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Tiger Woods’ Many Loves


Tiger Woods is known first and foremost for his golfing skills. The man has won major championships and PGA Tours like nobody’s business. He holds numerous records in the golfing sphere and has been in the forefront of the sport since he started showing his skills back in 1996 when he was just 20 years old. However, while his golfing is fascinating for sure, it is his personal life that has put him in the forefront of the American media recently. The man has a pretty long list of loves and hookups that rivals that of some rock stars. He was involved in a massive cheating scandal that brought to light a list of women he had indiscretions with, all of whom are proudly listed right here. Tiger is now seeing someone new, perhaps he learned from his past mistakes? Recent events may question that. 

The only wife on this list of Tiger’s is Elin. She was married to Tiger from 2004 through 2010. In 2009, Elin found out through a story that broke in the National Enquirer that Tiger was having an affair with another woman. He fought the allegations for several days before admitting is indiscretion when the woman threatened to share a voicemail he left her. From that day on, Elin filed for divorce and more and more women started coming out of the woodwork. 

The woman that Tiger had an affair on his wife with? None other than night club manager Rachel Uchitel. She has been in the spotlight due to her affair with Tiger which lasted a few months but was the reason for the end of Tiger’s marriage and subsequent scandal that lost him millions of dollars in endorsements and sponsors. It was following this scandal that Tiger took a long break from the golfing world. 

In 2012, when his scandal had died down and the world was looking at him as a golfer again, Tiger started dating professional ski racer and American World Cup athlete Lindsey Vonn. The two were together from 2012 to 2015, during which time they were seen on red carpets together, golfing events, and date nights around town. There were those who said that they would last considering they are both athletes, but ultimately they split. 

Throwing it back to before the scandals and the marriage. Tiger met Joanna Jagoda in 1999 when she was in Law School and he was not doing too well in the golfing world. They were together from 1999 to 2001, during which time Tiger was said to have been two-timing Joanna with none other than Elin, his now-ex wife. Even back then Tiger made questionable relationship choices. 

Tyra Banks was an up and coming model in the 90s when Tiger was an up and coming golfer. As tends to happen, Tyra and Tiger were linked romantically during those years. That is what happens when two people meet at similar points in their lives. Their relationship was short-lived but the thought of them together is very appealing to us. 

Tiger and Brooke were also linked back in the 90s. Tiger was doing all too well in his early years, and Brooke was a bright star whose acting jobs were getting more and more attention. She played a prominent role in the primetime soap opera Melrose Place as Samantha Reilly. The two did not date long, but for a moment there there could have been something. 

Flash forward to 2008, and here we have one of the women that Tiger had an affair with during his marriage to Elin. Cori Rist is known for her affair with Tiger anther New York high life. The two were involved in a six-month romance in 2008. The two knew each other from 2006, but it was Cori who told the world of their romance, describing their chemistry as fireworks. 

Taking you to today, Tiger is dating a woman named Erica Herman. Erica is actually a manager at Tiger’s sports bar, called The Woods, in Florida. The two have been linked since April 2018 and seem to be going strong as Erica is an onlooker at all of Tiger’s games in recent months. Most recently, Erica ran up to Tiger after a win and kissed him following her “I love you” sentiments. 

Another lady another indiscretion. Tiger met Jaimee in 2006 when she was just 21 years old. This was before he married Elin but their romance lasted well into his marriage with her. Tiger and Jaimee were dating from 2006 to 2009. Jaimee knew that she was dating a married man but did not know about the many other women that he was seeing at the same time. To that, she said, “I was angry. I was sad. I felt betrayed.”

Gabrielle and Tiger have been friends for many years. There were always rumors of these two being more than friends, especially once news came out that Tiger was not very good at being faithful to anyone, not even the women he was unfaithful with! Gabrielle is a professional volleyball player, model, and sports announcer; so it is not that far fetched that these two got together at some point. 

Jamie is not known for anything other than being one of the many mistresses that Tiger had on the side. Tiger met Jamie in 2005 and dated her through 2006. Jungers was one of the women in Las Vegas who were on his arm. She knew he was married and was surprised when he called her to meet up again after their first night together. Tiger would fly her out to meet him in the various spots he would be. She said she felt like a girlfriend. 

Holly and Tiger met in 2004. Mind you, this was the year that Tiger married Elin. Holly is a former adult film actress who was exactly what Tiger was after. The two spent a couple hours together during his bachelor party, after which he told her he wanted to see her more. He did not, however, and says to this day that he only slept with Holly once. But since it was during his bachelor party, does that make it better?

Joslyn was working at a Las Vegas nightclub when she met Tiger (where else?). Joslyn said that she was linked with Tiger for three years, all of which was during his marriage to Elin. Joslyn shared intimate text messages that Tiger sent her as proof of their indiscretion. Tiger wrote her messages that indicated that he was planning on keeping this side romance for a very long time. Too bad that is not how it turned out.

It is said that Theresa Rogers is the 11th woman who came forward as a mistress of Tiger’s. She went on blast saying that Tiger only married Elin for the way it looked and to boost his image in the eye of the public. Of all of the women, she is the one we feel sorry about for Tiger as she made his life a lot harder by being so vocal about the fact that she wanted to have his kids too. 

Julie was the 10th woman to tell the world that she was also romantically linked to Tiger Woods. There were so many women at this point that it was mind boggling and image hurting for Tiger to say the least. Tiger met Julie when she was 20 years old in 2004 at the Roxy nightclub in Orlando, Florida. After the world learned who she was, Julie retreated from the spotlight. 


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