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Woman Reaches Into The Ocean, Passengers Act Fast

They were all watching the whales, it was a beautiful sight. One woman was brave enough to pet one that had surfaced next to the boat. The curious passengers decided to go to the edge of the boat to get a better view.

With all the weight of the passengers on only one side of the boat, the boat started to wane dangerously. It was so close to capsizing.

Dr. Wally Franklin has said that there are many risks when whale watching. People have sustained injuries and even died while whale watching – even though this isn’t an often occurrence.

He says that the dangers are when younger whales come to investigate the boats. They have more temperament than older whales and may act out.

The boat was so close to capsizing but when the tourists noticed what was going on they thankfully adjusted their weight accordingly and avoided what could have been a catastrophic event.

People need to learn to respect these animals. Even if they are more or less friendly, they weigh a lot and can easily hurt someone if they aren’t careful.


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