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Twin sisters’ pictures go viral from Instagram success

Every once in a while, the world delivers us something extraordinary. And sometimes, those extraordinary things come in twos. In this case, we are talking about twin girls, Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements – identical twins from California. Their story is quite an amazing one, and it has understandably taken the world by storm. They’ve gone from unknown little girls to Instagram sensations in the blink of an eye – and they never saw it coming. Everyone told their mother Jaqi, “These girls should be models!”… and they were all right too! See some of their photo shoots for yourself, as the story behind the beautiful twins is revealed.

Something About Them

The story of Ava Marie and Leah Rose’s lives has the headlines across the web reading “twin beauties captivate the world.” Considering a substantial portion of their popularity is derived from the fact that they’re so stunning, we can’t help but wonder what it is about them that is so engaging to people. It would be easy to stop and say that they are simply “beautiful girls,” but perhaps there is something much more interesting at play here.

Mystery Girls

While there is definitely a place to discuss the inherent beauty that exists inside all of us, that would be more appropriate if we were to analyze the movie, ‘Shallow Hal’. And so, while these two young ladies’ personalities do come across in some of their photo shoots, it is the combination of their angelic features and natural talent for posing that allows them to offer classic, timeless photos like this one.

Too Early?

Perhaps this explains the worldwide admiration these young twins are receiving. Maybe they were simply gifted with genes that provided them with facial features that appeal to the masses. But if this is true, there is a certain level of sensitivity we must have. These girls are seven years old and quite possibly aren’t ready for all of the attention they are receiving. Even adults have a hard time dealing with fame, so we must ask ourselves – should they have been exposed to the spotlight so early?

Baby Model

After much contemplation, Jaqi signed her baby daughters to a modeling agency. The twin girls were a mere six months old at this point! It seemed to Jaqi that everyone who was speaking to her about her daughters’ potential had a point, and she felt that if anyone would sign them up, it would be her. She was very excited about this idea – but it would seem that a new change of heart would emerge quickly.

Change Of Heart

Everyone comes to a point in life where they must contemplate what the “right” thing to do is. How does one make such a choice? Where do morals live when we are dealing with areas that are not black and white at all, but in fact many shades in between? Jaqi was originally hesitant about signing her daughters up for modeling when they were six months old, and even after she did it – she was still having misgivings about the idea.

Pull Back

In the end, she decided to pull Ava Marie and Leah Rose from the modeling agency. In addition to the moral complexities involved in the situation, this was a time in her life where things were a little bit too hectic – and that’s without the additional component of having two daughters who were baby models. It seemed prudent for Jaqi at the time to focus on raising them without so much public exposure.

The Proposition

It was on their seventh birthday – July 7th, 2017 – that Jaqi finally decided it was time to have a discussion with her daughters. She approached them and brought up the idea of modeling, and asked them if it was a thing they would like to try: “I presented my idea to the girls that, if they were up for it, in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices they had every week, they could give modeling a try.”

Naturals On Stage

Jaqi felt that she was justified in presenting this idea to them for a number of reasons. Not only were they a bit older now, but they also had flourished into young girls with such vibrant personalities, and she knew the public would absolutely fall in love with them. In addition, they had already demonstrated by this age that they loved being on stage, with the girls already performing dance routines to neighbors, friends, and even strangers.

Why That Age?

Her reasoning for asking them on their seventh birthday extended beyond the simple fact that they were “old enough.” For then how could she decide that seven is the right age? Why not six? Why not eight? Who’s to say when an individual truly becomes capable of making certain decisions, especially when the nature of every decision is different, and the nature of every person is different? Jaqi Clements, it seems, had her reasons – and they might take you by surprise.

Lucky Seven

Her choice for the specific age of seven was because she is a huge believer in signs – or messages on a cosmic level. Jaqi had been told by everyone throughout her life that seven is a lucky number, and this concept stayed with her when wondering when to ask her daughters about modeling. The fact that the twins were born on July 7th (7/7) was no coincidence in her mind. Furthermore, the fact that the twins turned seven, on July 7th, 2017 (7/7/2017) was no coincidence, either.

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