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Time Has Gotten The Better Of The Original Baywatch Cast

Gena Lee Nolin

Source: Old Cat Lady
Gena Lee was a pretty popular Baywatch character. The show’s producers first saw her as one of “Barkers Beauties” on the Price is Right, and were very interested in bringing her onboard. She came on the show only to abandon ship when she had the opportunity to create her own T.V. show called Sheena. And no, it wasn’t as successful as Baywatch.

David Charvet

Source: E! Online
David Charvet (Matt Brody) originally thought Baywatch wasn’t going to be that successful, but he signed on for three seasons anyway for the paycheck. After his time on the show he dabbled in acting for a bit, but surprised everyone by abandoning Hollywood altogether to pursue a music career. Decades later he’s sold 2.5 million albums and sung songs with Seal. Yeah…he didn’t do too bad for himself.

Nicole Eggert

Source: Mum’s Lounge
Nicole was already popular before Baywatch, starting her acting career at just five years old. She appeared in seasons three and four of the show as Roberta “Summer” Quinn and proved to have a steady career afterward as well starring in “Married…with Children,” “Splash,” and “The Real Gilligan’s Island.”

Carmen Electra

Source: Digital Spy
Carmen Electra (Lani McKenzie) came up way late in Baywatch history (Season 8) and only stayed for a little while. Electra, meanwhile, was here to stay in Hollywood. You might remember her in Starsky & Hutch or the Scary Movie franchise. Today she stars in Jane the Virgin on the CW.

Michael Bergin

Source: Wetpaint
Michael Bergin was one of the most handsome characters on Baywatch. Because of this he landed a spot on the racy Calvin Klein commercials that Mark Wahlberg famously has ties to, and he became one of the world’s first male supermodels. Later in life he published a book called “The Other Man,” which depicted his affair with Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy during her marriage.

Gregory Alan Williams

Source: Old Cat Lady
Gregory Allen Williams was a huge success story–probably the biggest out of any of the other cast members. After Baywatch he appeared on The Sopranos, West Wing, and One Tree Hill, while also appearing in a few major movies. Williams isn’t as active as he once was, but he still remains one of the most-beloved cast members of the Baywatch series.

Michael Newman

Source: E! Online
Perhaps the most qualified of anyone on set, Michael Newman was a lifeguard since the age of 10, and he wasn’t even a regular cast member at first. That’s right, he was brought on as a consultant for the show, and was later cast in a regular role for nine seasons. After the show it might come as a surprise to hear he won the National Ironman Championship. Today he lives at home with his wife and two children.

Alexandra Paul

Source: Digital Spy
Alexandra Paul’s Stephanie Holden died off in season seven after a bolt of lightning claimed her life. One of the shows most memorable relationships was the one she shared with Mitch Buchanon over the course of four seasons. After her time on the show, Alexandra started producing her own independent films, and even appeared in 2016’s Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens.

Jason Momoa

Source: Old Cat Lady
Jason Momoa might very well end up being the show’s most successful actor, as he is about to make an appearance as Aquaman in 2017’s Justice League epic. Momoa, who played Jason Ioane on the show, appeared on the show for 44 episodes and wrapped in 2001. We can’t wait to see where his career takes him, as he’s almost certain to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Jeremy Jackson

Source: In Case You Missed
Jeremy probably had the rockiest of roads of all the Baywatch stars. He had a reputation for steroid use during his time on the show, and went to rehab as soon as filming ended. Since the show he’s appeared in reality shows like Celeb Rehab with Dr. Drew, and Confessions of a Teen Idol. We expected more from the guy who beat Leonardo Dicaprio out for the role of Hobie.

Erika Eleniak

Source: Old Cat Lady
Erika Eleniak was actually a Playboy model before her time on Baywatch. She appeared in the July 1989 issue, and later landed the role of rookie lifeguard Shauni McClain on the show. Erika appeared on 44 episodes of the show, and decided to do her own thing since she didn’t like where the series was headed. She now spends most of her time with her first child, making quite a beautiful life for herself we’re sure!

Yasmine Bleeth

Source: TomorroWoman Yasmine is one of the most beautiful Baywatch characters, and unlike many of her co-stars, didn’t really have much going on after the show. She played Stephanie Holden’s younger sister from 1993 to 1997, and her time dabbling in Hollywood ended around 2003. There’s not much to go off of for her now, but she did pop up in 2015 struggling with drugs and her weight. We wish her all the best.

Pamela Anderson

Source: Life and Style
Pamela Anderson. The one everyone’s been waiting for. Anderson, who starred as CJ Parker on Baywatch, has been linked to Playboy magazine, Big Brother, and Dancing with the Stars since her first time on the show. She’s still as beautiful as ever, and easily one of the most famous (if not the most famous) stars of Baywatch. She even spent a little bit of time on set of the new movie taking pictures with The Rock.

David Chokachi

Source: E! Online
David first played Cody Madison on Baywatch back in 1995, and nobody thought he would make much of a splash on the show. It turns out he did! He later became the lead character of the show, but left after four seasons. He hasn’t done much since, starring in a show called Witchblade that didn’t really pan out.

Kelly Packard

Source: E! Online
Kelly actually first appeared on Baywatch as a variety of characters. She was a guest star who played different people before being cast as April Giminski in 1997, and stayed with the show until 1999. Since the show she hasn’t done much. She was the host of Ripley’s Believe It or Not in 2002, and only spent one season there. Now she lives with her husband, Darrin Privett, and four children living out a quiet family life.

Tom McTigue

Source: Old Cat Lady
Tom McTigue actually pursued a stand-up comedy career before appearing on Baywatch for 22 episodes, and it turns out he’s doing the same today! You can catch him in the 2014 film Boyhood, where he received a lot of critical acclaim for his performance as Mr. Turlington.

Peter Phelps

Source: Old Cat Lady
Pete Phelps was the first original cast member to leave the show, departing after its first season. He later appeared in Point Break next to Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, and also appeared in movies like Stingers and Lantana years later. Now he lives at home with his wife Donna and their two children.

Parker Stevenson

Source: Old Cat Lady
Parker Stevenson had a lot of success before he came on Baywatch in the 90’s. He appeared in A Separate Peace in 1972, and also Lifeguard, which made him very popular because of his proximity to teen heartthrob Shaun Cassidy. Shortly after his time as Craig Pomeroy on Baywatch, he spent less time acting and more time pursuing his passion in photography. He now lives at home with his two children.

Donna D’Errico

Source: Daily Edition
Yet another Playboy model, Donna D’Errico was cast as Donna Marco on Baywatch after being named Playmate of the Month in the September 1995 issue. She first appeared on the show in 1996, and stayed on for 44 episodes until 1998. After the show, Marco married Motley Crue guitarist Nikki Sixx in 1996 and had two children of her own. Unfortunately they divorced eleven years later and she even filed for bankruptcy in 2014.

David Hasselhoff


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