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This Is Why Grandmother, 61, Is Engaged to Toyboy Lover, 24, Who Is Her Son’s Friend

It was a normal day at work, and she was feeling a bit worn down for the day. She decided to check up on her son at the local ice cream shop to see how he’s doing and maybe lift her spirits. She took her keys and drove her way to one of the good things in her life. Coming in, she saw a strong and tall man passing by him and did not notice his smile.

She found her son and caught up with him, asking him about his day, his friends, and the like. Emotionally, she felt better, and she knew that coming was the right decision. However, her son wasn’t the only one who made her feel better, and she could not stop thinking about the man she passed by when she first came in.

Quran McCain and Cheryl Mcgregor became a viral sensation on Tiktok.  Ranging from a hundred to a couple of hundred views a day, their account has raised so many viewers’ curiosities. What kind of video is it that has taken people’s interest? 

Thinking about it, it could not be just an ordinary dance video or hilarious pranks. People have been very invested in their media outbreak, so what do you think makes them so special?

You may be curious as to how the couple met each other. It was back in 2012. They met in Dairy Queen in Rome, Georgia. Quran was only 15 by then. However, don’t be alarmed. 

They reassured the public that there was nothing between them by then. It just happened that Cheryl’s son, Chris, is Quran’s manager. They met when she came to check on her son, and something unexpected happened. 

They met each other a couple of times as Cheryl was a doting mother for Chris. Sometimes she also just drove by to have a meal. Recalling back, the two admitted that they don’t really think much of each other at that time.

However, Quran also spilled the tea that she basically got his attention because she drove a baby blue, Carrera. That was it from him…a hot car.

Quran eventually quit his job at Dairy Queen and because of that, they lost contact. Eventually, living their lives every day without thinking of each other. 

Every day was ordinary, and they were contented with what they have and where their lives are headed. However, fate is a fickle thing.

It wasn’t until November 4, 2020, that the two met again. It was all coincidental. According to Quran, he remembered Cheryl as a lady with a joyful disposition. 

But on that day that he saw her working as a cashier, she looked so sad. He can’t help but approach her and ask what’s wrong. 

Quran inquired as to what was wrong, and she broke down in tears. He discovered that Cheryl was not upset about her cashier job. It’s about something else. She was unhappy because she had shared a video of herself dancing on her TikTok. 

Sadly, she was receiving several hate comments. Because of his caring nature, Quran comforted her. He was able to soothe her by saying she was not alone.

They remained in touch, and they got each other’s number. Seeing her predicament with TikTok, he asked her to make some videos of themselves dancing together. 

They enjoyed their dance which went viral. It had over 1.3 million likes.

The two grew closer as time went on, and their connection eventually bloomed into a romantic kind. Quran admitted that they connect with each other on a spiritual level. 

They can understand each other like nobody ever could. Not before long, he decided to confess his feelings. 

They just have a particular feel about them that they can’t seem to shake whenever they’re in the same room as each other. Sometime later, they went on a date, and he knew that it’s time to say something.

 He confessed to her that he’s already catching feelings. The lady seemed apathetic at the moment, but he was surprised by her answer. 

She confessed that she also has feelings for him. However, she didn’t want them to step over the line since friendships usually break when dating comes into the picture. 

Furthermore, he understood her point. That’s why they both decided to remain in a platonic relationship. 

After attempting to keep everything platonic for a while, the non-traditional sweethearts realized they could not really keep their affections a secret any longer. Therefore, they began an intimate relationship. 

Cheryl stated that there must be something special with both him and her. She never even imagined that they would be together in this way. 

Cheryl can’t stop herself from gushing about how great their romance is. Despite the fact that he is younger than her, she claims that they have a unique type of chemistry. 

She believes that they have a lot of passion because of the events they’ve gone through a lot. For her, this connection draws them closer together.

Quran and Cheryl both regard their intimate life as “wonderful.” It becomes progressively better with each passing day, according to Quran. Even though it’s not out of the norm, to him, it’s incredible. 

He remarked that the best part is that Cheryl knows what she’s doing. Of course, she’s an expert after already having seven kids. 

For the record, Cheryl is just six years younger than Quran’s grandma. She’s also only eight years older than his grandfather. 

Her youngest daughter, who is 29 years old, is just three years older than he is. That’s why many people are perplexed as to why he would like to marry her at that age. 

Nobody could accept their relationship, especially in Cheryl’s family. Everyone assumed they were joking. The couple’s love was all a joke to them. Her seven children turned against her as a result of her relationship with a younger black man. 

Quran said that it caused her a lot of pain. It hurt her because she had taught them not to behave in such a manner.

Cheryl’s kids may not be happy with their relationship, but Quran maintains that his family was supportive since they could see how ecstatic they were together. They loved Cheryl just as much as he does. 

Still, they understood where Cheryl’s family is coming from. Maybe it will just take them some time to warm up to their mom’s new love life. 

Well, you cannot please everybody, but it seems like SocMed is an entirely different story. Cheryl’s experience on social media was somewhat different; she received so much negative feedback on her TikTok page that she was immediately banned from the network. 

They had to create her two additional accounts simply so she could keep dancing, Quran explained. People were so hateful that “the walking dead,” “zombie,” and the “crypt killer” are all terms they used to describe Cheryl’s looks. 

Cheryl’s 37-year age difference is also constantly brought up in the comments by thousands of people who refer to her as his ‘grandma.’ They also claim that their particular relationship is unlawful. 

Hateful comments such as ‘why did you dig her up’ and ‘carry her back to the nursing home’ were thrown their way. Sometimes, Quran will find her crying because it’s all just too painful to bear.

Quran stated that much of the stuff they said would be really upsetting to Cheryl. Fortunately, now that she has him, she is no longer concerned. He has stated that he will go to war for her. 

After all, she was his queen. They have a total of over 700,000 accounts disabled, just for being hateful.

To help her get over it, Quran assures her that she is beautiful every single day. He also makes sure she understands that the hatred directed towards her results from issues people are dealing with themselves. 

Knowing people will never say it in person, he encouraged her not to be bothered by it. After all, they are just brave in judging people online.

The couple continues to defy the haters by posting videos of themselves swaying to famous R&B or rap songs. They are even accumulating hundreds of thousands of views regularly. 

They are having the time of their lives even though naysayers surround them. This duo appears to be impenetrable!

TikTok alone is not enough for the couple to share their bonds. So, they decided to open another account. Guess on which site? Only Fans! 

Of course, all of their saucier content will be there. That’s where they post NSFW photos and videos.

‘There are a lot of creeps,’ Cheryl observed. ‘ She believes there is some stuff that is best left unsaid!’ People are crazy about her feet,’ Quran remarked, “and it’s really weird!” 

Well, aside from that, the couple seems unfazed by everything that surrounds them. They are still ready to fight for their love. 

Even though there is a significant age difference between them, they never ponder about it. Cheryl has a really young spirit, soul, and love, after all. 

Sadly, Quran believes the most common assumption is that he is using her. Other people also pointed out that he’s just waiting to be included in her will.

Though people are quick to judge, it seems like Cheryl is unbothered about all the speculations. She finds Quran fantastic, and nothing can change her mind. 

Cheryl said that it’s different, it’s amazing, he’s very compassionate to her. She thinks it’s because he’s a younger man.

The video that people are talking about is the one where Quran proposed to Cheryl. It was a sweet moment as he got down on his knee inside a restaurant and popped the question. 

Many could not believe that they are actually getting married. Now, look at that beautiful ring!

Although they have received a lot of negative feedback, the happy couple has tried to remain optimistic. They stated that their legions of admirers have helped to keep them together.

 Now they are happily living as each other’s fiance. They have no time to mind the bashers anymore. 

They got engaged on July 31, and they aim to tie the knot as soon as possible. They have not disclosed their wedding plans, but for sure, it would be a memorable day for them. 

It just makes us wonder if Cheryl’s family will be there for the occasion. No matter what, it’s still their day, and having each other will be all that matters to them.

‘Keep doing what you’re doing, and do what makes you happy,’ Quran says. He added that everyone is going to judge you for something at some point, so it’s best to do what you believe is right. 

They would like their fans to remember that they should never allow anyone to take their peace. Isn’t that sound advice as it’s all based on experience? 

You don’t need to hunt for love because it will find you. Cheryl discovered that when she wasn’t looking for it, love found her. For her, it’s a fantastic feeling. 

That’s why she gives this piece of advice to her fans. She would love them to experience the love that she’s got too. 

In an article by Daily Mail UK, many readers were amazed by their story. One of them commented, “good for her.” It seems like Cheryl and Quran are getting some love on this part of the internet. Another also said that age is only a number after all. 

True love is precious and is hard to come by these days. Age discrimination is wrong. Well, need we say more? 

Some readers are not sure about their stand on this kind of relationship. One said that Cheryl looks rough to be a 61-year-old woman, but they also wish her happiness. 

One also exclaimed, “to each his own, whatever makes you happy. Well, it seems like Quran and Cheryl are already living their life that way.

While most of the comments talk about the relationship, there are just people who would pick on the appearance of Cheryl. A comment says his mom is also 61, and she isn’t as wrinkled as Cheryl. 

Another one replied that he thought she’s already 75. Well, at least she found someone who accepts her still, right? 

Quran was right. People have a lot to say. But then, some comments are good to read as they’re full of insights. One said he doesn’t think the couple should be made as news as it’s their business. 

“It seems almost cruel to parade them for the comments they are likely to attract. If there’s genuine feeling there, I wish them all the best.”

Though there are haters, there are also those who wish the couple well. Some comments congratulated them. Others are saying they’re praying that everything will work. “How can anyone judge them? They both seem extremely happy, so good luck to them. I hope it all works out for them,” says one of the readers. 

How about you? What can you say about the relationship between Cheryl and Quran? Do you think they’ll last for a lifetime? Tell us in the comments. 


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