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Top 20 Ford Vehicles Of All Time

The Ford Motor Company has been building cars since 1903. They have a long history of making amazing vehicles. With that said, it’s no easy task narrowing them all down to the top 20. Really, the toughest thing to do is decide the measure of greatness since there’s more than one way to rank these beauties. So, with what may appear to be no rhyme or reason, bare with us as we rank the top 20 Ford Vehicles Of All Time!

20. 1967 Lotus 49 Ford-Cosworth

This was the first Formula 1 car that used the all-new DFV engine as a stressed member of the chassis. In short, it was a revolution.

19. Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

The Raptor is the most profitable vehicle Ford builds today, so it’s no wonder the company is planning a second-gen model based on the new aluminum-bodied F-150.

18. Ford GT

The GT is already a 21st-century legend, to say the least. It would be produced for two short model years, but the Ford GT was a statement for Ford, showing the world they could produce a sport design with outstanding performance.

17. 1961 Lincoln Continental

Elwood Engel’s ’61 Continental saved the entire Lincoln brand after flops in the three years leading up to it, with its clean sides and flat hood and trunk. This vehicle inspired an entire generation of clean-cut muscle cars.

16. Shelby 427 Cobra

Ford co-designed this beauty with Carroll Shelby to create a new chassis under the AC Ace body and shove in the extraordinary V-8 engine. With between 425 and 485 horsepower, it has set a high bar for the performance cars that followed it.

15. 1939 Lincoln Continental

The first Continental comes in at #15 and remains the ultimate Lincoln. Young Edsel Ford’s personal car became a spectacularly stylish, V-12–powered coupe and convertible. It’s a one-of-a-kind monster.

14. 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Ford didn’t always produce glamorous vehicles, but the T-Bird was the first. They would later make the design mistake that drives automotive experts crazy by adding another two seats to make this more than a coupe. The T-Bird  became an instant classic.

13. 1969 Ford Capri

This was Ford’s attempt to bring the Mustang design to Europe which was comparable to a moon landing at the time for the automotive company. To see that it could thrive in it’s day, it was made to be an affordable option for everyone.

12. 1965 Ford Galaxie and LTD

This one would go on to become the standard building block of NASCAR stock cars. The last of this designs’ influence would see an end when the 2011 Ford Crown Victoria would be discontinued. It was often seen as a police cruiser.

11. 1982 Ford Mustang GT

The Mustang GT roared back in ’82 with the return of the High Output 5.0 small-block with a two-barrel carburetor and 157 horsepower. This little devil started a horsepower war that, almost 33 years later, is still going strong.

10. 1939 Ford Anglia

As American cars grew ever larger, the rest of the world needed an honest small car to deal with higher fuel prices and congested former cart paths. Anglia production didn’t ramp up until after World War II, but it firmly established Ford as a worldwide company.

9. 1968 Ford Escort

This was another attempt by Ford to produce a British inspired vehicle with a front engine and rear-wheel drive. Deeply beloved in the UK, it became a fierce rally car and a performance icon.

8. 1953 Ford F-100

In terms of classic trucks, this is arguably the best design of all time. Thanks to a modern chassis underneath, the beauty was more than skin-deep.

7. 1949 Ford Custom

In terms of design, this was a breakthrough for Ford as they found a new way to make a sleek car by tucking in all corners. Think of it as the engineering blueprint that the entire American industry would follow for the next 35 years.

6. 1986 Ford Taurus

The cleanly aerodynamic, front-drive Taurus made it was rational to buy an American car again while America was struggling to keep up with Japanese designs.

5. 1948 Ford F-Series

It was Ford’s first true post–World War II design, and with its “Million Dollar Cab” it was more comfortable and more usable than any pickup before it. The F-series pickups have been among the bestselling vehicles on earth ever since.

4. 1964/1964.5/1965 Ford Mustang

This muscle design has car fanatics still drooling, ever since it’s release in the mid-1960’s.

3. 1932 Ford V8

The Model T put the world on wheels, but it’s the 65-hp ’32 V-8 that brought power and style to the people. The flathead Deuce is the eternal hot rod.

2. 1964 GT40


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