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Utah Couple Victim in London to ISIS Terror Attack

A Utah couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on a dream tour of Europe are among the victims of the London terror attack.

Kurt Cochran, 54, died after being thrown over Westminster Bridge onto a walkway beneath it when ISIS terrorist Khalid Masood mowed him down in his Hyundai 4×4.

His 46-year-old wife Melissa was also struck. She lay frozen on the bridge among postcards from a toppled tourism stand with blood pouring from her head while strangers consoled her.

Chilling photos of the couple at the bridge swept the world as news of the attack spread.

Aysha Frade first victim to die never got to pick her child from school

Aysha Frade was also killed on the bridge. She was on her way to collect her daughters from school. PC Keith Palmer died after being stabbed by the terrorist at the Houses of Parliament

Family confirms Mr Cochran’s succumbed to deathly  injuries

Mr Cochran’s family confirmed that he had succumb to his injuries on Facebook on Thursday. The pair have run a recording studio from their Utah home for the last 10 years

Fall from 3 Meter Bridge

The pair were on the south London end of the bridge, opposite the Houses of Parliament, when they were hit. Mr Cochran was either pushed over the edge or jumped on to the walkway beneath it

People around rapidly tries to help Mr Cochran

Mr Cochran hurled over the parapet and landed on the concrete walkway under the bridge

Europe Tour Turn to Terror

They were in London as part of a tour of Europe when they were struck on Wednesday afternoon  

Picture of people assisting Mrs Cochran swept the world

The 46-year-old mother desperately cluthced on to a stranger who held her bleeding head as she lay among scattered postcards while they waited for an ambulance. The chilling image swept the world yesterday before the pair were identified

President Trump: He was a ‘great American’

President Trump paid tribute to the man as a ‘great American’ on Thursday morning

Tragic Aftermath

Strangers consoled Mrs Cochran as she lay on the bridge next to a toppled postcard stand before an ambulance arrived

“Khalid Masood” was terrorist identified and shot by police

Terrorist Khalid Masood was shot by police in New Palace Yard outside the Houses of Parliament. He died in hospital

2nd Fatal Victim: Police Office Stabbed

Police was stabbed to death by terrorist while fleeing from his vehicle into the parliament

Prayers and GoFundMe

Mrs Cochran’s family is fundraising on her behalf while she reels from the tragedy Please continue to pray for our family.’ They are now fundraising on her behalf.

Parliament was original target

Worrying about possible additional attackers, security officers began searching frantically for other intruders, and lawmakers and their staff did their best to keep out of the way. “The last thing they wanted was us running around the place,” Mr. Evans said.

First line of impact

Kurt and Melissa Cochran were the first pedestrians hit on Westminster Bridge

Wrong place and time for stranger

A young parliamentary researcher found himself in the wrong place and was swiftly challenged. “He had his hands in the air and was walking, slowly, up to members of a SWAT team with submachine guns,” Mr. Evans recalled.

Sad view after

I am shocked, but I am not surprised,” Chris Bryant, a Labour lawmaker, said of the latest attack. “We have always known that a marauding attack by an individual would be the most difficult to prevent.”

Church Statement: Utah man killed, wife injured in London attack

“As I was coming in through the tube, I noticed there was a great air of calm,” said Elizabeth Sweeney, 57, referring to the British subway. “That was the overriding sense that I had, first thing.”


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