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This Little Boy Saw His Neighbor Acting Strange, He Knew He Had To React Quickly

But, for the time being, he lived with his grandmother, Shelly, in Salem, New Hampshire. He’d also struck up an unlikely friendship with one of the people who lived next door. Dorian’s neighborhood buddy was named Dorothy Beal, and she was 84 years old.

“He knocks on the door and comes to visit, and then goes on his way,” Beal told TV news station WCVB, describing their friendship. Beshara’s grandmother told the Eagle Tribune newspaper simply, “He loves her.”

Of course, Beal returned Beshara’s wave. Then, she went to pick something up that was on the ground. With that, the lightness of their exchange shifted – Beal suddenly needed the six-year-old to help her.

Fortunately, her next-door neighbor was still sitting in the window watching her. “I motioned him to come,” Beal said. Seeing his buddy doubled over, Beshara knew that something was wrong. Quickly, he evaluated the situation and decided on the best course of action.

Not only that, but Beshara told WCVB, “I knew she broke something.” It turned out that the six-year-old’s analysis was spot-on – Dot Beal had broken her back. Assistance from the quick-thinking youngster’s father and uncle was necessary to get her onto her feet and on her way to the hospital.

According to Beshara’s grandmother, the six-year-old “insisted” on going to the hospital to visit Beal. Explaining further, Shelly told the Eagle Tribune, “He just feels like he needs to check on her.”

The local community was also impressed by Beshara’s heroic actions. In August, 2014, firefighters arrived at his house to give him a special surprise – the crew drove him around town in one of their fire trucks.

Allard added, “We’re happy to come over and give him some recognition.” To that end, along with his special fire-truck ride, Beshara also received a commendation from the fire department in honor of his good deeds.

Beal’s family couldn’t thank Beshara enough for all he’d done to help the senior citizen. He said they regularly sent him cards, and Dot served him a slice of cake after their fire-engine ride. He said the whole situation “makes me think good thoughts,” he told WCVB.


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