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This is What The World’s Most Beautiful Twins Look Like Today

From a young age, these twins were told they are the most beautiful in the whole world. Will they ever be seen as more than just a perfect face? The girls are being photographed constantly every day and have an Instagram account of over a million followers, but what happens when the camera stops rolling?

They can only trust each other as they continue to grow up followed by the paparazzi. Will they continue modeling or break free and pursue different interests? Find out what they look like today and see how they really feel about their big break! 

The twins were born on July 7, 2010, but they were four weeks early. Delivering twins can be a tricky situation, and doctors were worried there would be medical complications. The young parents, Jaqi and Kevin already had one healthy baby boy, what would happen to their baby girls?

Everyone held their breath waiting for twins to be discharged from the hospital. Even as they waited to leave, medical staff couldn’t help but tell the parents how beautiful the babies were. Is this family prepared for the amount of attention they are going to receive for the rest of the girl’s life?

As the twins continued to flourish their mother was stopped on the street by strangers to give her babies compliments. Does every mother think they have the best-looking babies or was there something special about Jaqi’s girls? 

She decided to upload a photo of the girls at just six months old. When the photo was uploaded Jaqi thought maybe it would receive a couple of likes. Overnight her wildest dreams came true and the family was about to get some big news!

After Jaqi posted the photo of her girls, she immediately heard from modeling agencies. They could already tell the twins were going to grow up into famous models and wanted to start them now. 

Modeling is exhausting for children. Would the twins be comfortable and able to keep up? Jaqi had to make a decision and decide what was best for her family? Would she choose the spotlight and glamour or a quiet life behind the cameras?

Jaqi decided to see how the twins felt in front of the camera before she made any decisions. If they liked having their picture taken then she would continue, if they didn’t then she wouldn’t do it again. 

The twins didn’t have a problem being in front of the camera but carrying twin babies to modeling gigs was a lot of work for Jaqi. She also had to consider her two-year-old son. Jaqi made a tough decision and ended the twins’ career. How did they get back in front of the camera six years later?

As the girls grew up they took swim and dance lessons. Every chance they could involve putting on dance recitals for family members. As the girls began to develop confidence Jaqi began to wonder if they should get back in front of a camera.

One day on the way to dance practice, Jaqi asked how they would feel about becoming models. The girls instantly said a big YES and Jaqi knew it was the right time. How would she find them agents and keep them safe? 

The girls were instantly booked and picked up by two different agencies. Jaqi wanted to start slow but offers were flying in. The girls were incredibly photogenic and tons of brands wanted to get them with their apparel. 

How was Jaqi going to pick the right contract and make sure the girls still had a normal childhood. She didn’t want her family to be torn apart by childhood fame and told the girls they could stop any time. Would they feel overwhelmed or embrace the attention?

The twins were completely comfortable in front of the cameras and people started referring to them as “The Most Beautiful Twins In The World”. Could they keep up with the pressure and expectation?

What would happen as the girls grew up and hit puberty? No one can predict how your appearance will change or adapt. The two girls wanted to maximize their potential and began accepting more work, but was it a race against the clock with their genetics?

Instead of worrying about the future, Jaqi was letting the girls enjoy today. She didn’t want to overwhelm them and told them if they didn’t enjoy something to let her know right away. The twins’ popularity got larger every week, how could they connect with their fan base?

Jaqi had to make sure she was still protecting her children but the family developed a YouTube channel. The twins would answer questions and even do baking tutorials. One family member was getting extra attention, but was it a surprise or to be expected?

The twins’ older brother began to get recognized on their social media and in 2017 he booked his first commercial! Jaqi was amazed she never expected her family to be in front of the cameras but now everyone was being booked. 

The family signed with a second modeling agency and got contracts for all three kids. What was in store for the girls and their brother? Would modeling give them new opportunities or bring out negative experiences? 

The girls’ social media was constantly exploding with comments from fans and followers but the biggest one was “who was who”? The girls are identical twins and look so similar that people struggled to tell them apart. 

Would they always have to rely on each other to book modeling gigs or would they become two individuals? How was Jaqi going to make sure that both her daughters felt like their own person when the camera was capturing them as one unit?

Jaqi decided the best thing to do would be to highlight how special both of her girls were one on one. She decided to dedicate a photoshoot to each one of her daughters and highlight their amazing and unique strengths. 

For her daughter, Leah Rose, the mom, and daughter chose two beautiful pink sweaters and walked down Newport Beach. Leah was different from her sister in several ways and was born a minute after her sister. What would Jaqi do for her photoshoot with Ava?

It’s impossible for any mother to have a favorite child and Jaqi quickly stopped those questions from fans. For her picture with Ava Marie, the mommy-daughter duo wore light purple sweaters and posed downtown in their local community.

Ava Marie is different from her sister by enjoying Pizza and Math! Being a mom to three kids is challenging but what’s the one thing that Jaqi wishes she could change? Her answer resonates with every mom across the globe. 

As much as she loves supporting her children’s dreams, Jaqi just wishes they would stop growing up so quickly. It feels like every day her kids are getting a little bit taller and a little bit older. She loved having them all at home and wondered what their own families would look like in the future. 

All three of the kids were getting a lot of success but how was their social media presence? Jaqi created an Instagram account, especially for the twins. Was anyone interested in their life and modeling photos? 

After one month the account was doubling in followers. They got a new thousand fans every month after they first started posting. Jaqi realized managing her kids was becoming a full-time job. She would need to devote her entire focus to all three of their careers. 

Jaqi was focusing so much on her kids, was there any time in the day left over for her husband or her marriage? What was happening behind closed doors in the Clements household? Were the kids ruining the romance?

The couple was only getting closer to their kids’ success. It was providing them an opportunity to spend more time together as a family and Kevin was incredibly supportive. In a few years, his family would be faced with a massive decision, would they remember his supportive nature then?

The girls loved highlighting their family on social media. Were all their posts positively received? Was anyone really interested in what the family did behind the cameras? Every couple struggles with stress and communication, what was happening behind the closed doors of the Clements household?

It didn’t matter what the family was posting, their followers loved it. The more they shared behind the scenes the more their fan base grew and wanted more content. Would this impact the brands that would sponsor them?

The girls were picking up contracts every month. What were some of their favorite brands and fashion lines to pose with? Did Ava and Leah enjoy the perks that came with the life of a model? How did they decide between shoots?

The girls loved being in the spotlight, and they also loved the promotional swag they got when they weren’t working. It was fun to receive different packages in the mail of unreleased clothing, accessories, and much more!

The girls were getting international recognition and were shooting for companies outside the United States. They even scored a cool magazine cover based on a secret genetic trait. Would their followers be surprised at the results?

The twins landed the cover of ANMO Italy and revealed an exciting detail to their followers. It turns out the twins were partially Italian in their DNA. Even though they were born in the US they were 28% Italian (22% Northern Italian & 6% Southern).

They loved sharing new facts with their followers but soon they were going to ask their followers for a big favor. Would they cross a line and risk losing their fame and fortune? What was happening to the family behind closed doors that they didn’t want to let their audience know?

The girls were getting bigger labels including Gucci contracts. They loved sharing the images on their social media and listening to their followers’ comments and compliments. Not every brand was popular with their audience, but would the family restrict what they shared?

Social media was being used to display their everyday life and the perks of modeling. Jaqi decided to start the Clements twins website and make a universal place for future brand and promotional meetings. What else would the website reveal that hadn’t been shared before?

The girls were packing in the clients and developing a stacked modeling resume. They were working for iconic labels like American Girl, Hurley, and even making their own line collaboration with TEREZ. 

The twins were about to drop big news with their followers and about to be more vulnerable than they had been before. It wasn’t all bright lights and positivity in the Clements household, but would anyone still want to follow them if it was negative?

In 2020 the Clements family found out their father Kevin needed a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. The twins went to their social media and told their followers about the circumstances. What would the chances be that they could find the perfect match? 

Kevin was able to find a match with his brother but the road ahead for recovery was long. Things were slowly starting to get better but the family didn’t want to jinx Kevin’s health. He was going to need Jaqi’s support and more medical attention. Would this mean their children’s careers would slow down?

They began to develop close bonds with their medical staff. They were constantly in and out of the hospitals and wanted to make sure their followers realized how incredible each employee was. They would be lost during this process without them, but would their followers appreciate the post?

Everyone understood how important medical professionals were to the family and sent them a lot of positive feedback! With the family able to focus again on clients, who would they represent next? This next collaboration was a big deal for a number of reasons!

It was an exciting contract to land and the twins would be featured in Levi’s print and runway shows. This was a massive client for the family, would there be room for the brother to grow with the brand as well? 

The girls had been in the public spotlight for years, what did they want to share with their audience? Jaqi decided to create a post to highlight just how much her daughters had grown since they first entered modeling. What would their followers find out about them?

After a tough year, the family knew how important it was to showcase their unique personalities. The girls were becoming teenagers and starting to pursue different accounts. All of their photos were usually together, what would it mean to photograph the twins separately?

Before the family started to go in different directions they received a unique gift from a classic television show. After being on air for decades, how would the Clements respond to being Springfields newest residents?

The Simpsons television show has had many celebrity appearances over the years, but why did they choose to include the Clements family? The artists behind the series really enjoyed how the twins’ careers had grown, but would they survive as cartoons? 

While the family was becoming a new resident in the colorful town of Springfield, they were actually planning a big move back home. What would this mean for their future? Was the family packing up the future? 

The family had decided to buy a new house and was just getting more space. The girls were still excited to continue their careers, but could they balance school with modeling gigs? They were about to find out about a big opportunity!

Every model dreams about their first runway show but most don’t get it before their teenagers! The girls had been given an amazing opportunity through Levi’s but could they handle the pressure on a global runway?

Everyone in the fashion world tunes in for New York fashion week! It’s a big deal to see what designers are bringing forward in the future. This year the Clement twins would be on Levi’s runway! 

Even more exciting was they shared some of their favorite dance moves when they reached the end of their walk! At home they didn’t hang out with a lot of other modeling kids, how would they feel to make friends with one that was more successful than them?

The twins got to hang out with Alexia Elizabeth and definitely became fast friends. Alexia appreciated how quickly the twins had grown while being in the public eye and shared some tricks and tips to develop their online presence.

While they were excelling online, what was their life like in real life? Did the famous twins have issues at school like other kids? Were they always together even during their classes? It turns out the answer might surprise you!

The twins had started middle school and shared that they actually had different classes. While they had always pursued their own interests it did feel weird not to be together at school. Would they begin to grow apart or would they handle this change and become stronger? 

Most kids never made plans for their future but the twins were already building an empire. A Lot of people were interested in what else the twins wanted to accomplish. Would this interview come back to haunt them later or would it predict a future both girls were excited about?

In 2019, the girls did an interview with Sweety High and the main question on everyone’s mind was what does the future looks like? The host started the interview by asking the nine-year-old twins if they were exhausted, and they made sure to tell the complete truth!

They really enjoyed their modeling contracts and didn’t feel tired from the work at all. What other questions would this host ask that would shock their followers and viewers from home? 

The first big thing the twins revealed to the host was that they took a D.N.A test! The entire time the family thought the twins were fraternal but it turns out they are identical twins. The host looked at the sisters confused, why couldn’t she see the differences?

Leah and Ava decided to show her what they saw and highlighted their different facial features and more! They think they look like two completely different people but it doesn’t look like the internet agrees! What else did the twins surprise the host with? 

The host asked the girls a few questions, but one really stood out! What’s the best part about being a twin? Would the girls reveal that they actually didn’t like their identical sibling or was everything they put on social media true?

In a quick answer, the girls said the best part was just having someone to play with. A constant companion to do everything with you all the time! The host had one final question for the Clement twins, but would the twins answer with the truth?

In a cause close to their heart the girls had partnered with nail & bone for a very special purpose. The company was donating 20% of proceeds from their nail polish to help support their cousin Shane who has spinal muscular atrophy.

In a sweet gesture, each bottle also had the words “Strong Like Shane” to remind consumers who they were helping with each purchase. It’s amazing how the girls are already giving back at such a young age! Is this because of how they were raised or is everything a marketing tactic? 

Even though the Clements twins are getting more popular every month, this family will always stay grounded and support each other. No matter what they do or who they become they remember that family comes first. It’s important to make sure all three of their kids feel like they can be themselves when the cameras stop rolling. 

It’s exciting to imagine what the future will hold for this family! These twins are still the most beautiful in the world and they haven’t even hit puberty! It will be amazing to see what they look like in another ten years!


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