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Unaware Of Her Death, 10-Year-Old Son Stays With Her Body Thinking She Was Asleep

For four days, the boy believed that his mother was resting. For four days, the young boy would go by his day doing regular things. 

Then he started to notice the smell and call his uncle.

Rajyalakshmi was a 41-year-old single mother to a 10-year-boy, Shyam Kishore. The mother and son lived in a humble house in Vidyanagar, Andhra Pradesh, India.

She had separated from her husband two years due to some difference She has since been raising her son alone.

Rajyalakshmi was working as a lecturer in a private college. Whereas Shyam was studying in a private school. He was known as quite and diligent boy. 

As a fifth grader he was doing just fine in the school. Life was going good until one day he woke up and saw that his mother was still sleeping. This was quite unusual of her. 

But he guessed that his mother was feeling under the weather and decided not to disturb her. He started getting ready for his school. Ate the food his mother had prepared and left house. He came back after school and found that his mother was still sleeping. But he didn’t pay much attention and went by with his day.

This continued for four days. Every day, the boy went to school, dressed himself, ate meals, and slept next to his mother.

On the forth day, the boy started to notice a horrible smell coming out of her mother. He had no idea what had happened to her mother and why she was smelling like that.

It was on that day that he received a call from his maternal uncle, Durga Prasad. he had called to check up on them.

Shyam told his uncle about his mother, that she was sick and has been sleeping for days now. Plus, a bad smell was coming from her. Hearing this, the uncle came rushing to the house.

What he witnessed there would remain as a nightmare for the entirety of his life. His sister was dead and the smell of her body decomposing.

He informed the police immediately. The police came to the scene and shifted the body to a nearby government general hospital. A postmodern was issued to understand how this could have happened.

Least to say, the results were shocking.

According to the early post-mortem assessment, the deceased had no external or internal injuries.

The doctors who conducted the post-mortem confirmed that there was no foul play and that the mother had died of natural cause.

It has been speculated that Rajyalakshmi had fallen off the bed. She suffered a head injury and died sometime in the night. 

The worst part was that while his mother lay lifeless with blood all over her, the boy spent four days with the body, believing she was sleeping.

During these days, he managed to survive on his own by eating snacks his mother had stored at home. He went by his day performing his usual tasks. No one in the school noticed anything strange with the kid.

Even the neighbors had no idea about the horrifying incident that had happened in their locality. 

Neighbors were horrified to learn of the death because they saw the kid dressed for school for the four days, and when they inquired about his mother, he told them she was resting. 

If it hadn’t been for the uncle the matter would have gone worse. 

The mother had recently completed her PhD in Belagavi, Karnataka. She was planning to go there on March 9 to receive her degree and had even booked everything. 

She had even shared her plans with her brother, Durga Prasad, who lived in the Chittoor district. 

Other than her travel plans, she had also told her brother that she had been suffering from a headache for some time. 

She was thinking of consulting a doctor about the headache after returning from Belagavi.

The deceased’s brother said to the media that the boy has mild mental illness making him unaware of his surrounding. The boy was known to not mingle with his age group and usually would stay aloof.

This might explain why the kid was unaware of his mother death.

The case has been now closed but it would always be there in the hearts of people as the most heart-rendering story. A story of a little boy who lived for four days with his mother’s body, unknown of her death.

We can’t even begin to comprehend how he must have felt when he realized his mother had long since died. Strength to the little boy.


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