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Times People Said, “What Could Go Wrong”

There are countless moments people think, “What could go wrong if…?”

Even if the end result is mostly boring or annoying, there are a handful that end up epically hilarious. Such as throwing rice at a beach wedding with hungry seagulls everywhere. 

Many people know those “foot peel” baggies that promise skin as smooth as a baby.

Here’s the thing… they’re meant for the feet! But no, someone thought it brilliant to slather it all over their body, and were somehow surprised when their skin started peeling like a snake shedding its skin.

In a southern Chinese city, residents found a blob of foul-smelling foam oozing up from the cracks in the street.

It turns out it was an accident by a city worker who thought it would be easier to just leave the pump open while he went and took a long nap. The comb of mixed chemicals, pollutions, and other nasties made the icky concoction get all bloaty.

One hairstylist decided to using a heat-shrink frosting cap to try and get “perfect highlights” for his customers.

He had the process down pat now, but apparently the first few tries ended up with people looking like noodles were growing out of their heads.

There are always people who either don’t respect nature or are doomed to join the Darwin’s Awards list.

This guy thought it would be  “cool” to try and get a close up with a shark. Not the best vacation move. He came out unscathed but not without a couple close calls.

“What would happen if I jump in this deep, dark hole along the shore?” 

One would expect him to go splat, but it turned out it was a deep tunnel connecting to another hole not that far away. But you know someone jumped in at one point, thinking it was just a puddle.

Let’s pose with our delicious looking piaha, they said. It will be cool, they said.

For some reason these two forgot that gravity exists. The mom’s face is what anyone would expect. But the dad just looks like, “Yeah, these to dingdongs have done it again.?

There are a ton of videos online showing the cool things that can be done with instant foam.

However, the really big experiment are usually done by professionals. But people without an understanding of science end up deciding to “do it at home” and end up with a mess that they just can’t hide from.

This person thought it would be a great idea to dye their hair.

They also thought what could go wrong if they just used a Wal-Mart bag to cover things. Maybe they could day it was a weird highlight … possibly head art? Needless to say, a valuable lesson was learned that day. 

No, that’s no cheese melting from the pizza.

Someone had the bright idea to use a plastic cutting board as the base instead of a proper oven pan or tray. Aside form probably being quite embarrassed, this person is going to have one heck of a mess to clean up.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

But what could really go wrong with using a pen as a hair accessory –  many have done it one way or another. Just forgetting to put the cap on ended with some interesting temporary neck tattoos.

This poor tourist thought, “What if I just feed this one monkey?”

Well, in a place that’s known for being a home to hoards of primates, it shouldn’t have been a surprise when the rest of the extended family showed up and tried to get a piece of her delicious gift. 

“What if I illegally park here?”

Well, this guy also gave the owner of the lot some serious ignorance and attitude, as well as ignoring a warning. So, the handy-dandy workers decided to make their point very clear.

In around Detroit, some people have gone to illegally dumping their boats.

This newscaster took to hunting them down with her team, getting them on a flatbed truck, and then returning them to their owners – all while live on camera … and wearing a Captain’s hat. 

We know exactly what the mom is saying while this picture is being taken.

“I told you not to fly the drone in the house!” That’s going to take a lot of painful brushing and picking – or scissors. And there’s no way for the kid to run from the verbal reprimand … that is if he doesn’t want to run around with an electronic in his hair for the rest of the school year.


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