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Top 25 Least Bought Dog Breeds – These Adorable Pups Aren’t Being Brought Home

More than half of America’s population has one furry friend in their household. Studies have shown that having a pet improves Mental Health and Longevity, and definitely more likely to be healthy if you’re walking your dog every day. Granted there are some areas where you just can’t have big breeds such as a great Dane in a small apartment complex, but still, in less restrictive areas there are some breeds that are simply less popular than others. So throughout the year, we put together a list of the least popular dog breeds in hopes that dog lovers all around the nation may think again before they overlook one of these cuties!

25. Ibizan Hound

This is one of those that loves to run but definitely requires a bit more maintenance because they shut a lot. A lot of dog owners look for pups that are less of a hassle in terms of maintenance which is why this guy gets overlooked quite a bit. Another reason this breed isn’t popular as because they don’t live comfortably in cold weather.

24. Lowchen

Dogs with long hair obviously need frequent grooming to avoid the knots that may develop quite quickly. These guys are small and don’t require a lot of room so on that front they are less of a needy breed than others but they do have a tendency to be loud barkers. So they may not be the right breed for an apartment but could definitely be a great family dog in a single-family residence in the middle of Suburbia.

23. Kuvasz

Looks like a fluffy version of a golden retriever or yellow lab but they are a bit more protective like a boxer. Because they have a thick layer of fur they definitely don’t handle heat well so that might rule out warmer climates. This breed is meant for the Midwest or the Northeast on a property that has plenty of room to run around.

22. Komondor

Funny looking is an understatement with this guy. They are known as mop dog because of their dreadlocks style fur. Unfortunately, they have the reputation of being high maintenance and to also bark a lot. They’re often found in a lavish home with a lot more room, usually, because the dog owner is a huge fan of this special breed. One of the biggest downsides to this breed is that they have a tendency to be protective and slightly more aggressive than other breeds but that’s often a reflection of the owner, not the dog’s temperament.

21. Polish Lowland Sheepdog

These guys are known for being nearly impossible to train. They obviously need quite a bit of grooming and exercise as well so this isn’t the breed for a lazy owner. They definitely need a lot more room to run around so they are not a brief or a restrictive apartment.

20. Norwegian Buhund

This breed may look hypoallergenic, but in fact, they are quite the opposite. If you have even the slightest bit of allergies to dogs, you’re sure to have some issues with this one. Like the breeze that have been mentioned before this one, they need a lot of room to exercise and they’re known for excessive barking.

19. American English Coonhound

This breed has a tremendous amount of energy so they need a lot of room to run around in a very active owner to provide a solid amount of attention. It’s hard to commit to a dog that needs a lot of attention and a lot of exercise especially if you don’t already live that lifestyle before getting the dog.

18. Spanish Water Dog

This breed is high maintenance is an understatement. They are less popular than other breeds because they need frequent and regular trips to the groomers. You also can’t groom your dog yourself because they need a professional that can handle the needs of this particular fur. It can be said that they don’t you what apartments are you there because they have a lot of energy that they need to burn off.

17. Glen of Imaal Terrier

If you don’t like going on walks this is not the breed for you. It’s unfortunate that this is an unpopular breed because they are beyond friendly and extremely adorable. It should be noted though that they don’t do well in hot weather so if you live in Southern California or Florida this may not be the right choice for you.

16. Finnish Lapphund

Looks like an Australian Shepherd this is a herding dog that has a long coat and requires frequent grooming so that it doesn’t develop knots and dreads. They enjoy running around in nature and they’re very friendly so they love being around other animals. Their size and energy level makes it tough to reasonably bring this breed home to an apartment.

15. Canaan Dog

Some breeds are just stubborn and kind of difficult to train but if you are diligent and consistent, they will learn. Now every dog is different so to say that this breed has an aggressive temperament would be a generalization that’s just unfair. They can play well with others if they are raised correctly but they are known to be better off as a single pup.

14. Pharaoh Hound

Based on its name it’s no surprise that this breed prefers a warmer climate. By the looks of them, they are clearly a more agile breed that has a lot of energy to burn off so they are great for a property with a big yard. Unfortunately, they just aren’t that popular amongst dog owners even though they are as sweet as can be.

13. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

This guy is the definition of the Napoleon complex. They are little but they pack a big punch and they think that they are a lot bigger than they really are. Unfortunately, they are prone to multiple health issues and they’re difficult to train.

12. Sussex Spaniel

It would make sense to assume that a dog the lot would be less popular for dogs to take home from the shelter. This breed, in particular, has a long hair and it sheds a lot so it requires frequent grooming. Like most other breeds they require a lot of activity to stay healthy so they are meant for an active owner.

11. Bergamasco

This breeds’ fur gets a little bit wild and kind of resembles Chewbacca, so it goes without saying that it needs frequent grooming trips. Since they have a lot of fur, they aren’t best for a hot climate especially if you’re trying to train them young because they won’t pay attention to you as often due to being uncomfortable. If you live in a colder climate this may be the breed for you.

10. Cirneco dell’Etna

The most common criticism of this breed is that it looks like a large and skinny rodent. Most dog lovers prefer a friendlier looking face such as a golden retriever so they find it easy to skip over this guy. What they miss out on is that they are very sweet and a lot of fun if you are up for an active lifestyle with your pet.

9. Pharaoh Hound

Just like the last breed, this one is also known for having a rodent-like face, making them a less popular breed. They may not look as cute and cuddly as other breeds but believe it or not they love snuggling with their owners.

8. Skye Terrier

Just read it clearly needs a whole lot of grooming especially because they can’t really see with that fur covering their eyes. One of the reasons this is an unpopular breed is because it is often a dark gray color where most dog-lovers go for a brighter coat.

7. Pyrenean Shepherd

By the looks of them, this breed looks scrappy and unmanageable. You can expect to have to take this pup to the groomer often because they shed a lot, making them better for a household that doesn’t have carpet.

6. Chinook

Dogs with both long hair and short hair can shed a lot and this is one of those breeds. Fortunately, they are very cute and highly regarded for their temperament but their fur can get stuck in everything because it’s so sharp so it can make cleaning your household a bit of a hassle.

5. Finnish Spitz

Amongst dog owners, it’s no surprise that they would want a cute cuddly dog that doesn’t shed, doesn’t need a lot of exercise, it doesn’t bark a lot. This one in particular, sheds a lot and needs a lot of exercise so it’s not the right breed for a dog owner that doesn’t want to be active and doesn’t enjoy cleaning.

4. Cesky Terrier

This breed requires a lot of attention and if they don’t get it they can easily get depressed. It’s one of those situations where it would be best if the owner and the dog are the only ones in a household even if it’s an apartment so that the dog feels like it’s the center of the owner’s world. It’s tough to have a dog that requires that much attention because a lot of people want to grow their lives by having kids and having multiple dogs, so if you’re not one of those people then this may be the perfect choice for you.

3. Otterhound

This dog is I meant for hot weather. Some dogs are perfect in any temperature because they have a dual coat that helps the breed adjust their body temperature but this isn’t a breed that is quite that lucky.

2. American Foxhound

This dog is an absolute classic so it’s a wonder why they just aren’t so popular anymore. They are a ball of energy and if they get pent-up in an apartment, they’re sure to explode with energy. This is the type of dog that you’re going to want to play fetch with all the time to try to get them tuckered out so that they will sleep for a bit.

1. Norwegian Lundehund


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