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Top Disney Urban Legends Rumored To Be True

Disneyland, where you get to wish upon a star and all your dreams come true! But could your nightmares as well? Since its opening on July 17, 1955 Disneyland has hosted over 600 million guests and today it employs around 25,000 people worldwide. Disney Parks made around 15 billion dollars in 2014 alone but could Disney parks also be resident to a number of ghosts that now call the parks their homes. There are multiple reports from both staff and visitors of ghost sightings and paranormal activity. With so many people visiting and working at the parks they can’t be all wrong can they?

Finland Bans Donald Duck

Finland is rumored to have banned Donald Duck because he wasn’t wearing any pants in the cartoon. The story begins when the city of Helsinki found itself in a bit of a financial crunch. Mr. Markku Holopainen who was a local Liberal Party representative, proposed the discontinuing of all Donald Duck comics. Word of this spread quickly and Mr. Holopainen became known as “the man who banned Donald Duck from Helsinki.”


In the 1970s, a mother asked permission to drop her sons ashes in the Haunted Mansion ride. Disney declined due to health concerns but he mother continued to do so anyways. It is rumored that this caused the boy’s ghost to haunt the mansion. Sometimes he is heard giggling while others say he is crying in the exits. He is even occasionally photographed.

Mr. One Way

Mr. One Way is the name given to a mysterious spirit that inhabits the line at Space Mountain. It is rumored that he used to be a guest who tragically died on the Space Mountain ride back in the 1970s. Some say he is a Friendly Ghost, describing him as a large man with reddish hair and a red face. Guests have reported seeing Mr. One Way getting in the seats with people but vanishing before the ride ends.

The Haunted Mansion

There’s an urban legend running around that an early version of the Haunted Mansion ride was so scary that it frightened a man to death. This man was invited to preview the attraction which caused him to suffer a heart attack and died. Because of this, Disney ordered the mansion to be toned down into what it is now. There are also reports of a 16 year old girl with a pre-existing medical condition who unfortunately met the same fate in 2014.

No One Can Die At Disneyland

According to this legend Disney prevents anyone from being declared dead while on their property, allowing Disney to claim that no one has ever died at the parks what this means is that the Disney staff will literally remove victims of n park accidents and mishaps from the area to prevent anybody from dying on the property this legend is somewhat controversial due to the fact that most injured victims are officially declared dead by a doctor at a hospital despite where the fatal accident took place.

The Dead Bellhop

The Tower of Terror contains four platforms alpha, beta, charlie and delta. The legend goes that a bellhop was working on the fourth platform when he suffered a heart attack and died. It is said that his ghost still haunts the ride to this day. This legend is even accompanied by footage of a supposed ghost captured on a maintenance camera. Those who have worked at Disney’s Tower of Terror have reported their strange experiences in the area such as the attraction shutting down or freezing and flickering lights.

Disney’s “The Story of Menstruation”

For a while there was a myth about Disney apparently making a short animation about the menstruation cycle. This is because Disney actually made a lot of educational videos in its earlier years. It was unknown if this animation ever existed and if it did, whether it was surfaced online or not.

Real Skeletons In Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride spawned a multi-billion dollar film franchise, merchandise, toys and video games. It became one of Disney’s most profitable franchises surprisingly being right after Walt Disney’s death. Legend has it that while the ride was still under construction the Imagineers were displeased with the false skeletons placed around the ride. They didn’t look authentic enough so they decided to use real skeletons provided by the UCLA Medical School. There is also a legend about the ghosts of two little boys who haunt the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the Haunted Mansion, one crying and one laughing.

Disney’s No Women Policy

The legend is that Disney used to have a policy stating that women could not be hired at the animation studio outside of the ink and paint Department. This rumor gained widespread attention because of a letter sent to animator Mary Ford. The letter stated that women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons. The only work opened to women consists of tracing the characters on clear celluloid sheets with India ink


Walt Disney was accused of being anti-semitic and a racist during his lifetime. This was due to his seemingly racist portrayals of Jews and blacks and his cartoons. Most of the racially insensitive material came from the 1930s 40s and 50s. Such as in Mickey’s Miller dreamer in which Mickey Mouse dresses as blackface. Disney biographer Neil Gallagher wrote while Disney is no racist. He never either publicly or privately made disparaging remarks about blacks or asserted white security.

It’s A Small World

In 1999 the “it’s a small world ride” in Disneyland had to be evacuated for an undisclosed reason. Just before leaving the park a mother snapped a couple of pictures to fill up the space in her camera. When the pictures were developed one showed the blurry image of a limp child hanging from the ceiling. There has also been several rumors about the dolls subtly moving on their own, switching places with each other or disappearing altogether.

Mouse Wits

According to this legend the satisfied Disney workers have dubbed Disneyland as Mouse Wits. Because of how unhappy they were with the working conditions, it’s also rumored that cast members at Disneyland Paris started referring to it as the “unhappiest place on earth”. Due to the suicide of three workers at the time, Disney employees who used this term were scolded at and sometimes even fired due to enough fitting Disney’s ideal family-friendly image

Debbie Stone

Debbie Stone was a cast member at Disneyland in 1974. At the time the ride “carousel of progress” was being updated to become a new ride called “America sings”. The ride featured a round central stage that showed several theaters for the audience, with walls which rotate around the stationary Center. 18 year old Debbie was a hostess on the ride. Standing in a corner of the first scene theater she got too close to where the wall of the theater rotates around the center. She was crushed between the stage and auditorium. A guest in an adjacent theatre heard her screams and alerted a cast member but by then it was too late for Debbie. There have been urban legends and Disney cast members claimed that they have seen her spirit and can hear a voice warning “be careful” at the unfortunate site.

Abandoned by Disney

This term is used for the abandoned island that used to be Disney’s Treasure Island, an animal observation park for visitors. The island was bought by Walt Disney who turned it into a place for tourists to observe wildlife including flamingos, swans, lemurs and more. However, the attraction closed in 1999 due to unknown reasons. Today the island remains off-limits. The last visitor was a photographer named Shane Perez who swam to the island to take a few pictures. The legend states that the island is haunted by the costumes of Disney mascots coming to life and attacking those who visit the island.

The Lost Mickey Mouse In Hell Cartoon

Otherwise known as suicidemounts.avi, this disturbing clip shows a forlorn Mickey walking in what seems to be a looping city background. However, according to legend Mickey is actually walking in hell. Several versions of this cartoon exists however they almost all share common features. Mickey will be seen walking while the distorted sounds of random piano keys play in the background. The screen will go black for a few minutes before continuing. This time the background will be warped and blurred and a blood-curdling scream can be heard in the background. A Disney employee who witnessed the video feverishly stumbled outside of a room muttering “real suffering is not” known before killing himself.

The Mickey and Minnie Sex Tape

In 1936 Walt Disney’s brother, Roy Disney, prepared a surprise birthday party for his brothers 35th birthday. Roy encouraged to animators whose names have not yet been made public to create a short animation titled “mickey and minnie sex tape” to surprise walt disney on the day of the party. While walt first responded with laughter he immediately fired the two animators and ordered the destruction of all known copies of the short. It is unknown if any copy still exists to this day. It is also highly unlikely that the short, if it exists, will ever see the light of day given its controversial history and the fact that the two animators are more than likely dead at this point.

Walt Disney’s Freemason

There’s a long existing legend that Walt Disney was a 33rd degree freemason. The number 33 also has a lot to do with Disney himself, being a member of the private club 33 at 33 Royal Street. In Illuminati terminology the number 11 has special significance it is a power number as is 22 and 33. The number 11 represents vision. 22 combines vision with action. Finally 33 offers guidance to the world. The master numbers 11, 22 and 33 represent the triangle of enlightenment or illumination. It’s also worth noting that the royal family is said to be one of the most powerful Illuminati bloodlines.

Walt Disney’s Death Film

It’s rumored that Walt Disney prepared a film for his executives to watch after his death. The film is said to give them all instructions on how to run his company now without him. Walt was featured in the film speaking to each of them by name and telling them all what he expected them to do for the next five years

Illuminati/ Subliminals

There have been many claims against Disney using sexual subliminal messaging in their movies and TV shows. In the original version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Jessica rabbits private parts are briefly exposed when she’s thrown out of Benny The Cab. The DVD box art of the Little Mermaid is also said to contain a secret subliminal message of what looks like a penis. Most controversial is the picture of a topless woman which can be seen in the rescuers. But why would Disney use subliminal messages in the products anyways? Advertisers have harnessed the power of subliminal messaging to persuade viewers into buying their products. Was Walt Disney, a pioneer and mind control, using his animated films. And were these sexual subliminal the reason behind Disney’s successful princess toy line?

Walt Disney Is Frozen


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