Nichole said as she watched the girls walk past her daughter.

 There was something off about those two girls.

 ”Mom!” Kayla screamed as she ran out of the bathroom. “The toilet,” she said, crying, “Go look!” What had happened?

Nichole rushed inside the bathroom, hoping whatever her daughter had discovered wasn’t dangerous or harmful. She instantly smelt bleach in the air. 

The toilet was messy and dirty, but there was nothing in there. Then, she saw it…

Nichole glanced at the toilet seat and noticed a white sticky substance on it. As she got closer, she realized it was superglue. Someone had done it on purpose!

She burst out of the bathroom and shouted for help. Little Kayla was in pain. Her skin was raw on the back of her legs. “We need help!” Nichole screamed.

Joanna thought she had seen it all. She was used to dealing with difficult customers and heated situations and always knew what to do. But in her 15-year career in the fast-food industry, she had never seen anything like this before. 

Joanna and her staff all rushed to Kayla to provide medical assistance. They cleaned her wounds and bandaged her up. But who was behind this sick prank?

Nichole wanted to bring the pranksters to justice. So, she shared her story on Facebook, hoping the two teenage girls would see it. 

“To the two young blonde girls that thought it would be hilarious to put super glue on the disabled and baby changing toilet in McDonald’s,” she began. 

“I just want you to know that I’m still having to console my four-year-old daughter, who was unfortunate enough to use the toilet after your little prank.”

She hoped that the two teenagers would be punished for what they had done to her little girl. 

Fortunately, the two girls were found and interviewed by the authorities. They apologized to Nichole and Kayla and promised they would never do it again. 

It was a prank gone wrong,” one of the girls said. But was this apology enough for Nichole and her daughter? 

“She was left in tears, and the skin was ripped off the back of her legs,” Nicole recalls. “I just don’t understand why anyone would do this.”

However, hearing the news that the authorities had located the girls and had taken the appropriate actions against them made Nicole feel a little bit better. 

“She said something had hurt her bum, but it never crossed my mind. It would be super glue,” Nichole continued. 

“I thought maybe the seat had moved or something. But when we checked it over, there was glue everywhere.” So how is Kayla feeling now?

Kayla is feeling much better, and her legs don’t hurt anymore. Nichole hopes her daughter will soon forget this terrible accident. 

We hope that the two teenagers will never play a prank like this again. 


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